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Day Off

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It was my day off work and I'd just woken up. I was stood in front of my mirror next to my bed, feeling nice and relaxed after a long sleep. No one was home and I was feeling horny so I slipped off my boxers to admire my totally naked body. I was smooth and toned all over, except for my soft, dark, curly hair around my cock and balls.

I'd been waiting for this time for ages. Just to be alone to pleasure myself and let out all the sexual tension I had from this girl who teased me at work. She was cute and friendly with a hot body. I really would love to fuck her, I often had dreams about her and all the different things we could do to each other. My cock started to twitch and tingle as I thought about her and how she sometimes pressed herself up against me in the shop, her breasts felt great against my chest whenever we hugged, and I imagined the feeling of her soft, gentle hands against my naked body. Now my cock was trembling, big and erect. My foreskin started to roll back down my shaft as I got harder and harder!!

I began to touch my cock, ever so lightly, exploring the light sensations of pleasure that I felt from caressing my shaft, foreskin and head of my penis I wondered if it could feel better in the shower and couldn't resist the urge.

I turned the hot shower on and felt the jets of running water flow over my whole body, I kept stroking myself, sometimes over my delicate little nipples, sometimes my smooth firm bottom, sometimes my hairy balls and sometimes over my hard, throbbing penis. The feelings were great and felt ready to come, but wanted more. I decided to back off and reached for my shaving foam and razor.

I'd once had an ex-girlfriend shave my genitals before and remembered how much more sensitive that part of my body could get. I squirted foam all over my cock, balls and bent over a little to get some around my ass. The cool foam contrasted nicely against the steamy shower I was having and kept my cock hard. I began to shave and it was so erotic. Pulling my balls around to let the razor glide against my skin felt so nice. By now there was a little bit of cum dribbling from my cock, so I finished shaving and started to rub the cum over my smooth cock and balls, even round to my asshole. The feeling of my oily cum being spread over my tight wet skin was so amazing, I didn't want it to end.

I climbed out of the shower and dried myself down and got back into bed. Still incredibly horny I kept playing with myself as I imagined the girl from work enjoying herself, riding excitedly on my cock. I grabbed some lube from under my bed, eager to experience that feeling of sexy smoothness that my cum gave me in the shower. I massaged it all into my hands and then over all of my cock, getting it completely glistening with moisture. I applied more to my plump testicles and soft asshole, making it drip from my fingers over my body.

I could see how nice my bottom looked now it was all smooth in the mirror and this gave me an extra feeling of sexiness as I began to stroke my wet cock. I let my other hand go around to my asshole and pushed it gently in. The feeling was so intense and made my cock harder than ever. I massaged my ass, sliding my finger in and out of my smooth hole, all while my cock was throbbing with pleasure. I almost couldn't take anymore and felt a huge wave of pleasure come up through my balls and cock as the muscles around my ass pulsated with pleasure. I was coming hard now and let my cum fly everywhere. There was so much of it too. My whole body was shaking and my legs were stretched out in orgasm.I revelled in the delightful feelings I'd given myself and the warm glow rippled through my whole body as I began to relax and sink into a relaxing daydream. I moaned with ecstasy, hoping my erection would return soon.



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