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Dani - Surprise Surprise

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I had a friend at school called Dani. Although she behaved like a tomboy, (quite a lot of us thought she might be a secret lesbian) she was always with older boys, and made no secret of the fact she slept around a lot. From the age of 15, there wasn’t much Dani hadn’t done with guys, 


I bumped into her purely by chance and we hit a coffee shop to catch up. We talked about her many conquests, and eventually, I mentioned something that I knew she hated...helping her mum run a swimming club. Dani did this three nights a week, and told us she loathed it, but “you know what was what she said back then....today however.

“Yeah, well. At first I fucking hated it. All those snotty kids.....yuck! (She leaned in and almost whispered) but then, it got good! Very good!”

 I knew this was a girls only club, or at least Dani’s involvement was only girls coaching.

“So, mum said I could move onto the advanced groups....the 16-18 year olds. I saw a couple of,girls arrive really early and go into th changing room. They were at least 45 minutes too early, so I hopped out of the pool and went to see why they were here so early. I opened the dressing room door, and there was no sign of them. Then I realised there was only one cubicle door shut! They were both in there! I had about a million thoughts flash through my head, but you can guess what I was wondering. Anyways, I opened and shut the outer door again, but i stayed out of sight. I heard their door open and a voice said “She’s gone”. Another voice said “Good...coz I’m almost ducking there.” Then I heard moaning and the second girl started talking dirty....giving it....oh yeah....finger me, bitch....stuff like that. Then I heard her cum! I actually heard both of them cum! I was soooo fucking horny! Anyway.....Er.....it wasn’t long after that two became three. I’d look for them to arrive and then hop,out and join in. It was only a phase really.....I don’t do girls any more, but for the six weeks it lasted it was really good. 

After coffee, Dani went on her way, while I stayed put....I hadn’t thought about Dani in that way, but I was now....big time. 

So, quick trip to the coffee shop toilets, and in my mind Dani was in there with me. I imagine the girls showing her how to touch them, and them touching her. But what got me off was thinking about how she would have felt her orgasm approaching and tried to hold it back. A lot of first time girl/girls do this. It’s a mistake because the more you hold it back the  going to be, and anyway, when a girl cums with another girl, the orgasm feels different.....well...it does for me. I gained Dani with another girls fingers up her, and maybe a third girl stroking her arse, and I came very nicely, even squirting a little into the lavatory pan. (Did I mention I was sitting down for this one?)

Dani! I would never have thought it! Little “Miss Cock”. 

Ah well.... seems you never know. 



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