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Follow-up with Anna

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Yesterday I hooked back up with my old babysitter.

So after our fun last week, Anna and I got back in touch and arranged to meet again the following week, which was yesterday (Saturday). I showed up at her place around two. I was on edge. I hadn't cum since our meeting and I was ready to explode. When she answered the door completely undressed, I thought I would. I felt a thick glob of pre drool out of me. She smiled and beckoned me in. We kissed and I groped and squeezed her all over. She undressed me and stroked my cock once. I shivered. She looked at the mess of pre on her hand and looked at me devilishly. She slowly and sensually licked it off her fingers. She sat down on the couch and spread her legs. She started to rub herself. She was soaking wet. I needed a taste. I fell on her. I fingered her fast and hard, listening to her wet pussy splash. She wasn't even trying to keep quiet. Everyone in in the state probably heard her moans, let alone the building. I was so turned on by her raw sexual energy. She was clearly as pent-up as me, maybe more. I moved my hands down and slid her forward on the couch so her ass was hanging out in mid air. I devoured her sweet wet pussy. She loved it. The whole time I was firmly gripping her full ass. I decided to experiment. I spread her cheeks open as I licked away and slowly probed her tight little hole. She gasped and moaned but didn't protest. Her moans and yelps grew louder, so I kept circling her rim and poking with my fingers. She yelled as she came but that didn't stop me. I licked and probed right through it. I felt her shake and spasm as I licked her sensitive pussy without stopping. She quickly came again. I stopped licking after her third orgasm. I brought the finger that had been probing her anus up to her mouth and she sucked it gingerly and sensually. She kissed me and and sat me down on the couch. She got on her knees and stroked my throbbing cock. She smiled and pushed her big tits together and wrapped them around my cock. At this, a large dose of pre drooled out of my cock. "Mmmm, someone likes," She said. She put her hands on her tits and pounced them up and down on my cock. My pre leaked all over her tits and lubricated the titjob. She started to blush. I could tell she was getting horny again. I don't know how I held out so long but after about ten minutes I felt the point of no return hit. I told her I was cumming and she took her tits away and began to stroke me. "Cum for me. Cum all over me like you've always wanted." Not one to disappoint, I unleashed what was at that point the most powerful orgasm I'd had (we broke that record a couple times later that day). Cum exploded out of me. Gobs of cum painted her face and neck and hair. She was covered. Finally the cum stopped shooting but I wasn't done. Cum dribbled out of me for ten or twenty seconds after the main event, completely covering her hand, my shaft, and my balls. Somehow, I was still rock-hard and throbbing. I looked at her, face and neck covered in sticky cum, dripping down her body to her tits, her stomach. It was a sight that could put any porno to shame. She looked at me and smiled. "You really saved up for me, didn't you?" I watched with amazement and arousal as she licked her hand clean, then scooped all the cum off her face and body and swallowed every drop. "What's this," she asked. She had noticed my cock was still hard and throbbing, even pumping out fresh precum for round two. My last orgasm didn't come close to emptying my balls. They felt fuller. "Ten years in the making, baby. I have a lot to make up for." She smiled and grabbed my cock. It was slimy from all the cum. She looked at me devilishly and said "we have to get you cleaned up." Before I knew it her tongue was licking the cum off my balls. She worked her way up the shaft until she got to the head. She started sucking me off. She looked at me the whole time, right in the eyes. It was so naughty and so longing. She took me deeper and faster. She was slurping and moaning and gagging but she never took her eyes off mine. I was so sensitive from my last orgasm that when my head hit the back of her throat I felt tears almost form. I was in heaven. After I don't know how long, I felt it. I told her I was cumming. She didn't stop sucking. She kept bobbing up and down as I came in her mouth. She kept most of it in, but a good amount spilled out of her mouth and down my shaft, a sight that I know will be burned into my masturbation forever. She pulled my cock out of her mouth with a pop and put on a show of swallowing. She licked up the cum that had spilled out. She saw that I was still hard. "I'm gonna need to step up my game." She led me to the bedroom and there we fulfilled many more long time fantasies. I can't wait to see her again and share with you what happens.



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