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Exchange Student Series- Part 4

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The girls filled me in that they had been planning this foursome masturbatory marathon for the past couple days.


So my sister came home within the next couple days, and Kailee and I were both happy to see her, and we were also back on good terms with each other after the little mix up. Just to let you all know, making pancakes in the shape of a heart isn't the easiest thing in the world, especially when they're being flipped to cook the other side, and when they're rather large. Anyways, Michelle was back. As soon as she saw me she came up and gave me a big hug and kiss, and once she stepped back looked me right in the eyes and said, "Hmm, trying to woo my friends now are we?" and laughed. I figured that Jenny would have told her, but thought it was funny that she hadn't told me that she told my sis. I dismissed it quickly. Michelle came up to Kailee and gave her a big hug too, and a short but passionate kiss. The three of us then went and grabbed Michelle's stuff from her truck and helped her bring it in. Not much stuff of hers really. Most of it was for our mom.

So we brought everything in and cooled off for a bit inside. Kailee and I were sitting on Michelle's bed with her and asked what we were going to do tonight. Michelle looked at us, flashed a devilish smile, and said, looking and pointing at me, "You! You're not coming with. You're gonna go see Jenny tonight. Go call her now, I have to talk to Kailee alone for now." I went and called Jenny, figuring that my sister just wanted to masturbate alone with Kailee after getting back for the first day. So I called Jenny and asked her what was up. She told me that I was supposed to come over tonight. I figured she wanted to introduce me to her parents over supper or something, so I asked her what time.

"Oh, maybe about nine."

"What? Nine?"

"Yeah. Nine. What's wrong with nine?"

"Uh, nothing. I just thought that it was something else that was happening."

"What? Like having sex with me? No."

"No. I thought that you were gonna tell your parents about me."

"Hell no! They don't even want me dating. So I haven't exactly told them about you quite yet."

"Oh. Alright. So nine?"


We both said goodbye to each other and I headed back to my sister's room. I knocked before entering. I was kinda surprised to see both of them still clothed, but it was weird because they both had huge devilish smiles on their faces. Sis asked me what was going on and I said that I was going over at nine. She simply said "Oh." and then asked Kailee if she was ready to go to the pool now. They stripped down and changed into their bikinis and headed down. I was about to join them in the pool and on my way through the kitchen grabbed a beer out of the fridge. That's when I noticed my mom standing behind me.

"Jesus you scared me!"

"Sorry hun. So, what's up with you and Jenny?"

"Uhh, we're going out. Why?"

"Oh no reason really. Other than the fact that her parents are overprotective."

"Yeah. I already know that. She warned me."

"So don't push things too fast then, right?"

"I wasn't going to. Besides that, she's the one that's been planning things so far and making the dates."

"Just be careful. It could get really complicated really quickly and easy."

"Yes mother."

"By the way, what's the deal with you three?"

"What deal? Who three?"

"You, Kailee, and your sister."

"Umm, nothing?!"

"Wrong answer. You know I'm a fairly easygoing parent, or at least I hope you know that. So why bother hiding things or being afraid? Unless it's really bad."

"Ok, ok. We all masturbate together every once in a while. And last summer...I kinda...yeah. With Kailee."

"WHAT?!?! Have you lost your mind? With Kailee? Do you know how much shit we could get in?"

"Sorry! Besides, I'm not the only one who wanted it. Kailee did too."

"Fine, sorry. It's in the past. It's fine."

"Anything else?"

"Yeah, grab me a beer and come talk with me some more. Bring your smokes and grab mine too. I'm gonna change and we can go sit in the garage."

So away mom went to change, and I grabbed our smokes and some beer, went into the garage and set up a couple lawn chairs and waited. Mom came down and we had our talk about our trio and how we didn't have to hide it anymore. Mom didn't mind us doing it together, just to make sure no one else really knew about it, so we wouldn't get in trouble and neither would she. And that if we wanted, she would join. Then she asked if I had fucked my sister yet, in those exact words! I was a bit shocked, but mumbled out something that neither of us understood. Mom asked if we had used protection. I told her that we hadn't had vaginal sex, but rather anal, and yes that I had worn a condom. She looked surprised.

"You know. I thought by now that you and Michelle have been at it for a while now. That's what I thought all the sneaking around was about."

"No. Wait. You mean you don't have a problem with it?"

"Not really. I mean, I don't whole heartedly condone it, but I'm not gonna kill you two for it...as long as there's protection."


We finished our chat, which went on for another hour or so. By then the girls had come looking for us. And found us just as we were finishing our smokes, beer, and conversation. Mom and I both looked at them and said together, "Wow, we were just talking about you." and then started laughing. The girls just looked at us weird.

So we had supper and the girls said they were going out, and then I headed off to Jenny's place. When I got there, she was dressed as if we were going out. I asked her where we were off to and she said nowhere. I then asked her where her parents were and she said they were out of town for the next couple days on business. We went to her room and started making out. I stopped for a second and told her I didn't want things to go too fast, for her sake. She smiled sweetly and said not to worry. I smiled back and we went back to making out and eventually we ended up naked and still making out on her bed. I was massaging her breasts while kissing her and she was stroking me slowly. I thought I heard some noises but dismissed it as nothing. Suddenly I felt another presence and feared the worst. I stopped kissing Jenny and looked over at the door. She asked what was wrong. There was no one there. I looked back at her and said something didn't feel right. She asked me what I meant and I told her I thought there might be someone else here. Then I heard giggling behind us. I whipped around to see Kailee and Michelle standing there stark naked! I turned back to Jenny who was grinning. I was told that it was a priceless look on my face. The only thing I could manage to say was, "What the hell is going on?" They all started laughing and said that they had planned it all out and had just been waiting for tonight. I still didn't get it. The girls filled me in that they had been planning this foursome masturbatory marathon for the past couple days. Or rather that Michelle and Jenny had been, and just filled Kailee in on it today. I was slightly shocked but rather glad too. I suddenly realized why Jenny hadn't said anything to me about talking to my sister. We all started making out with one another. And we all took turns masturbating each other. I didn't cum at all for at least 45 minutes. When I did, it was at the hands, and mouths, of all three girls. To go into great detail (as much as I'm sure you would all love it) would be too much work. Needless to say, by the time Kailee, Michelle and I went home, it was about 2AM. We were all sweaty and exhausted and I was somewhat sore. Jenny asked me if I wanted to stay the night, just to make sure I didn't end up getting into an accident from being tired. I told her I'd be fine and call her once I got home. The three of us left and as promised, once I got home I called Jenny. We talked for a little while, and I unfortunately ended the conversation by falling asleep. Not one of my finest moments and my phone was dead by morning. The next morning my mom woke us up with breakfast ready to eat, and she was naked too! She woke us up naked and invited us all downstairs for breakfast in the nude. Needless to say it was kind of awkward for myself and the girls. Mom asked us if we all had fun last night with a knowing smile. I smiled back and said I had while the girls just blushed and mumbled yes. Within five minutes we were all acting as if nothing was different and having a grand time. In case anyone wants to know (and maybe I should have done this earlier) my mom is about 5'4" with brown hair a little past her shoulders, blue eyes, and I'm guessing about 120 pounds. She's 44 and she's got a fairly nice body for her age. Small boobs, maybe 34B, nice flat tummy, athletic and toned, nice ass, and trimmed bush. We all finished up breakfast and cleaned up.



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