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Discovering Pleasure

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How I first discovered masturbation, my first orgasm and early sexual experimentation.


My sexuality has been a huge part of my life from a young age. Certain things made me feel funny inside. Old anatomy books my parents had used to arouse my interest, the same with a storybook about a kid who loses a spelling bee because he can?t hold it anymore and wets himself in front of the entire school. I wanted to hear it again and again. I would retreat to my room after day care and play with my tiny penis. I remember getting erect and bending my little member down as far as it could go, sometimes until it hurt. The pain felt good.

Physically puberty started very late for me. In fifth grade I was the second smallest kid in class. I didn't start to grow pubic hair until eighth grade, and no armpit or facial hair until I was turning sixteen. I had the body of a kid but the racing thoughts of one who was a bit too well read and a brain soaked in testosterone. I couldn't sleep. Before I knew what masturbation was I stayed up well past midnight tossing and turning, my imagination running wild and perverted with a painful erection that just would not go away. I would fantasize for hours; sometimes I imagined myself being forced to enter a young, dark skinned girl around my age. Adults stood around us, staring at our naked bodies. Being naked in front of the adults of my fantasy terrified and aroused me beyond my limited understanding. Sometimes I imagined my whole boys gym class being enslaved by the faculty and forced to run until we poured sweat, made to live communally in the change rooms and punished and humiliated sexually in front of the whole school.

We were always forced to be barefoot in these fantasies. In my waking life I never went barefoot, only in the shower, the pool, or Aikido. Going barefoot in public was as taboo in my mind as being naked, which I think was the beginning of my fetish and joy, not only for girl's feet, but also for being barefoot myself. It represented sort of freedom lost in early childhood that transcended the sexual and became an appreciation for the symbolic natural and the erotic beauty of every part of the body.

I knew about masturbation but didn't give it much thought until sixth grade. I was eleven and my best friend was laughing, saying that he heard someone cut a hole in a grapefruit and used it to masturbate with. I laughed along with him but secretly filed away the information. That weekend I stole an orange from the fridge (we didn't have any grapefruit and at that age an orange was big enough for my still small penis) and dug a hole in it. I thought of the developing breasts of one of my classmates I had a crush on and felt my circumcised penis become painfully hard. I pressed my glans against the hole and thrusted in. I winced silently, unaware of how exposed my sensitive head was, but continued on, half thrusting and half jerking my prepubescent penis with a disintegrating orange, standing totally naked in my bathtub. Then something happened, part pleasant, part terrifying and all strange, I felt a weird and uncontrollable tingle along my shaft and tight little peach fuzz covered balls. All of a sudden I gasped and the feeling overwhelmed me, spreading from my genitals to my stomach, then out all the way to my curled toes. My penis started twitching and I couldn't stop it, my body was out of my control and it was both terrifying and exhilarating. A tiny drop formed at the hole in my tip and my hips thrust involuntarily. I realized that I was sweating and breathing loudly.

Soon I was masturbating every free chance I could get, in bed, the bathroom, the basement, outside. Since I didn't really produce any cum yet I didn't need to worry about the cleanup and often just jerked off into my underwear. I watched a lot of late night cable sex shows as my only real form of pornography. I learned a lot about sexuality, women?s bodies, and my own. I learned what a fetish was and soon discovered that seeing a girl's bare toes aroused me. I learned about BDSM and holding. I loved seeing people lose control, and loved losing control myself. My orgasms were dry until I was nearly thirteen, as my body was way behind my mind when it came to sex.
I learned to use the Internet, not just for videos and pictures but erotica as well. Writing has no limit when it comes to sex. My stamina increased when I masturbated and my fantasies got dirtier. I imagined slipping the sweat soaked socks from a girl soccer player's feet and sucking her toes. I put clothespins on my nipples, writhing in the intense mixture of pain and pleasure.

At Aikido and swimming I saw the first penises that were not on TV or not mine. The older guys showered and walked around nonchalantly, unashamed of their soft man hoods and large testes. I envied the guys who still had their foreskins. My penis now seemed somehow incomplete. I was also forced to be barefoot for both activities, which wracked my nerves yet aroused me too. I sometimes got hard in my aikido uniform, or worse, my swim trunks. I prayed no one noticed but I know they did. May was my Aikido sparring partner, with soft brown skin, an easy smile, boyish figure, and small bare feet that were always just a bit dirty. I guess she went barefoot at home. Sometimes we?d be practicing grappling and one of her feet would end up near my face. I couldn't help but get aroused, and I know she must have felt it because her next move had her straddling me on the ground; our genitals touching save for our thin cotton pants.

