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Driving Around Without A Stitch On

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Driving Around Without A Stitch On

I have written before about driving on the interstate with barely anything on. I get so turned on sometimes that I just have to take my clothes off, or vise versa, I take my clothes off and get so turned on. I like to do it around the house too, but I get especially turned on in the car. I don't necessarily want to be seen though. It's just being outside or in a strange location that is so stimulating. Most of the time I cover up when I come to a large truck or someone else that might see everything. It's a little better when my wife is with me (she likes nude drives too). If I'm doing it for myself it seems like I'm a pervert or something, but if she is there, I'm doing it for her and there is an excuse. Besides, it usually turns her on so much that she gets off just after I do. We used to do double nudity, but now more often it is just one or the other of us nude and the other one helping.

Summer, of course, is prime time and this summer was even better because I bought a new car, a convertible. We live on the edge of town and on a warm summer night it is a great place to take a drive. I usually wear Bermuda shorts and recently bought some Hawaiian shirts because they button down the front. Or unbutton in my case. I roll down the windows and start out by unbuttoning my shirt except for the top button, which allows the wind to blow across my bare chest, but from outside the car it looks like a normal shirt. I also loosen my belt and undo the button and zipper on my shorts-no one can see in. The last section of town has some new low office buildings in an industrial park so I pull into one of the vacant parking lots and put the top down on the car. From there I can drive out into the vacant area around the back of the airport where there is little or no traffic. I pull my shorts down a little so I can stroke and undo the last button on my shirt so the wind blows it completely open. What a rush to stroke and stroke; coming right to the edge. By not taking my clothes completely off, I can pull them up and cover up if I happen to get a car nearby. My wife probably had some idea what I had been doing on those 10 o'clock drives, so I decided to invite her along to remove all doubt.

We started out with the top down because it was such a warm night. So warm in fact that I needed to undo the bottom buttons on my shirt and undo my shorts pretty much right away even though we were still in town. Through the flashes of the streetlights she could only partially see me. 'You're only half stiff. Here lets open up the shorts some more so the wind can blow across that hard-on.' 'No. Come on, people can see in.' Which just caused her to laugh. We finally reached the vacant stretch and due to her tugging, my shorts were at my ankles. I kicked them off. She pulled my shirt half way down my arms, 'Well?'

I took my shirt the rest of the way off. I was driving in a convertible, with the top down, completely nude and with a raging hard-on. 'Oh, this is the way we should always do it. I can reach over and pull on that stiffy any time I want.' I was so turned on I could barely stand it. 'Why don't you find a turnout. You could get out of the car and stand in front of the headlights so I can see you better.' She knows what I like-walking around nude outside. 'How about if I just raise way up next time we pass a car so that they can see I'm naked.' (I tried raising up but that didn't work so well. It did feel good though when my dick bumped on the steering wheel.)

We saw a car coming towards us at one point, but I turned off on a side road. This led us out of the undeveloped area on a street I didn't know. We got to the main street a little quicker than I expected and couldn't turn left like I wanted. When I turned right I saw there was a large intersection just 2 blocks down. 'Quit jacking me off and hand me my shirt, quick.' 'Well you don't want to go out in public without a proper hard-on.' 'Come on, help me.' We got one arm in the shirt and draped the other side of the shirt over my shoulder just before we got to the intersection. I was still naked from the waist down. There were cars everywhere except the turn lane. I pulled in there.

When the arrow gave me the go ahead I made a U-turn and headed away from all the traffic. 'I don't think anyone saw anything. That could have been embarrassing.' (Laughing) 'Embarrassing? I think you liked it. I don't think I've ever seen you bigger.' She grabbed a hold and pulled it her way. 'Here let me take a closer look.' Just as she got close, my insides quivered and I squirted her above the eye and then on her ear. 'Wow, (laughter) I mean fantastic.' She was just giggling and giggling. As we got closer to civilization I laid the shorts on my lap and buttoned one button on my shirt. 'I think it's your turn to get naked.' 'Sssh. I'm trying to concentrate.' I couldn't see her right hand in the dark, but her eyes were closed.



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