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Down in the Basement

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When I entered my senior year I started to date a girl named Christine. We had been set up on a date by our friends who knew we would hit it off. For our first date we went to dinner and a movie. We enjoyed the dinner and hated the movie. We walked out about 30 minutes in. We walked back to my car and started to talk while I drove around. We ended up at her house and she invited me in. I talked to Christine's mom when I picked her up and now had to meet her dad. Her dad was a lawyer in the city and asked me about 30 questions in 10 minutes. When he stopped I asked if he will take my case. He laughed and told me I had a good sense of humor.

Christine told her parents we were going to her room and watch some tv. Her dad started to say no but her mom told us yes. I followed Chris and instead of going upstairs she went down. She told me her parents had family visit a year ago and she had to sleep in the basement. When they left she made the basement her own room. Christine's room had a queen size bed, a tv and sitting area and her own bathroom with tub/shower. I told her it was cool and we sat to watch tv. After a few minutes we were holding hands and Chris slides next to me. At 11:00 pm I had to go home and Chris walked me to the car. We gave each other a quick kiss and then when Chris turned away I grabbed her and gave her a longer kiss. After we broke it off Chris told me that was nice and I better go.

A few weeks later we were officially dating and everyone knew this. My parents met Chris and thought she was great for me. Our parents even went out to dinner and had a good time. One night her parents were going to a wedding and would be staying overnight. I was told I could stay overnight but not sleep in the basement. I promised and they left. The first thing we did was go to the room I was sleeping in and climb in and roll around.

Next we went downstairs to the basement. Once there we started to kiss and make out. I was very horny and I know Chris was too. Chris told me I could see her naked if I wanted to. I told her yes before the words were out of her mouth. The first thing I did was take off my shirt and pants. My boxers were tented and made Chris laugh. Then Chris took off her shirt and sweats. She had on a bra and panties. Next came her bra and I whistled how sexy she was. She was a 36b and I kissed her nipples and breast. Chris laughed and told me it felt very nice. I then took off my boxers and she whistled and told me how nice my penis looked. I asked if mine was the first. Chris said no. I asked her who and she told me her year old cousin and laughed. Then she told me I was the first. Chris then turned round and slid down her panties. Her ass looked amazing and when she turned round I saw my first vagina. She had some hair above and looked like she was wet.

When I asked her if she was, she told me yes. She came over to me and felt my penis and asked if this was precum coming out of my opening. I told her yes. We kissed naked and I felt my penis on her stomach. We went over to her bed and kissed. After some heavy foreplay Chris asked me to put my fingers inside her vagina. I asked if she was sure and she nodded. I crouched between her legs and slowly slid my fingers into her. I reached her fleshy hymen and I pulled my fingers back. Christine winced and I moved my hand out a little. After a few minutes she told me to carry on. I slowly pushed in and out and soon Chris was wet again and I was going faster and faster. Suddenly she cried out grabbing my wrist and pulling it back and I noticed blood seep out of her vagina. I must have broken her hymen.

Once she had calmed down I finished by jerking myself off and firing a load on her stomach. I slid next to her and she picked up my cum and tasted a little bit. Then she wiped it into her stomach. We cuddled and she told me she loved me. I told her the same.



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