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My Aunt and Me

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This was the first in a series of experiences that my aunt and I shared!!!!


This first happened when I was fifteen. It was the middle of the summer and I was asked to sleep over at my cousin's house to hang out and what not. I used to sleep over there all the time. Though recently I had started to notice my aunt looking at me differently. I didn't care, she was attractive and I didn't think anything of it. As an aside, I had just started masturbating the summer before, so I was of course, addicted. The way their house was set up allowed someone to get to the bathroom with out waking anyone, which was great when I would slip in for a quick jerk. But on the down side anyone approaching was completely undetectable. So before I slipped in I would stand at the end of the hallway and listen. This also allowed me to sneak a peak in my aunt's bedroom. I would usually stand there to see if she was truly asleep. If she was, sometimes, just sometimes I would take out my penis and begin to stroke it. This was very seldom though, because I risked being caught by my cousin. But on this particular night, I couldn't contain myself because of an earlier experience in the pool.

We were swimming and messing around trying to see who could hold their breath the longest. So we asked my aunt to be the judge. So she swam over oddly close to me, and under my cousin and I went. While I was under, I dared a glance to see how my cousin was doing and there was my aunt no more than two feet in front of me half submerged fixing her breast in her bathing suit, and what a breast, if I were pressed to guess, I'd say a large C or small D, and I saw it! Nipple and all! That was it! I was so erect, I had to stay in the pool for like another 45 minutes! That, and the knowledge that she lay in her room damn near nude, fuelled my need for 'alone' time.

So here I stood, outside her bedroom, penis in hand, slowly stroking, when I heard something. Which turned out to be my cousin making his way to the bathroom, totally killing my ability to stroke. So back to the bedroom. Normally the bedroom is the perfect place to masturbate, but in this case it is directly adjacent to her bedroom. Now normally if my uncle was home the door would be closed, but seeing as he was 200 miles away at a software conference, the door was ajar. So I waited, and waited for my cousin to leave the bathroom, but it seemed like he had moved in. So I caved in, and began to stroke, harder and faster, imagining her breast and everything else. I was so involved in my session that I barely noticed movement across the hall.

It was my aunt!! She was awake!! I wanted to die. Had she seen me? I didn't know. But I wasn't going to risk going on. I heard more movement from her room and realized she was getting up. I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep, as the footsteps grew closer. I swear I heard the door to the room I was in close. Thank God!! I could finish, so I opened my eyes and..there was my aunt.

She was standing with her back to the door, with the thinnest of nightgowns on, so thin that even in the glow of the streetlight I could make out those luscious nipples. She called my name, I ignored her, my eyes focused on her tits. She called my name again, this time indicating that she could see my eyes open and that there was no reason to be scared. 'I'm not.' I said, and I really wasn't, I had gone from terrified to mesmerized. She came to the bed and sat down.

She told me that she knew what I was doing and that it was perfectly natural, and that sometimes she did it. In fact she said that she had done it earlier tonight while bathing. I managed to ask her what she thought about? She gave a soft laugh and before I knew what was happening, she had pulled the sheet down past my dick so that it was in plain view. She then asked me what I thought about when I was doing it. I told her about the incident in the pool earlier. She laughed. She then asked if I would like to see them now. I was blown away, 'Yes'!. That was about the extent of my vocabulary. But it was enough.

She reached for her shoulders and slipped the nightgown down revealing her huge tits. She then whispered. 'Do you want to touch them.' Not really giving me the option she reached for my free hand and placed it on her breast. It was so warm and soft, I felt the soft bud of her nipple get rock hard under my hand. Her next statement sent me over the edge, 'Show me how you do it.' Without so much as a word I began to stroke myself with my right hand and manipulate her tit with my left. She was becoming more and more visibly aroused, then she moved my hand from her breast to her thighs.

As she moved closer my hand hit the outside of her panties. 'Yes.' She muttered. 'Do it.' That was all I needed. I moved her panties aside and placed my hand on her mound, feeling her moisture and something else. Her hand on my penis, stroking me, I began to run my hand back and forth across her lips and I had a feeling something was about to happen but had no idea it would be like that. She started bucking and stroking me harder. I was about to cum, but was unable to say anything. She on the other hand was well on her way to cumming herself. It was hard to tell who came first I just remember feeling her hand tighten around my dick as I started shooting thick cum all over her left tit, the sheets and my stomach.

Meanwhile it felt like someone had turned on the water works as she gushed all over my left hand. Afterwards we sat in silence for what seemed like forever before she got up and dressed. After she was robed she leaned over and kissed me hard. She told me that this was so much fun it would be a shame if it never happened again. She left the room and I rolled over and hoped that next time I was more prepared.



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