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Dares, Police and Hiding Evidence

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Dares, Police and Hiding Evidence...

all in one night!


This will not differ much from your average masturbation story at first but when I was 14 years old, I had my first of two masturbation partners. His name was Ivan and he was about a year younger than me. I had been jacking off for over a year by the time he came to me and essentially told me that he knew about something that I didn't. When I found out he was talking about 'jacking off' I told him that I had already done it many times.

When I spent the night at his house, a few days after that he asked me if I wanted to play 'dare'.

His first dare involved me pulling down my pants and I upped the ante with having him strip and by the end of that night we felt comfortable enough to jack off together. We jacked off together often and whenever we would see each other away from school at the very least I knew that either he'd flash me or I'd flash him sometimes under the pretense of having to urinate.

One night I came to his house fully expecting that we would jack off together as usual but when I got there he had a friend with him. Although like I stated we jacked off often, this particular time Ivan had been away for a week and I really wanted to do something but now that he was back he had this other boy with him and I thought there was no way that Ivan was going to do anything with me with his other friend around so I left and went home.

No sooner than I walked through my front door it was Ivan calling me, 'why did you leave, my friend wants to fool around with us'. I'm paraphrasing of course but that was the general idea of what he said and I hung up the phone, and literally ran back to Ivan's house. My Mom was screaming at me down the road that she needed to know where I was going so I turned back and yelled 'Ivan's house' and then continued my mad dash and when I got there Ivan's mother was leaving for work, she told me just to go in and when I walked in the house Ivan and his friend got spooked. 'Oh my gosh, I thought you were my Mom' gasped Ivan. Ivan and his friend were in their underwear and a porno was playing on the TV.

Ivan introduced me to Lucas and we all sat back on the couch in our underwear watching this porno and Lucas asks 'do you want to see my boner?' and of course I did so he pulled his underwear down and although he was younger than both of us he had the biggest cock. Ivan and I were about the same size but being that he was not circumcised and I was he had a long foreskin that made his penis appear much longer than mine. However Lucas was circumcised like I was and was still longer than Ivan even when counting his foreskin.

We compared with each other, jacked off, did crazy dares, watched pornos, explored every inch of each other and then got the idea because it was about 10 pm to go to the park that was literally down the end of the block and have some fun there. We went to the park got into a dark area and started doing the same stuff we did in the house and it ended with us jacking off onto a picnic table in a dimly lit part of the park. All 3 of us pointed our penises at the same spot as we almost simultaneously ejaculated, leaving a nice sized pool of cum on the bench. Then we went home and started doing more PG rated teen boy things, video games, music, car magazines. Then Lucas started to get really paranoid and kept telling us that the police could get a sample of our DNA and we could be arrested and all of this other crazy stuff but the thing was it started to get to us.

So we got a bottle of bleach and started walking back to the park to pour over our little cum puddle that we all had made and on the way to the park we got stopped by a police officer.

By this time it was nearing midnight and we were three young teenage boys walking around late at night with a bottle of bleach and to add to that there had been vandalism in the neighborhood at night by 'young teenage boys'. We were so nervous there were 3 police cars that ended up coming for us and they kept asking what we were doing with this bottle of bleach and why were we out so late. I've never been a liar but the truth was that we were trying to pour it over our collective semen sample that we had left on the picnic table and of course I wasn't going to say that. Finally after an eternity we had to call Ivan's mother at work, who wasn't happy to say the least and came very close to getting in serious trouble but a lack of evidence saved us.

It was a few weeks before I was able to go to Ivan's house again and a few months after that when I finally saw Lucas again. By the time I saw Ivan he had 'grown out of' mutual jerk offs and Lucas and I became jack off buds for about a year until we both 'grew out of it' but we never forgot about our late night adventure.



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