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Dannys Birthday, Avery's feet!

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My flat mates birthday led to me having a rather fun night with an old flame Avery.


              So, this happened a few weeks ago, and I have been thinking about it so much I decided I have to share it with you all. A few weeks ago, it was my flat mate Danny’s birthday! His girl (Ailis) had arraigned a surprise party for him and everything. We are all in College so Ailis had to arrange all of Danny’s friends to come stay in our flat when Danny was out. Now she also invited a couple of her friends as having a bunch of Irishmen drinking on a 25th Birthday is a lot so a few females added to the mix, makes our rabble rousing more manageable. It just so happens that one of Ailis’s friends is this beautiful woman named Avery who I have had a thing for, for quite a few years now.

            Avery was 23 years old, average height with a runner’s body, beautiful brown eyes, strawberry blond hair, perky tits a firm round ass that lead you to her long muscular legs that make your mouth water just by looking at them. Now when Avery flirts you melt because this woman has Irish spirit in her, smart and sexy with a hint of mischief to sprinkle on top! Any way so I get back from classes and come home to find all our mates in the living room drinking and laughing waiting for Danny to get home, I say hello to everyone giving them hugs and pats on the back, when Avery walks up to me and gives me a hug saying; “Brandon I haven’t seen you in months” I wrap my arms around the small of her back as she presses her body right against mine I can feel every inch of her as I close my eyes and picture her perfect naked body under her thin silk jumper. She looked amazing and with her pelvis pressed against mine my cock thought it felt good too! Thankfully before she could feel it press against her she let go to look at me and chat. We all had some drinks and talked.

             Any way so Danny walks in we all yell surprise and the party ensues. We were drinking, laughing, talking and singing the night away, every once in a while I would look at Avery and she would give me those sexy eyes over the rim of her glass, she looked incredible in her jumper, hugged her in all the right places showing off her curves and cut off at mid-thigh to show off those sexy legs. But perhaps my favorite thing about Avery is that she hates socks, which means she is 90% of the time, bare foot. Now for those who don’t know, I have a foot fetish and I love it, however I have only recently become confident in admitting it. Avery took very good care of her sexy feet and was sitting on the couch laughing with friends as her legs were propped up in the coffee table displaying her sexy souls. My mouth watering I flirted with her on and off throughout the night.

          The party was a huge success! Had to be 2 in the morning and we all start to wind down, Ailis takes Danny to his room for birthday sex, and the majority of the male mate’s sleep in the living room, now one of Ailis’s friends Maggie had her new boyfriend with her so I gave them fresh sheets and said they could use my room. This just left Avery, Alice and myself. Alice was very drunk and passed out in the “study” we call it, on the little love seat, so I pulled out an air mattress and asked Avery if she would like to share it with me. We were both a little tipsy but she agreed, she started setting it up with me and was giggling and eyeing me up, we started making the bedding up when we finished we stood back to look at our work. Avery said “that’s a good bed”. I said we should change and Avery went into one corner of the room to change. As I stripped down to my boxers I watched as Avery unzipped her jumper and let it fall to the ground, her back facing me she was not wearing a bra, her smooth pale skin looked so warm and beautiful, her ass was in little purple panties and black lace, showing off her sexy cheeks. My cock started to rise, She slipped into some soft PINK short shorts and a t shirt, I could not take it anymore I walked up behind her my hot breath on her shoulder, she stood there. We didn’t say a word, slowly she moved back a bit, her ass gently touching my cock, I could sense her smile. “What are you doing Brandon?” she said playfully, I put my hands on her hips and pulled her against me allowing my cock to grind against her ass, I allowed my hands to wander under her shirt and grab her breasts as I kissed her neck passionately, she moaned with pleasure which only furthered turned me on. I spun her around and pinned her to the wall, looking into her eyes, I could tell she was liking this we started making out as she grinded her pelvis against my cock. Things were getting steamy when all of a sudden Alice wakes up and asks Avery she could sleep in her bed since she doesn’t want to be alone, Avery looks at me and winks, being the good friend, she is she says yes. Alice gets in on one end of the bed then Avery beside her. I go to get in behind Avery when she says “Oh no Brandon you have to sleep on the other end you are a man after all.” Confused and shocked I agreed and lay down opposite to the women I am horny and hard, and upset that my sexual encounter was interrupted, when my phone buzzes. I look over and it’s from Avery!    

 Avery: Sorry about that but I wanted to help get Alice to sleep.

Brandon: That’s alright I guess we have to do what we have to do.

A: doesn’t mean we have to stop having fun lol

B: What did you have in mind ;)

A: what are some of your fetishes? ;)

B: Promise not to tell?

A: mhm. Your secret is safe with me ;)

B: I like feet….

A long pause then Avery rolls over and looks at me, I look back at her, she has a devilish grin on her face. My phone buzzes.

A: Take your boxers off….

                I cant believe my eyes, my heart racing and cock throbbing I quietly remove my boxers allowing my pulsing hard on to spring free already dripping with pre-cum I nod at Avery. Suddenly I feel the mattress shift and Avery is laying on her back. Next I feel her legs brush against mine, my heart pounding, and as if in a dream I feel Avery’s warm feet graze my cock. I let out a moan, Avery’s feet start to play with and massage my cock, teasing the head and stroking the shaft. It feels amazing! Her perfect feet, grab my cock and start to jerk it off slowly up and down, up and down. I am going crazy with pleasure. I grab one of her feet and start to suck on her toes, the other foot moves down and starts massaging my balls… my phone buzzes.

A: I am so wet, your cock feels huge you must really like feet lol

              I let go of her foot and she finds the head of my cock, she cradles it in-between her soft souls and slowly edges me until pre-cum is pouring onto her feet. I am so close!! Phone buzzes.

A: I am so wet come help me!

          I slowly move up making sure not to be too loud and wake up Alice, I get to Avery and realize she had removed her shorts and panties and was masturbating I moved in and kissed her massaging her tits as she played with herself, she rolled on her side exposing her ass and said playfully “come cuddle” I spooned her and my cock slid between her ass cheeks, she started grinding her hips as she guided my hand to her pussy, I fingered Avery as she grinded my cock, we were breathing so heavily and moaning like animals  it was so incredibly sexy, she let out a little whimper and whispered “I am going to cum” She bit my hand to try and stay quiet, as her thighs tightened around my fingers deep inside her. She squirmed and spazed with pleasure, this caused her ass to tighten as well which was all my cock could take, before I could say anything I felt that warm rush of pleasure as I pumped stream after stream of cum all over Avery’s ass! I was spent, out of breath and sweaty, Avery let out a cute sigh! Out of breath and smiling she pulled my fingers out of her and sucked them clean. I was in awe of this goddess. She looked at me and then her ass then said “Bad boy you made a mess” she got out of bed and cleaned herself off with a towel, then started to re-dress. I put my boxers back on and whispered “thank you” she giggled and responded “I guess I should get a pedicure next time I am around you!” I asked, “you don’t find my fetish weird?” Avery looked at me and said; “No not at all, I think its actually quite common to like feet, and I am actually pretty flattered you like mine” I lay back and smiled. Avery got into bed and we all just fell asleep. The next morning we played as if nothing ever happened. Alice woke up hung over, Danny had a stupid Grin on his face as did Maggie and her boyfriend. We all had a great breakfast then sent them all on their way.

            Ailis and I were cleaning the flat while Danny slept. Ailis asked how I slept and I said quite well thanks. That night Avery texted me and said “hope this helps tide you over till I see you next ;)” what followed was a picture of her feet with freshly painted toes. I don’t think this will be my last encounter with Avery or her feet………



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