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Discovering vibrators

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I might have been 10 when I discovered the basics of fingering myself. Laying face down, one hand under the other and then under my pubic mound, i would shift my hips up and down as a middle finger worked my pussy, I would start and stop until I couldn't stand it any longer and then let myself come in convulsions. This was my routine until I was 16 when one day my mom asked me to help her in the kitchen. She had me quartering tomatoes on a cutting board on the counter above the dishwasher which was washing a load. This dishwasher had a control knob that was right at the level of my pussy. Without intending anything, I happened to lean myself against this knob and noticed it was feeling quite nice as the dishwasher was humming. Suddenly I realized the vibration was making me horny. Instinctually, I tiptoed a bit to position the knob where it touched that certain spot. I remember thinking to myself, "Da##, this feels better than my finger!" Then I heard Mom's footsteps returning to the kitchen and I had to stop ... frustrated. Thank God, she said, "Thanks, Dear, I'll finish the tomatoes." I couldn't run up to my room fast enough to finish myself. My jeans cutoffs were dripping wet. I then loved it when no one was home as I would run the dishwasher even when it was empty. I would press myself againt that knob, wiggle and eventually cum. I finally understood and appreciated what vibrators could do. It was a good thing that I always got home from school before anyone else, so I ordered a pocket vibrator online and snagged it before anyone else got the mail. I now have many different techniques. Of course, including plain old fingering laying on my belly and using a vibrator laying on my back.



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