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Sleepover With My Fairly Hot Friend

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Long time reader, first time writer. This is just a story of one of the best mutual masturbation experiences I have ever had, not the first time. I may post more later, but for now... Enjoy!


Hey, I'm Jake and I've been reading Solo Touch for a long time and I decided it was a bit selfish of me not to share my own stories so here I am! Most of my stories take place when I'm a bit younger, around 14-15.

First, let me explain a bit about how I look. I'm just under 6', I have light brown hair and blue eyes. I play a lot of tennis and swim a lot as well so I'm toned but not buff.

Anyway, getting into the good stuff, I was about 15 (just about to turn 16) when this happened and I was still an extremely horny teenager. I was a bit of a late bloomer so I was right in the middle of puberty and, at that point, I was bi-curious. I knew I wasn't gay because I had a gay friend and I had discussed the topic with him and I felt completely different and could never imagine myself going all the way with a guy. I was extremely interested though in male anatomy and, for the most part, I was able to keep this to myself. Even the guy mentioned above didn't know as I approached the topic carefully.

When I say I could hide it for the most part, the other part I'm referring to is two or three hot friends that I had. This story centres around me and one of these friends who, for the purpose of privacy, I will call Kyle. He was about the same height as me but a bit skinnier. He had blonde hair which he usually kept in that typical 'hair swept across the front' style. There was something about him that I thought was pretty hot and whenever I hung out with him we always did a friendly flirting thing as a bit of a joke. He was one of my closest friends and we always referred to each other as 'bro'.

One night, I was over at Kyle's house and we were chilling out, playing computer games. Before the night I was thinking about how we had watched porn together before but never gone any further than that. I was interested to see his cock and maybe touch it, but that was as far as I thought.

Anyway, the night progressed and we started to talk about girls, sex, masturbation etc. as we always did. We were lying in our sleeping bags on a fold out couch together with a laptop between us. Just from the conversation I was already semi-hard and when Kyle suggested watching some porn I got the impression that he was too.

I said 'Yeah, sure' and he searched up a video of a threesome between two guys and a girl. The girl was sucking off one guy whilst the other took her from behind. Kyle and I were making nervous comments like 'Wow, her nipples are so hard' and stuff like that. Through his sleeping bag I could see a bulge appearing and Kyle re-positioned himself to get more comfortable. After a few minutes I looked over at him again and his hand was clearly inside his sleeping bag massaging his crotch. I started to get hot and said to him 'You know, if you need to rub one out then you can just do it. It's natural so there isn't any need to avoid it.'

He looked at me with obvious surprise on his face but he didn't seem disgusted. I quickly added, afraid that I may have scared him, 'As long as you turn away from me'

Then it was my turn to be surprised when he said 'Don't be such a baby' and proceeded to pull down his sleeping bag and pants to reveal an impressive bulge underneath his white Calvin Klein underpants. I thought he was going to stop there and that he might have done it just to tease me but he kept going to reveal his 6' cock. He was circumcised (which surprised me) and his cock had a slight bend to it.

For a while, we both just sat there until he said 'Well, go on. Your turn!' I was a bit nervous, but I took confidence in the fact that I was fairly certain I was bigger than him. Plus, I was a horny bi-curious teenager and I wasn't about to pass up an opportunity like this!

I did the same as him and showed him my (approximately) 7' dick. He looked fairly surprised for a moment and then I said 'Hey, do you mind if I rub one out too?' He said 'Nah, I don't mind' and we looked back at the video. We were both right handed but I always preferred to jack off with my left hand. Kyle looked over at me and asked why I did it like that. I shrugged and said 'I don't know, I tried right hand but I don't get as much pleasure out of it. Have you ever tried your left hand?' He shook his head and I responded 'Well you mustn't be doing it right.'

He laughed and said 'How many ways are there to do it? Show me.' I blushed a bit but did it anyway, moving my hand up and down my shaft, not too tight but tight enough to move my excess skin around. I was uncircumcised and I thought maybe that was why it didn't feel as good for him.

He tried it but still with no luck. He said 'Maybe it's my cock.' He hesitated for a bit and saw how much I liked it and said 'Can you try exactly what you're doing now, but on me?' I was truly stunned this time and I managed to mumble out 'S-sure.. if you're okay with it?' He nodded and laid back, letting his member stand up. I crawled over to him and set myself up so that my grip was natural.

I touched the base of his cock and he jumped a bit and bit his lower lip. I got completely turned on by that (as if I wasn't already) and I started to move my hand up his shaft, slowly at first. He stifled moans and I said 'See? I told you it was good'. 'Keep going', he let out from between his teeth. I increased my pace and he started to get louder. I worried that his parents might hear but then I remembered that they were away for the weekend and I got fully spurred on knowing that we were free to do what we wanted.

I got faster and faster and started to slide our bodies together. I turned my head to the side and locked his lips with mine. He was a great kisser, I had had better but this was unique. I kept jacking him off and he pulled his head away from mine and said 'Oh god, this is SOOOOO F**KING GOOD'. A few moments later his body tensed up and his cock fired 5-6 globs of cum onto his belly. I ran my fingers through it and he grabbed them and stuck them in his mouth.

We made out for a minute or two and then I whispered 'My turn'. We switched places and he proceeded to grab my cock and start furiously jacking it off. It felt SO great. I had received handjobs from girls before but this was different. He knew what he was doing because he had done it to himself so many times. He got me to climax and I spurted about four ropes onto his face.

Afterwards we showered up and we spent the rest of the night naked, watching movies and just chilling out. It was so great just being comfortable around another guy like that. After that night we jacked off around each other all the time. We actually had a cruise together one time but that is a stroy for another time.

Comment if you want to hear more about Kyle or if you want to hear about a different guy.



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