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Deep Cleaning

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First Nation cleaning woman and I get off together after slow build-up

In the summer of my 18th year, I got a job at an oil service company in Fort McMurray, Alberta. The tar sands had started going full-throttle, money was unlimited even in crappy jobs, rents were outrageous, and the town was a dump. I got the cabbie who drove me in from the airport to stop on the way so I could buy some beer and then asked to be dropped at the motel nearest the place I was to work (can’t remember the name and it may have burned down anyways along with a good part of the rest of the town during the out-of-control forest fires a few years back).


I arranged to rent a cheap room on a nightly basis (the place I worked would reimburse me until they found living accommodations for me). It had been a long day and I was really tired even though it was only late afternoon and the room was hot as the motel had no air conditioning. I stripped down to my underwear, cracked a beer, and started to watch a baseball game from one of the beds. There was a knock at the door, a female voice called out, “Room cleaner,” and she let herself in. She was a cute, petite First Nations woman, and she asked if she could go ahead and clean the room with me there as it was the last room of her shift.



I kept glancing at her as she worked, pervy thoughts flooding my mind as I noted her small, shapely tits, sweet ass, and long hair. My cock started to chub up and I surreptitiously (I thought!) groped myself through my underwear. I was pretty horny as I hadn’t been able to jack off for a couple of days what with preparing for the trip. The young woman told me to “just pull it out and jerk off,” but I was too embarrassed to do so - probably a first for exhibitionistic me. I waited until she finished cleaning and jacked off a big, hot load the second the door closed behind her.



The next day was my first day on the job and as the place had pretty much unlimited overtime I took advantage. At the end of the day, a few of the guys were going to check out the drinking facilities at the newly opened Peter Pond Hotel so I tagged along. The doormen almost didn’t let us in as we were all in work clothes and they closely checked IDs of everyone who wanted in. The place was pretty full even though it was 7 p.m. at the latest, but we were able to find a table. Some guy came out on the stage and started up some “Name that Tune.” I was a music fanatic in those days and killed it, winning several rounds of drinks for the table.



I soon noticed the cleaning woman from my motel at a nearby table and she came over. She introduced herself as Candace and complimented me on my song-recognition abilities. More to the point, I knew she was at least 18 because she’d made it through the stringent ID process at the door. She told me maybe she’d see me later as her room-cleaning routine had a logical order with mine always the last.



We all left work the next day at the scheduled quitting time as we were somewhat hungover from the night before. I was lying on one of the beds in my room, groping my cock with one hand and a cold brew in the other, when Candace again knocked and let herself in. She was wearing a very skimpy outfit, showing off her hard nipples (no bra under a thin shirt) and what appeared to be some camel toe. She finished cleaning the room and asked if she could have one of my beers. I got up and got her one, big hard cock bulging my underwear.



She kept looking over at my covered erection and squeezing hand while she drank her beer. Then she stood up and silently removed her clothes. As I’d guessed, she also had no panties on and her cunt had only a maybe two-week stubble, her fat labia resolving themselves in an almost smooth slit. I commented on the “nice view” and she said she’d shaved for her ex-boyfriend a few weeks before. She lay down on a bed and my face was buried in her pussy within seconds.



Candace immediately began humping her snatch frantically against my eager tongue while holding the back of my head with both hands. I was lost in her subtle musk and tweaked her rock-hard nipples while sucking and licking her cunt lips and clit. It didn’t take her long to cum (loudly) and I manoeuvred myself into position to fuck her missionary style. That was when she said I’d have to use a condom and like a moron I didn’t have any.



She said, “We’ll have to improvise,” and lay down beside me. She sucked my cock for a few seconds and then took my meat into her small hands, gently stroking me as our tongues probed each other’s mouth. Candace soon had me dripping pre-cum and my desperate cock and balls were throbbing. She said she didn’t let white guys cum on her face, but that she’d jack me off on her breasts.



Fine by me, and I sat on the side of the bed while Candace kneeled in front of me. She took me in a gentle grip again and steadily masturbated me. I felt my cum rising somewhere in the depths of my asshole and told her I was going to cum. She stopped jerking my cock, before restarting and playing the stop-and-start game for a little while. Finally I reached cumtime, she jacked me harder and faster and I fired off rope after rope of thick white cum that Candace directed over her titties and belly as the ultimate pleasure coursed through my crotch. I collapsed in exhaustion and she got a towel from the bathroom and wiped off my cum as I hungrily watched. When she was cleaned, she got dressed and left the room. I rubbed my cock raw that night.



I didn’t see her again, as the next day one of the guys from work said I could stay in the apartment he shared with a friend. These guys drank at an old beer parlour called the Riviera which was very close to work, an easy walk to the apartment, and featured good live music. The few times I later checked out the Pond, Candace wasn’t there.




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