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My Secret Spot!

Posted by: Age: 16 (At the time) Posted on: 12 comments
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I go to the beach a lot and sometimes I hate how crowded it gets! Which led me to discover my secret spot that the only way to get to it is by swimming around the face of the island. No one knows it's there!


I go to my secret little beach almost every time I go to the beach. This morning was a beautiful morning! The sun rising off in the distance painting the sky a beautiful pink and the clouds a misty purple it was as if I was in a dream. Only one thought went through my mind. Surf!

Putting on a blue and white two piece bikini I made breakfast and lunch threw them into a waterproof backpack, got my board and bike and headed towards the beach. The beach wasn't too crowded but I was still going to my spot! The smell of the sea got me excited for the day so I grabbed my board and backpack and started going all the way down the beach and into the water until I disappeared around the the face of the mountain and arrived at my spot.

Palm trees to provide shade and shelter were far back up against the mountain, the beach, so clean and untouched from human feet but path trails of baby turtles going out to sea, I sat down and had my breakfast. After eating I went out to the surf and surfed for few hours until I decided to head back to shore. Placing my board in the sand I got my backpack which is when I realized I had no towel! Wanting to dry off I figured no one else will see so I decided to remove my bikini. Undoing my top letting it fall to the sand, my breasts were embraced by the warm glow of the sun, my nipples which were hard and erect, were kissed by the sun. I felt excited and very aware! This was the first time I was topless outside.

My hands were slightly shaking as I went to remove my bottoms, taking a deep breath in and undid my bottoms letting them hit the sand. An abrupt rush of warm wind blew through caressing my breasts and fondling my pussy making me instantly wet, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body! I laid down on the warm sand enjoying its warmth and roughness of it, sand was moving itself into every crevice, it felt amazing! Laying there, I was obliviously rubbing my breasts and spreading my legs for the sun to kiss my pussy.

Rubbing my breasts, lightly pinching my nipple letting out little moans I ran a hand down my body, going up my thigh lightly brushing my clit as I went by, sent a surge of pleasure up my body making me arch my back a little and moan, I was in paradise. Licking my fingers placing them on my clit I started tracing a figure of eight as I started humping my hand at the same time, it felt like my body was in perfect harmony with the ocean.

As the waves crashed against the rocks my pussy grinding against my hand sending waves of pleasure I was close to cumming! Rubbing faster and harder I could hear and feel my wet pussy juices! Grasping my tits, grinding my pussy my orgasm was right on the cliff edge. I took my hand away from my tits and plunged two fingers deep within my pussy, pushing me over the edge, lifting my pussy in the air, fingers being eaten as my pussy contracts around them, my orgasm bursting through my body shuddering with waves of pure ecstasy I let out a loud gasp.

After my contractions died down I slowly dropped my hips back down letting my butt be greeted by the sand once again. I licked my fingers clean and continued to rub my sensitive clit. Laying there my bag in reach I got my lunch which was a PB&J sandwich and ate it there still rubbing my clit. After that I went out on the surf naked which was fun!

From that point on I always take my bikini off when I'm there and regularly masturbate there, along with other things but those are other stories if you would like to hear them. Hope you enjoyed my story and yourself!



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