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My Sister

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This happened when I was aged 14 and was already in a steady lesbian relationship for over a year. I hope you enjoy my story
This weekend Lisa my lover was away at a family wedding and on the Saturday morning our parents had gone shopping in the city, I was sleeping late for a change, I woke up feeling more horny than usual, I was feeling my filling out breasts, plucking my now very sensitive nipples which sent lovely sensations to my clit, causing it to become hard and erect. It being summer I became very hot and threw the covers off and began playing with my clit in earnest, it was stiff and hard, you know how it feels, you just have to keep going till you cum. I was in seventh heaven so to speak when I became aware that someone was there. I opened my eyes and saw Sandra my 11-year-old sister was watching me goggle eyed, I was so close I couldn't stop and as I started to come she ran out of the room, I finished myself off in a kind of dreamy state of self-awareness and realised that she hadn't really gone away. She was still on the landing outside my bedroom, listening to the sounds of my self-induced orgasm. When I had recovered a little I got up and went to her, she was redfaced and embarrassed, I put my arms around her to reassure her that it was OK. She was so apologetic at having walked into my room without knocking and as she put it caught me in a private moment. I said it was OK so long as she didn't go blabbing to mum and dad. She reassured me that she wouldn't. I decided to be bold and asked her if she did that to herself at any time, a little shamefaced, she admitted that she did, but said that she had never made herself cum, like her friends had talked about, always stopping short of the ultimate pleasure and then feeling kind of frustrated as if something great should have happened. I decided that I would show her what masturbation was all about. I led her into my room, I could smell that she was very turned on, I pulled her onto my bed and said I would show her how to pleasure herself properly if she wanted to. She nodded a bit selfconciously but let me push her nighty up and I saw her almost naked pussy, she had started to grow a few wispy hairs and her lips looked puffy as though she was already aroused. I asked her to demonstrate how she played with herself so she put her hand between her thighs and pushed a finger into herself and began an in-out movement. I let her do this for few minutes then asked her if she thought she would come eventually. She said she never had so far, just felt very turned on. I went and got a hand mirror and opened her legs very wide then positioned the mirror so she could see her pussy, I opened her pussy lips gently and pointed to her clit and asked her if she had ever played with it, she said she had but thought the proper way was to go inside herself like a cock would. I giggled at that I must say, I asked if she minded me touching it, she said she didn't so I pulled her clit hood back and exposed her coral pink pearl, she gazed in fascination at the mirror, she gasped and twitched when I touched it, so I stopped, looking at her face. Her mouth was in the shape of WOW!! I then continued to stroke her hardening clit gently but faster, very soon, maybe a couple of minutes her back started to arch off the bed and she started to have her very first orgasm, I had to track her around the bed with my fingers as she squirmed and contracted her body in ecstacy. After she calmed down a bit I realised that my clit was hard again, my body aroused by her close proximity and sexual activity, I started rubbing my clit on her thigh and hip bone, she lay there watching my face and clinging to me till I achieved orgasm. We had just calmed down and were just lying there cuddling and kissing when we heard our parents car stop in the drive so we hastily got dressed and I sprayed air freshener around because my room reeked of girly cum. We did it quite a few times after that usually if for some reason we had to share a bed when we had visitors or some thing.



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