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Different Philosophies of Edging

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Why I edge and how I think about it


As people who've read my previous posts know, I love to edge. I started doing it at the age of 14 to fix my premature climax problem and never looked back. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I learned how to do it from a women's magazine that promised stronger orgasms with the technique, and it definitely worked. When I delayed my gratification, the payoff was so much better! As a young teen who was very prone to horniness, I masturbated a lot simply to relieve the tension. An orgasm took care of that even if it wasn't of the earth-shattering kind. But once i learned how to make the O better, it was an added bonus. Why have an average O when I could have a lose-my-mind-and-all-awareness one?

As time went on, I started to enjoy the extended time spent at the plateau phase for its own sake. I discovered that keeping myself in a state of high arousal without an orgasm for a long time was a real trip. I started to perceive the orgasm as the enemy rather than the goal because it would end that state of bliss for me. I fingered my clit because I enjoyed the sensation itself, not because it made me climax. The orgasm was no longer the end. Each exquisite circular stroke on my clit's sweet spot was its own delicious end. I did everything in my power to fight the orgasm back so as to have a longer masturbation session. It was a battle that I always lost! My O always won! But my defeat felt so good!

These days, I think of my orgasm as an inevitable side effect of masturbation, neither as the goal nor the enemy. Through many years of practice and experience, I can rub my clit for a long time and hold myself at that plateau very easily. I don't really think of the O. I just keep going in that rhythmic, circular motion with my fingers which puts me into a trance. I know the O will happen because that's just what happens when I rub my clit, but I don't think about it. I just focus on the meditative state I get into once I'm in a long edging session. When I have the orgasm, I don't resist it. It goes off, and it's definitely good, but I didn't masturbate with the intention of having it. Afterwards, when I lie back and bask in the satisfaction of how well I did myself, I'm not preoccupied with the quality of my orgasm. I'm thinking instead of how good the stretch of edging was that led up to it.

I can't imagine my life without edging. I do it almost every time I masturbate, and I masturbate a lot.



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