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Young Experience

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A little story about my first time cumming. 


I was bored at home alone and decided to explore mom and dad's closet. Way in the back of the closet on the top shelf, I found a book called “The Joy of Sex”. Well it didn't take long before I was comfortable on the bed flipping through the pages. After reading about cunnilingus, my little guy was hard and squeezing it made it feel good.  This was not enough to make me cum, nor did I know that was the final goal at that time. I just felt good. 

This continued for a couple more weekends until I read the chapter on vibrators. Well this had me thinking. What came to my mind was an old air pump we had from some pet fish we had a few years back.  So I went into the storage room and dug out the small air pump. Plugged it in just to make sure it still worked and sure enough it fired up with a nice vibration. I ran back upstairs and once again got comfortable on mom and dad's bed. This time with my pants and underwear off. I grabbed the book and started to read again. Sure enough, little guy rose to the occasion. I plugged in the air pump and rested my cock on it. It was a new nice feeling, which made me tingle a lot inside. So I just left it there, resting against the air pump. 

Then it happened, the feeling started to build more and more. Then bam! My cock started to spasm and then a little bit of clear fluid came out.  Wow ! I didn't realize that was cum but I did know it felt incredible. So I cleaned up quickly in fear of my parents returning from their Saturday outing. 

The next weekend I couldn't wait to do it again. But this time was different. It still felt good but I didn't climax. So I had the thought that the feeling could be better if I took off the cover of the pump. If you have ever looked inside a small air pump there is a small electric motor with a small arm that moves a diaphragm up and down, Well that certainly did it for me. I put my cock head just under the moving arm and the feeling was quite powerful. Again reading the book cock inside the air pump. Then the intense feeling came back but this time when my cock spasmed it shot out some white fluid. I didn't think much of it, didn't care since the feeling of cumming was so incredible. 

After a few more times even with my cock head in the air pump couldn't bring me to orgasm. Since I have already read all the interesting chapters a couple times, it was time to do some more exploring and see what else I can find in this wonderful room of my parents. Then I started opening drawers. 

That was when I discovered mom's lingerie drawer. But that is another story for another time.



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