Once, during a particularly intense grappling session May had pinned me down and was straddling my groin. I felt her soft warmth pressing against my hard and hot desperation. I had already been trying to keep down a persistent erection; they were impossible to hide in my plain white uniform and cotton pants. As the instructor spoke my mind and eyes wandered over to the soft, wrinkled brown soles of May's bare feet. This was making things hard enough, no pun intended, and so when her blossoming womanhood pressed against my stiffening manhood I felt pent up cum and frustration bubbling from my sore testes and the familiar feeling that I was about to lose control bloomed in my primal core. Not now, not here! Oh god please not right now. Aside from my instructors, fellow trainees and May herself the benches were crowded with supportive upper middle class parents, my own included. I was panting low as she brought her innocent lips near mine. My hips thrust upwards instinctively. "Oh god she has to feel my cock, its throbbing so hard it hurts and she's tight up against me. I'm going to have an accidental orgasm right here. She'll think I'm some kind of perverted freak, they all will." I thought in terror.

We were both bare chested under our aikido uniforms and as she leaned over and pinned me I caught a good look at her small breasts and tiny hazel nipples. My own uniform had also fallen open and my breath was coming in quick, erratic gasps. Control yourself, if you cum here you'll soak your crotch in front of fifty people. It was a hot summer and our sweat mixed. We were the oldest students in the class so the instructors paid little attention to our ?grappling? training. The outline of my erect penis was clearly visible to May, the thin cotton trousers only serving to show the splotches of precum leaking from my glans, cock throbbing so hard that the crotch of my trousers twitched and more droplets of precum spread on the once dry white fabric. Both of our chests were flushed red with sex and her eyes looked into mine like a predator?s.

Just then our instructor decided to make an appearance and try and teach a lesson, moving our body parts in anticipation for new grappling techniques. May subtly ground her pelvis into me as the instructor spoke to us. My face was crimson red and breathing erratic. I tried to focus, barely managing to contain the huge load that had been brewing in my testes all class and for weeks prior. My toes curled and I ground my teeth, trying to control my breathing. Oh god May no, not here, please. I felt so humiliated and utterly aroused. Class ended abruptly and she dismounted me, staring briefly at my straining, dripping crotch and giving me a knowing glance. When she turned around I just barely caught a glimpse of a dark, wet looking patch between her legs.

I felt so desperate for relief that I asked to go to the changing room bathrooms. Heading into the guys side I was relieved to see that I was alone. Within seconds I untied my ranking belt and tossed aside my shirt, standing bare chested in the middle of the change room, a bold move for me, but not so bold as when I pulled down my stained white uniform pants and let my over stimulated organ out, no towel or stall, I was totally naked in my Aikido change room with a very obvious and raging teenage erection. I stepped into the shower and pulled the curtain behind me, sighing with double delight as the warm water kissed my sweat soaked skin and my left hand wrapped around the desperate throb of my aching young penis. I cupped my balls tight with one hand and stroked faster while the warm water poured down.

I couldn't contain a small moan by now, and I was panting with arousal as I worked my hand up and down my shaft, sending waves of pleasure radiating from my testes to my toes. The idea that someone might catch me only added to the thrill. It was only minutes later that I had to support myself with my one free hand as the muscles in my pelvis contracted and I couldn't help but grunt as my young six inch cock started shooting milky white fluid, getting it down the drain and all over my hand and the walls.

"Doing okay buddy?" Came a familiar voice, and I seized up in terror. Maybe he saw me, maybe he'll tell his dad. It was Ricardo, the sensei's son, who was only a year or two older than me. "Uhhh yeah good." I managed weakly, shaking from mixture of surprise and post ejaculatory pleasure.
"Good, good." said Ricardo, giving me a wink and a knowing glance. I blushed furiously. I had never been naked in front of anyone like this since I started puberty. My circumcised cock was still swollen and hanging low, still recovering from my recent orgasm, and my testicles were now hanging down low. Ricardo discarded his uniform and stepped into the shower next to me. I had never showered with another boy before; he was obviously more developed than me. His uncut cock was long and pink, the tip still covered by his intact foreskin. Whereas I had nothing but a few tufts of pubic hair above my crotch, Ricardo sported a full black bush, had grown armpit hair and wisps of chest hair. Even soft his penis was big for his age and his balls were much bigger and harrier than mine. Though I told myself I was not gay I couldn't help but admire the beauty of his young manhood, apart of me always remains fascinated by human genitals and their explosive, mysterious powers.



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