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First Time with a Female at 45

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I am a 45 year old woman who is married with three children. My husband works 12 hours a day and my children are all off at college. This was not an issue for me up to a couple of months ago when I lost my job due to the economic slow down. Since then I have spent my days searching the internet and all other outlets trying to find a new job. I have a lot of time on my hands as there is not a lot to do around the house once the laundry and cleaning is done. I have made friends with Ann, who is a real estate agent that lives across the street from us. Ann is in her early 50s and is a very attractive and physically fit person. Up to a few months ago, Ann was very busy with her career just like me. That is why I never really talked to her or got to know her all that well. We exchanged pleasantries but nothing of any substance. Now we run into each other getting the morning paper or mail. Several times a week Ann comes over to my house or me to hers for coffee or lunch. Last week our friendship took an interesting turn. I was getting the mail and ran into Ann who invited me in for lunch just like she had done on several occasions. We had a nice lunch and a lovely conversation. As we were cleaning up the lunch dishes, Ann asked me if I would care to sit in their hot tub for a while and relax. I said that would be great but I told her I needed to run home to get my swim suit. Ann said that if it was OK with me that she preferred to not wear swim suits in the hot tub. She explained that swim suits often have residual laundry detergent in them which can cause foaming issues in the hot tub. For that reason, Ann and her husband go naked in the hot tub unless of course they have guests and there is no other choice. Since it was just us ladies, I agreed. Ann gave me a robe and told me I could undress in the guest bedroom and that we would meet out at the gazebo in her backyard. After undressing I went in her backyard which is on a wooded lot so there is some natural privacy. I also noticed that Ann had pulled the blinds closed in the gazebo where the hot tub was located. City ordinances required the hot tub be adequately secured for safety reasons. Ann and her husband opted for a gazebo so they could meet the ordinance and also so they could have privacy. Ann was already in the hot tub. Her eyes were covered with slices of cucumber and she was fully reclined in the tub. I turned my back to her, modestly dropped my robe, and got into the hot tub. Ann told me there were some cucumber slices for me if I wanted to put them on my eyes. I figured while in Rome do as the Romans so I covered my eyes and reclined in the tub. The water was very hot and the jets seemed to hit all the right places. Before long my muscles were totally relaxed. Ann reached over and pulled out a couple of glasses and a bottle of Chardonnay. She offered me a glass which I quickly accepted. The wine and water worked their magic on me and before long I had a very pleasant buzz. My body was so relaxed it was like a pool of butter. We were in the hot tub for 20 to 30 minutes. During that time we did not talk we simply enjoyed the wine and the relaxing water. Ann then suggested we get out of the hot tub before we got too hot. She got out first. I discreetly gave Ann's body a quick glance. She was very physically fit and I found her very attractive at that moment. I wished my body looked half that good at age 50. Ann quickly patted herself dry with a towel, put on her robe, and placed a towel next to the hot tub for me. She then told me she was going into the house to start a shower so we could shower off before getting dressed. She told me to meet me in her bathroom at the end of the hall. After she left, I got out of the hot tub, dried off, put on my robe, and headed for the house. The cool breeze was refreshing against my hot skin. I walked down the hall to Ann's bathroom. It was a huge bathroom with a very large shower. In fact it was a shower built for two. There was a shower head on each end of the shower. Ann was already in the shower lathering up and then rinsing off the soap. Both shower heads were running and she told me that the shower was ready for me. I was a bit conscientious about dropping my robe in front of Ann but I still had a buzz from the wine so I dropped my robe and climbed into the shower. I turned my back to Ann and let the warm water run down my chest and my face. I startled a bit when I felt Ann touch my shoulders. I felt her soapy hands running over my shoulders and on my back. She asked if I minded if she helped me with my shower. I was very nervous but I said I would love it. I felt a rush of excitement in my breasts and warmth between my legs. I was becoming aroused by Ann's presence and her touch. Her firm but gentle hands lathered my arms then my shoulders and back then my legs. I almost let out a moan when she began to lather up my buttocks. I was not sure where this was leading as Ann seemed to be washing me in a matter of fact manner with no hints of sexual overtones. When she was done with my back, I felt her get very close to me with her body pressing against my back. I felt her breasts pressed against me. Ann reached around me with her soapy wash cloth and began to lather up my chest. At first she avoided my breasts but eventually her soapy hands found my breasts. My erect nipples could not hide the fact I was aroused at this point. I was almost holding my breath at this point doing my best not to moan. My head swimming with all kinds of thoughts but above all I was aroused to the point of unbridled passion. I think Ann had been testing the waters to see if it was safe for her to take a chance in seducing me. Up to now Ann had played it pretty safe and had gone slow. However, it had reached the moment of truth. Ann's hand slowly descended from my breasts, down my stomach, and finding a resting place between my legs. My legs spread apart slightly and I shifted my hips to press against her hands. I let out a very soft moan. Ann's fingers found their way to my soft wet folds. She ran her fingers expertly up and down my aching slit and finally coming to rest on my clit. She began to rub my clit as I moved my hips in concert with her caresses. My heart was throbbing and I was breathing rapidly. I no longer tried to muffle my moans of pleasure. Ann whispered in my ear that she wanted me to orgasm for her. With that, I climaxed and announced loudly to Ann that I was cumming! She kissed the back of my neck and told me how hot it was helping me cum. She turned off the shower and got us some towels. We dried off and stepped out of the shower and into her bedroom. I had all the intentions of getting my clothes and heading home but Ann had other ideas. She pulled me close and began kissing me. Our naked bodies pressed against each other. Our kisses were soft and gentle at first. Then our mouths opened, our tongues met, and we passionately kissed. We kissed for quite some time eventually ending up on the bed. Ann on top of me. She broke from our kiss and slowly began to kiss my neck, breasts, stomach. Her kisses going lower and lower on my body. I was hesitant to let her go any further but at this point my passion was too high to stop her. Her fingers spread my outer lips exposing me completely to her tongue. She kissed my clit then teased it by licking and sucking it. She slid two fingers deep inside me and probed until she found my G-spot. I told her when she found the spot and let her know how aroused I was. She fingered me deeply while licking and sucking my clit and lips. Shortly, I exploded with another orgasm. This one ten times as intense as the one in the shower. I was panting now and dripping wet. Ann took her fingers out of me and greedily licked them. Without thinking or hesitation, I told Ann it was her turn. I laid her on her back. I did not put any pretense of foreplay but lowered myself directly between her legs. Ann kept her pussy neatly trimmed. I had never been down on a woman before so I just did what Ann had done to me. Kissing and licking her clit. Sliding my fingers insider her. I had tasted my own pussy juices before and enjoyed it. However, tasting another woman's pussy in this intimate of a moment was unbelievably arousing and erotic. I was nearing orgasm just licking Ann's pussy. Ann moaned as my fingers plunged in and out of her. Her hands ran through my hair. Her hips rising off of the bed. My fingers slid out of her. She pulled my face close against her pussy and she began to hump my face. Suddenly she stiffened and moaned loudly and announced she was cumming. She released my head and we kissed deeply. Her wetness on my face. Mine on hers. I rolled off of her and held her. I was totally content and my body was fully relaxed. We both passed out and took a nap. Ann woke me and told me we should clean up and get dressed before our husbands got home. She kissed me on the way out the door and asked me if I could come over same time next week. I told her I would not miss it. After I finish writing this letter, I will be heading over to Ann's to see what will happen next in my exploration of another woman.



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