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Embarrassing Experience with Nurse

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Great site - keep up the good work everyone.


The other day I was in a hotel room watching the usual bad porno on the room TV when a rather cheesy movie involving nurses had my mind rushing back to when I was 15.

I used to ride a bike to school, and one day I had a raher bad accident with a car. I was hospitalised for quite a while and in traction for a long time. Eventually, I was let out to go home but both my arms and one leg were still in plaster, and I was not really able to do anything for myself. Once home, my parents arranged a home care nurse to look after me while they were at work for a few weeks. Basically, she gave me meals and helped me to eat and washed me.

I had become used to nurses washing me in the hospital, and it had always been a rather clinical and non-erotic process; somehow, though, with the home care nurse it was different. She was not young and not very pretty, but she did not dress like a nurse - she just wore normal clothes with an apron over them. I remember she wore a quite strong perfume which I could smell as she leaned over to wash me. From the first time she washed my 'privates,' I started to get erections. She was completely professional and ignored it, just washing carefully and quickly around my cock and balls. I was always blushing as she did it but somehow the embarrassment just made it harder - in every way!

One day after she had been visiting for about a week, I was feeling rather horny before she arrived and was as stiff as a rod before she even got there. I had not had a wet dream for a while, which made it worse. As I was still plastered, there was no way I could wank myself.

Everything about her washing me felt erotic that day, and I could feel my balls full and my cocking throb and twitch with every touch of the soap and water. When she eventually reached my privates, she just pulled the sheet clear as usual and proceeded to wash my balls firmly with the wet flannel.

As she did so, I smelled her perfume again, and there was the briefest touch of the rough flannel againt the head of my cock. It was completely accidental on her part but for my adolesent unsatisfied cock, it was the final straw; the next thing I knew I came really hard. I remember seeing my thick white sperm land on her arpon. I was just so embarrassed I did not know what to say.

She was amazingly cool. She just laughed and said something like 'accidents happen, that's what the apron is for'. She wiped the cum off it with a tissue then finished washing my still semi-erect and sensitive post-climax cock almost as if nothing had happened.

It never happened again and was never mentioned, but I still have fond memories and fantasies about the event. Of course in my fantasies, it was never an 'accident,' and she often does far more than just wash me!

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did remembering it. Time for me to go and re-live it one more time now. :-)



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