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Do you?

Posted by: Author: Age: 29 Posted on: 2 comments
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Do you ever masturbate just because you have time and opportunity but not necessarily because you're so fucking horny?


This morning I got home from work, took care of some cleaning around the house, shaved my cock, balls and legs, and because I had an hour to kill and didn't know when I'd soon get the chance to stroke my cock again. I got out my jell and sat down at the computer. I like to play spider solitaire and masturbate (the irony is not lost on me) so I pulled up a game I left half finished the last time I was here. I was already naked from shaving so I squeezed out a dollop of jell on the head of my semi erect cock and began to slide my hand up and down my shaft. masturbating always feels good, don't get me wrong, I just didn't have very high expectations because I really wasn't that horny. I was just doing it because I could. As soon as my dick got fully hard it felt exceptionally good. Almost immediately my ass started to contract, thrusting my pelvis, my cock, forward about every 3rd or 4th stroke. Soon after I began to sweat down my sides. Do you sweat when you have a good masturbation session? I also moan softly and sometimes close my eyes, Soooooooooo Gooooooood When my eyes are closed I love listening to the wet sounds of my fingers wrapped around my cock slurping up and down my shaft and over my circumcised head. I think most of the sound is from the jell and air pocket caught in the groove around my penis' head. Those of you who have read me before know I shave my cock and balls on a daily basis. Sometimes/many times as I wank, as they say in the UK, I like to look at my clean package. My seven inch cock is the same semi tan colour as the rest of me. When I tan I like to get an all over, no lines tan. The head of my penis has a slightly dark red tinge to it as I play with it and if I slow my stroke down, I can see it turn a darker red as I slide my hand back from the base of my cock up to and over the end of it. My scrotum, of course shaved smooth, is generally pulled up tight to my body during the day. In the evening or if I take a hot bath, it relaxes and it is quite big and I think attractive. I wonder if I bought a cock ring and kept it around my scrotum above my balls, if I could "train" my ball sack to stay loose and big all during the day. One thing about my dick head that I find a bit odd is that the slit of my cum/pee hole is not in line with my body but turned nearly 90 degrees toward my left side. looking at it from my point of view, if it were a clock it would be pointing at about 10:00 o'clock. Is this strange or do your dicks do the same thing? Do any of you have genital peculiarities? Exaggerated curved penis, colour, large or small parts, large or small labia or clitorises? Different doesn't mean weird it means unique, one of a kind (maybe) but always beautiful. I'd like to see your different parts, all of them. Your cocks and pussies. But since I can't see them, how about, if you want to, you respond to me and tell me all about them. I'd love to hear from you. Well, sadly, my hour is gone. I hope you had fun with me. I had a very good time with you. Until next time, keep masturbating Max



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