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Emotion Aside

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Although this is mainly about my daughter, this is not in any way an incestuous story.


My daughter is 13. Actually, she has only just turned 13 last week. She is, however, very tall and well developed for her age. She started growing noticeable breasts when she was nine and her period started before she turned 10. Of course, I noticed how boys would look at her. Boys far older than her of course. And not only boys. At first, I suppose I experienced the typical maternal outrage that a grown man would find a 13 year old attractive, sexual, even. I started to be very protective. It put a strain on our relationship too.

One evening though, I noticed a light under her door as I went up to bed. I was about to knock and tell her it was getting late and she had school tomorrow. Then I heard little gasps, so I listened more intently. I heard her whisering to herself. 'Oh, I want to see a cock. I need a cock. I want.. uh... I want a cock... to.. uhhh.. fuck me.. UUUhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' This last utterance told me clearly that my daughter had cum, and cum hard too. I walked back to my room and sat on the bed and thought about it long and hard. Her body is fully mature, of course she has sexual feelings. The same hormones that produce the breasts, the hips the periods, will give her desires too. Is she mentally prepared? I doubt it. She tends to see only what is on the surface. She has no idea that people will manipulate her until they get what they want. That said, it made me think of the men who have checked her out. Why should they not find her attractive? I can imagine that they would see a young firm and obviously sexual person. Then I noticed something else. I have been aware of a change in her scent. More than soap and shampoo. There is a defininte womanly aura to her. Her pheromones are obvious even to me. What must they be like to a man?

I lay back on the bed and thought again about the man who was so intently looking at her at the beach on Sunday. I began to think about what he was thinking. Was he wondering if she was a virgin? Was he wondering what it would be like to slip her bra strap down and cup that young firm breast in his hand? What would it be like for him to slip his hand slowly down the waistband of her bikini or her panties until his finger tip found that first soft whisps of pubic hair. And what of her? Her fingers exploring his bulge. Her slowly unzipping him until her hand was on his erection. Her guiding it between her legs and finally getting her wish for a cock to fuck her.

Suddenly, my back arched off the bed and an orgasm flooded me. I had unconsciously let my hand slip into my panties and had been lightly touching my clit. The final vision in my head was the sight of my daughter, on her back with a man buried inside her and a look of total exstacy on her face.

Now, I know I have to make sure she is safe in the world. I know she is ready for sex and I do not want her to have the ridiculous taboo that she is 'under age'. It is, after all, only a law made by men who cannot bare to think about a young girl being a sexual entity. She must go on the pill, of course. What I want is for her to be able to enjoy her body and to do so safely. She knows about safe sex, (I have made sure of that) and, in talking to her, I think that she will make a good choice of who will be her first. (Actually she told me that she wants an older man rather than someone her age. 'Someone who knows what they are doing, mom')

I feel empowered by my daughter's sexuality. I remember the guilt that surrounded my own journey into womanhood. (My father had caught me masturbating and the resulting argument inhibited me for years.) I want her to exult in her body, to experience every pleasure it can give her.

I have reached the stage where I need to give her some space. I will, of course, buy her a small vibe. I think she will like it and it will provide her with a safe means of experimenting. I have no desire to masturbate with my daughter or engage in any sexual activity of any kind with her. (Although I must admit the thought of her getting laid is exciting, but then there hasn't been a man in my life or my bed for five years now.)

Now, I need to masturbate again. Thank you for listening.



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