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Cum Tasting

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Sex is such a huge part of our lives. We each possess an amazing ability to give and receive intense pleasure as human beings, something that goes far beyond a simple, biological phenomenon that exists to ensure the future of our species. From the earliest years of our existence we somehow awaken to this potential and begin to explore it. Depending on how and where we are raised, this part of our humanity can be addressed in healthy ways, unhealthy ways, or as it is for many, it can go on not being addressed at all for years and years, even entire childhoods and adulthoods, and so some of us are left to ourselves to discover this essential part of our humanity and frame it some way in our own consciousness, either creating boundaries or embarking on the adventure of pushing beyond them. I can't imagine there are many, if any, human beings who do not thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to masturbate.

Over the years, for whatever reason, I have met so many people who are fascinated with cum, both men and women. Many men have the fantasy of having sex and being able to ejaculate on their partner's body. I have met women who also have this fantasy and seem to genuinely enjoy the experience of having a man cum on them or in their mouth. It is all together a different experience than having an orgasm inside a woman's vagina or especially, inside a condom. The experience is so much more intimate and raw and human when cum is a visceral, textural part of the experience of having sex or masturbating. After decades of sexual experiences with other people and alone in my own experimentation with masturbation, I finally had to reflect on why I have not done more to experiment with my own cum, rather than just clean up after sex or masturbation sessions.

So, at some point I decided to try tasting my own pre-cum while masturbating. It has been my experience that when trying this initially it was good for me to be really, exceptionally horny, almost wound up into a sexual frenzy after spending a long time being naked and masturbating, looking over some porn, reading erotic literature or even classic erotic art from various part of the world. By bringing myself close to orgasm many times over the course of hours, but not having an orgasm, I have found that I can reach a certain level of arousal where a good amount of ejaculate (not just pre-cum) will come out of my dick, but without the deep release of a full orgasm. This has a couple of benefits.

For one, a certain amount of cum can be produced, but without exiting the extremely aroused state that one can be in before or close to orgasm (almost like tripping). This is when I have found it most satisfying to eat my own cum. I have literally been able to have almost a mouthful of it and still not have gone over the edge into full orgasm. The problem many men report is that after the release of the sexual tension and eroticism of arousal that orgasm brings, the desire to taste or eat one's own ejaculate can vanish. Masturbation is only one realm where this sort of thing can be explored and thoroughly enjoyed.

I have had experiences with women who find it incredibly sexy to have me ask them, after I just came in their mouth, to snowball my cum back into my own mouth, and then to end in a passionate kiss with my cum spilling out between our two faces and onto our bodies. I have also found great pleasure cumming in a woman while fucking, without a condom, and then proceed to suck their pussy and eat my own cum right out of them, and in the process, bringing them to an incredible orgasm.

Many times I will have another orgasm while eating them out by humping the bed or couch that we are on. And I have found that any time two (or more) people can participate in pleasuring each other at the same time and then to share in that moment of ecstatic orgasm at the same moment, is an incredible experience that is one of the most profound highs life has to offer.



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