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Discovered (Part Three)

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Cross dressing couple get caught out by my wife.


"So Terry what would you and Dave do next"? "Carry on as if I weren't here, just relax and have the session you were planning to have".
Dave smiled at me, he did look a sight in his Basque, stockings and enormous erection. He moved round to my side of the bed and seized my cock and started stroking me. His touch was so, so good, firm but gentle. His thumb massaged some pre cum around the tip. Oh it felt wonderful. His cock brushed against my thigh, I reached down gripped it, rubbing my hand up and down it in rhythm to his movements.

I almost forgot Sara was there, until she spoke "You really are a couple of sluts aren't you. Look at you dressed in your tarts underwear, wanking each other off".
"We are and loving it" said Dave and with that sunk to his knees and begun sucking me for all he was worth.
"Go on suck all that creamy spunk out of him" she said.
This just seemed to intensify his oral lovemaking, bringing me closer to the edge. I placed one hand behind his head, pulling him toward me, I thrust at him wanting to eagerly shoot my hot sperm down his throat.

But it was not to be, Sara intervened pulling us apart, like a pair of dogs on heat.
Dave released me and sunk back onto the floor, my legs almost buckled as I fell back towards the wall.
I stared at Sara who was now naked except for her stockings and garter belt. She had one between her legs, fingering herself.
"There is no way you are getting off without giving me some pleasure, assuming you are both up to it of course".
Dave was still sitting on floor, she moved over to him and stood astride him and very slowly squatted down over him, lowering herself onto his willing fingers.
She pushed him down to the floor and called me over. Stand over him and let me suck you. Eager to get my cock some more action I duly obeyed. She was slowly gyrating her hips against his fingers, he was thrusting two middle ones up inside her. She more than able to suck me at the same time though.
But after a while she had to abandon my cock as her movements increased on Dave's fingers. She was really pounding up and down on him now, faster and faster and so violently, the squelching noise from her juices was so erotic. Finally she screamed to a body shuddering orgasm.

Eventually she stood up and I could see her juices and running down her thighs and on Dave's cock and balls. Her orgasm had been massive and as Dave got up I saw a bit wet patch on the carpet. She often did have very wet orgasms but this one bigger than usual.
Anyway I usually enjoyed licking her after a wet orgasm so took Dave's cock in my mouth to help him get off, before getting on my knees and lapping at Sara's cunt, to clean her up.
While I was doing this Dave crawled between my legs, on his back, and began to rim, licking and tonguing my arsehole. He had never done anything like this to me before, which was a pity because I was now realising what I had been missing. His tongue was probing and flicking around my anus. I stopped licking Sara's cunt, being unable to concentrate any more! And sat back a little on Dave's face, fully revelling in the ecstatic licking I was receiving.

"Terry you are a selfish bastard, you need to give Dave's cock some attention, his dick needs a good sucking, he needs to cum".
Reluctantly I extracted my anus from his wet probing tongue and the rush of cool air on my arse, showed to what extent he had been slavering and licking at me.

I laid beside him and pulled his engorged cock close to my mouth and encircled my lips around his glans. I could smell Sara's sex on him. As I seized his balls I felt the wetness that was still there from her orgasm.
I sensed the pulsating of his cock in my mouth as I went to work on him, sliding my mouth up and down his rigid shaft, stopping at the top to flick my tongue over and around his cock head.
I then felt the warm, wet sensation of his mouth over my cock as he reciprocated.
And there we were locked into a classic 69 position. From the corner of my eye I could see Sara sitting on the dressing table stool, legs apart and two fingers shoved inside herself. Her thumb was massaging her clit as she watched her husband and his friend suck each other's cocks.
Dave and I were really getting in to it now, relishing the delights of both receiving and giving oral pleasure.

Suddenly I felt something hard against my chest, I opened my eyes to see Sara's foot and spike heeled shoe placed between us. I looked up, my eyes following her long, silky nylon clad legs.
Hands clasped on her hips with legs apart, her pussy looked red swollen and wet as my eyes rested upon it, testament to all the fingering it had been receiving.

