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My First Time With Another

Posted by: Author: Age: 49 (19 at the time) Posted on: 2 comments
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My first real sexual experience...


I've actually posted this story on here before years ago but I recently rediscovered the site and thought I would tell a little more since the experience is one I'll never forget.

The first time I came in front of anyone else was when I was 19. I was a late starter and a little naive really. I had a few fumbles with girls my age but not got very far. My first experience however was when I was on a student rail / backpacking holiday in Italy with some friends. I was missing my girlfriend lots - I'd just got together with her just before I left but hadn't done anything with her so was pretty frustrated. To be honest I was feeling really, really horny all the time.

Our holiday was very budget - did quite a lot of camping and spent a lot of time sleeping on trains, for example, to save money. We always seemed to spending time around railway stations waiting for connections etc. On one occasion I went to the station toilets and noticed that the guy at one of the urinals was spending a lot of time there. I left and I thought nothing much of it until later when the penny finally dropped and I realised that he might have been lingering for a reason. After I figured that one out - it took a little longer for the thought to pop into my mind that I could have actually ended up getting approached by the guy. I wondered what I would have done if he had approached me - I was that horny after all.

A couple of days later, I spilt up from my mates for a couple of days : we decided to travel separately and meet up again.

Very early one morning I was killing some time outside a railway station as usual. I was sitting on a bench when a guy, about thirty, approached me, sat down next to me and started a conversation in Italian. I just about managed to communicate - I was bored and the guy seemed friendly enough so I carried on. He started to get closer and kept brushing against me with his knee. I was irritated by this at first, but then I remembered the earlier incident in the toilets and I realised what he was after. And most importantly, I started to think what if...I started to get a few butterflies in my stomach and just a little bit turned on. He suddenly offered to show me the sights so I thought what the hell, agreed and we set off on foot. I had no idea where this was going to lead.

After a short while we stopped at a park bench and we sat down. He said something about checking my suntan and suddenly he was unbuttoning my shorts. Two seconds later he had released my cock. I've no idea how that suddenly happened, but by now I was happy to let him do this in full public view. I think I surprised him and certainly surprised myself - because I was really rock hard and huge. It was still early and there was just about nobody around but a passing housewife appeared from nowhere walking along the path near the bench. She glanced in our direction and looked away quickly and hurried on. The guy put me away after that straight away. But then offered to show me some more sights so I and he led me on to a secluded wooded area. I was getting a little bit scared now with a potentially risky situation - but then again, was so turned on I just had to follow him.

Standing up amongst the trees we both pulled out our cocks. He was still not that hard which was slightly disappointing. He asked to suck me but I said no. I grabbed his cock and gave it a few timid strokes between thumb and forefinger. By this stage I really wasn't in control of myself any more. I furiously pumped away at myself and he tried to slow me down. I came almost immediately and I remember seeming to squirt then drip my cum onto the ground for ages it was a lovely orgasm. The guy was frantically trying to catch up but he wasn't fast enough. I felt awkward and a bit ashamed so I quickly said my goodbyes to the guy, who was still pumping away, and fled.

That was the first time I came in front of anyone, my first and only experience with another man, and one of my best experiences ever. I'm happily married and I think of myself as straight but I still fantasise about it when masturbating today and would love to experiment with another man like this.



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