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Overnight Field Trip

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Long time lurker, first time poster. I mostly read the MM stories unless something catches my eye. This story tells of an event that I wish would've gone farther so I could consider it a 'real' MM experience.


Throughout the latter half of my eighth grade year, the 'big thing' talked about amongst our class was an overnight trip that was to be taken about a week before school let out for summer.

We were to choose three same-sex roommates with whom we were to share a two-bed hotel room, with rules of course. We could not leave our room as duct tape would reveal, when ripped by the opening of a door, who left their room. Also, a security guard was to knock on a room door whenever a room was becoming too rowdy and loud.

I chose my first partner early; my pal 'John,' who I had been friends with since third grade, quickly agreed to be one of my three roommates. About a year or so before, we had a little play together, we had been in the same room naked together, but in the dark, and I briefly saw him, in light, masturbating to orgasm.

We found two other male friends of ours, Jay and Andrew, who had partnered up and jumped at the opportunity to room with us, as to avoid getting stuck with the so-called 'losers.'

So, after a long trip down, various 'educational' activities, and a two-hour social in the hotel, we settled in our rooms. The beds were probably full size, but of course, everyone else was insecure about the whole thing, so I played along and went on about how I wanted my own bed. John and I said to each other that we would claim each bed by being under the covers naked. I secretly hoped this would just invoke some kind of response from Jay or Andrew that would lead to something more sexual. But, John and I didn't have to 'claim our beds,' as Andrew set up on the floor, and Jay on two chairs.

John had brought a video game system, which Jay immediately began playing. Meanwhile, I tried to get some type of action going. I finally started a game of Truth or Dare. The dares were lame for a while, and Jay became too engrossed in the video game and refused to continue. He was running on little sleep and ultimately, was cranky towards everyone.

Finally, the dares started getting good, with somebody daring John to get naked briefly under the covers. Later, I was dared to fill up a glass that sat on a coffee table with my cum. For one reason or another, I wouldn't do it. No one could come up with a good dare, and finally, Jay goes: 'I dare you to jack-off Andrew.'

Before I could feign disinterest, Andrew was already refusing to agree to that. I can't remember if Jay then suggested John, but I didn't want to give John the same. It would simply be too weird for me. I was hoping that Jay would volunteer himself. Somehow, I would find a way to let myself do the job (pun intended) without receiving a bad rap for it from the other two.

After that ordeal, I think I dared John to stick a pen in his ass. Even though he was visibly uncomfortable with the idea, he did it, which we all found hilarious. Then, someone dared me to masturbate right then and there, so I did it under the covers. I don't think the other three realized that I actually did it, because they all seemed surprised when I announced that I had come. John ran and brought me some toilet paper, which I used to clean up my cum. I threw the toilet paper on Andrew, by accident, actually, and he swore revenge on me, but that never happened. John did it next, also under the covers, and also cumming, using toilet paper to clean it up. I dared Andrew to masturbate out in the open, with no covers, but he wouldn't. I then tried to get him to do it in the room but with covers, but he just wandered into the bathroom and did it in there instead. I believe he was hiding that he couldn't cum or something.

We then watched TV for a bit. I was hoping for some softcore porn show to come on as to respark any sexual energy that was amongst the four of us, but Jay was being a party-pooper and turned off the TV, not letting any of us turn it back on. I announced that I would 'teabag' the first person to fall asleep, even though I wasn't sure I'd go through the commitment, being scared that I'd get my testicles bitten or something. However, we all ended up falling asleep around the same time, and unfortunately, nothing more arose in the night.

Jay and Andrew have to go to a new school next year, but I'm still holding out for some odd luck to come along and set the stage for a new, 'better' MM experience (at least with Jay; I don't necessarily find Jay or Andrew super attractive, but I'm just really turned on by Jay and the thought of 'doing things' with him.)



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