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Yucky Names

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Ok. First, I am 18, have two sisters and a brother, I am a virgin and live in a very Catholic family. There are no doors on our bedrooms. (Apart from our parents of course).


I got real pissed off at school. I heard some girls talking in the restroom about the normal vaginal discharge girls get, but the thing is they were using the most disgusting names for it. 'Panty pudding, crotch cream, cunt grease' and a load of other yucky names. I was in a stall at the time and I looked down into my own panties. They were sticky too. I hadn't even thought about it really. Sex is not discussed at home and we are watched pretty close.

One of the girls said 'When I rub one off at night, there is a load of panty pudding the next morning.' I thought about what she said 'Rub one off'. Was that all there is too it? I looked down at my vagina, although with all the rude talk outside, I wanted to think of it in a more dirty manner so I decided I would call it my pussy. (I don't think I will ever use the 'c' word.) I teased the hair out of the way and saw my clitoris and I felt suddenly very tingly there. Here I was, sitting on the toilet, listening to some girls having the most dirty conversation just outside. I couldn't get the 'rubbed one off' phrase out of my head so I reached a finger down and stroked my clit. The effect was almost immediate, I went all swimmy in my head and had a feeling like I was going to pee again.

After a couple of rubs I had to try real hard to stop peeing. Outside, one girl said that she 'comes like a bitch' when she masterbates in her panties. I suddenly had this mental image of her lying on her bed with her hand in her panties doing exactly what I was doing. All of a sudden a huge wave rocked through me and it was quickly followed by loads more. I was cumming for the first time in my life. I cried out and moaned. The girls outside went real quiet and then suddenly there was cheering and whooping and clapping going on outside. I was crimson with embarrassment, because they sure as hell knew what I was up to. I waited ages until I knew they had gone. (I was real late for the next lesson.) Now I know I have to do this again and I can't think how I am ever going to get the privacy to do it at home. Then I got to wondering if my sisters have discovered this or even if my brother has. The thought got me wet and then I knew I was going to have some 'panty pudding' when I got home.

Later, in the hour or so before our parents got home, I talked to Lucy my younger sister. Lucy is 15 and totally developed. She knew in an instant what I was working up to talking about and she said she has been doing it in her bed at night since she was 13. (Bitch!) She doesn't really believe in God or the Catholic church and she told me she loves going to confession and telling the priest exactly what she does to herself. She thinks it gets him horny! So anyway, Lucy said that she wants to do something with me! We decided we would start by just swapping panties for the night. So that night, I had her panties in my hand and she had the pair I had cummed in. I don't know yet what she did, but I smelled her on them and rubbed myself off four times before I dropped off to sleep. The best bit was when I pressed her wetness against my pussy when I came.

I dreamed about her doing herself and also our brother. I know I am going into a whole world of sin here, but you know what, I really want to explore this.



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