"You two look like you are enjoying yourselves too much, now stand up".
As ordered we stood up facing each other our rigid cocks almost touching. I so wanted to still have Dave's cock in my mouth, even more I wanted to feel him pumping his warm cum into my mouth and taste his saltiness. But Sara was punishing us, well sort of, although up until I have been enjoying my 'punishment'.

"I am not going to watch you cum in each others mouths, you will wank for me. I want to watch your expressions as you masturbate. I want to see your spunk shoot from those lovely cocks of yours. Now stand by the bed".

I asked how she wanted us to do this.
"Both of you select a magazine and choose a picture and then spunk on it".
"But one at a time, you first Terry".

I picked up a magazine and fumbled through it until I found a picture I liked. I began stroking myself, as I did Dave started to fondle his cock as well.
She moved over to him and removed his hand, standing behind him she put both arms around him, her hands cupping his balls, then one hand wrapped around his hard cock.
I was a bit jealous as she worked on him but nevertheless I was enjoying playing with my own prick, which was leaking a lot of precum making it very slick.

"Don't you cum yet Terry, you must wait".
How the fuck can I wait I thought but I eased off and tried to hold on.
Next Sara told Dave to climb onto the bed and to get on all fours. When he was in position she placed the magazine he had chosen on the bed beneath him. She replace her hands around his cock and balls but now bent down slightly placing her face in his backside. Moving in closer she licked his crack, before burying her face in his arse.
She was pumping his cock with her right hand and squeezing his balls with the other, tongue up his arse.

What a sight to hell with waiting. A few seconds later there was the splat, splat of cum as the first jet erupted from me and landed onto the picture. Then splat, splat, splat as repeated globs of warm creamy spunk shot from me and drenched the picture.

Dave looked like he was in heaven, judging by the ecstatic look on his face. He opened his eyes as the drop of cum landed on the page, he then watched intently as the rest of my orgasm jetted out of me.
Sara also saw me cum. " You dirty fucking wanker, I told you to wait. I hope you feel good standing there in your stockings, with that wilting, dripping cock in your hand. Pathetic dirty fucking wanker".

Suddenly Dave started moaning, she had not eased up on his cock and the first shot of jizz powered out of him, missing the page beneath him and landing on the bed cover.
Sara was still milking him as he continued to shoot his load, each spurt now hitting the target page, with slightly less force than the first shot.
Like me he shot a massive load which also drenched the porn picture he had chosen.

He finally finished Sara stood up and licked her fingers clean of Dave's cum.
"You taste good but just look at the mess you have both made on those magazines. You truly are a couple perverts dressing up like whores, sucking and wanking each other and then spunking over those girly pictures".

She moved towards me and grabbed hold of my now semi erect prick and began to work on it. It soon began to react and slowly started to stiffen, so she sank to her knees and took it in her mouth. Her lips encircled the head and then she sucked me in, moving her head forward she took the whole length down her throat and then out. Back and forth her head went, sucking and licking me.
I was now really hard again, she released me and got on all fours, telling me to finger-fuck her from behind.
I got down on my knees behind her and slipped one, then two, then finally three fingers into her. She was so wet I just slid right in and begun thrusting into her.
She was squelching with all the juices, I put my other hand between her legs and felt all the wetness running from her. She felt so good, best ever, I have never felt her this wet.

She was moaning now, the squealing, working up to another orgasm. My hand still between her legs, fingering and fondling her. She bucked and cried out as she started to cum. I felt it even wetter now, is that possible.

Dave had been watching of course and wanking and just after she had finished, he shot a second load over the picture.

We were all spent and I felt good. But what would happen now? Would Sara be able to accept my alternative lifestyle?
Maybe she would, particularly if we involved her, after she had some fantastic orgasms and very wet ones at that.



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