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Follow-up to My First Ejaculation Was Scary


Please read My First Ejaculation was Scary first to fully understand this story.

After a few months of perfecting my method of squeezing my penis between my legs, pulsing the muscles to bring myself to make the white stuff, on my life I still had no idea what I was doing or what was coming out of my penis. (In fact back then I didn't even know it's real name was penis I was taught it was my pee-pee, parents are weird!)

I was hard about ten times a day if I didn't use my squeeze technigue in the morning before school and as a pre-teen I loved my sleep which usually meant I didn't get a chance to before school, so when I did get hard I tried my method in class. Needless to say it was very hard, no pun intended, to concentrate on the teacher and the task at hand. I often got caught 'daydreaming' or so my teachers thought when actually I was pulsing my penis between my crossed legs trying to get the feeling.

It was about the same time I realised it helped if I looked at and imagined Mike F. naked (a cute guy in my class). I didn't know what gay was or had the vocabulary to describe how I felt but did feel it.

I was stimulating myself looking directly at Mike's jeans covered groin when I let loose a nice load of white in my tighty whiteys, some even seeped through my pants. To my embarrassment the bell rang and I had to stand up wet patch and all. If that wasn't bad enough Mike came over to where I was standing and said, 'How did you cum like that?'

I didn't know what cum meant, but did know I was caught. He said I saw your face turn red then you shook, then well, looking down we could both see the wet spot on my pants. He said my older brother taught me to jerk off but I'd really like to see how you came without your hand.

Damn, JERK OFF, CUM, I really didn't know what he was talking about but agreed to see if we could have a sleepover to have a teaching session.

Just before we parted company he touched the wet spot on my jeans squeezed it a bit and brought his fingers to his nose and said, 'NICE'.

I could not get home quick enough, I stripped naked, threw myself on my bed, placed my penis between my legs and started. I saw him smell my white stuff in my mind, so I grabbed my tighty whiteys that probably had about four or five loads in them and started to suck the juice outa them.

This was the beginning of my enjoyment of cumming in my briefs, then sucking my cum out of them.


Wanna see what happened next? In a few days.




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