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Cum Hard With A Vengeance

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I have a friend (Steven) who moved away to Kansas City when I was about 10. He returned only the other week to visit. We are now both 13. When we were younger, we often used to laugh about penises and vaginas and we would roll around on top of each other in our underpants when we were horny (then not knowing how to vent our sexual tension).

Well Steven visited last week and I was delighted. We had so much to catch up on. He had changed quite alot. He was now very tall but quite weedy and skinny and his voice had not yet broken. He had a mop of brown hair and blue eyes.

That night, our parents said they were going to spend the evening out, catching up and they would not be back until the early hours of the morning. Therefore Steven and I were on our own for the night.

We ate pizza and watched DVD's until we decided to go upstairs and get ready for bed. We stripped down to our briefs and I clambered into bed, and Steven into his sleeping bag on the floor.

We started talking about old times and then got onto sex and how people did it. I was beginning to get horny and said, 'It's freezing cold in here, how about we roll around like we used to just to keep warm?' Steven reluctantly agreed and I jumped out of bed and I lay on top of him. His flesh was so warm but I was concentrating more on our bulges in our briefs. We started rolling around,our bulges rubbed against each other. It felt so good and we started going faster. Our dicks were rubbing right against each other through our briefs. We were both getting excited and started to breathe faster.

Without warning, I knelt over Steven, one leg on either side of him. I then slid my briefs off to reveal my uncut 4-inch boner. My cock is quite small but thick. Steven gasped and said, 'What are you doing?!' I then began to jack right in front of him. He just stared at me and then got up from under me and slowly slid his briefs down. Steven had a very thin, uncut dick (only about 3 inches circumference) but a long one, about 6 and 1/2 inches. He had a very small patch of black pubes. We knelt opposite each other stroking our own dicks for a while. Steven then said, 'Wanna feel it?' Straight away, I grabbed his long thin member and stroked it. I rolled his foreskin back to reveal a glistening head and eye. I kept rolling his foreskin back and forth which he loved because he started whimpering. I then got my face right up close to his dick and tickled his ball sack and played with his shaft. He started stroking my hair and breathing heavy.

I then let him feel my member. He stroked my pubes and rolled back my foreskin. It was absolute heaven. My hips began to buck and I was moaning louder than ever. Steve then grabbed my cock and went at it, pumping as fast as he could. I yelled that I was gonna cum, and spurted everywhere, all over Steve's chest and hand. He was grinning from ear to ear and then said, 'Finish me off!' I crouched next to Steve's package and toyed with his dick and balls and tweaking his boner. He moaned, 'Come on Nick, wank me!'

So, I grabbed his skiny schlong with both hands and pumped as hard as I could. He began to grunt and said, 'Jesus Nick, I'm gonna cum, It's gonna be a big one, I can feel it!'

I knelt right by his package and felt his dick contract in my hands. Then, rope after rope of jizz sprayed out of his dick. Steve had thrown his head back and was moaning and grunting 'Oh yeah' under his breath. The spunk kept on coming in hot, sticky ropes. When Steve had finished, I was covered in his cum. My chest and even my chin was layered in it.

Afterwards, we showered and both climbed naked into my bed. During the night, we experimented some more, but that's another story!



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