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Cousin Teaches Me To Masturbate

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This happened in 1974 at a time where both my cousin and I were a couple of raging hormone machines.


When my cousin and I were 13, we spent a lot of time together during the summer. We were close in age, both loved sports, and we lived in the same town. During the spring, his dad died and his mother was having a tough time dealing with it, so he was at our house often and used to stay over regularly.

On one Friday night we decided to 'camp out'. We had a very big back yard (about 2 acres) that was abutted by woods that we used to play in all the time. My parents would let us set up a tent at the far end of the property, about 20 yards from the woods, and even allowed us to build a small campfire. We had done this on several occasions and it was fun, but nothing sexual had ever happened. This particular night was different.

At about 10:00 my dad came out to check on us and told us not to put any more wood on the fire so it would burn out before we went to sleep. We told him no problem, and he said good night and went inside. Timmy and I got in the tent and in our sleeping bags, but we weren't tired. We talked about baseball for an hour or so, and then Timmy said he had to pee. He got up and went outside in his boxers and peed right next to the fire (which was pretty low at that point) with his back to me, and we were both laughing. I then told him to throw some more wood on the fire and he did, and then jumped back into the tent and in his sleeping bag.

He started asking me questions about girls in my school (he went to public school, I went to Catholic) and who I thought was cute, etc. I told him about one girl in particular I liked, and he wanted me to describe her EXACTLY, and he asked about her 'boobs' and if she had a hot ass. I had never talked to anyone about my thoughts on girls or sex, and while I had not yet started to masturbate I knew generally what it was. I had several wet dreams over the prior few months, and know what semen was. I started asking him about girls he liked and did the same. The conversation predictably went from there to more graphic topics, and we asked each other if we had ever seen a girl naked. I had not and confessed as much, but had seen my friend's little sister (she was 10) in her bra and panties. Timmy wanted to know all about that, and grilled me endlessly. I did the same with him after he told me about a girl from his school who had pulled down her pants behind the parking lot in school one day a few weeks before in front of him and his friend and showed her 'cooch'. He described it as hairy and soft and, even though he had only seen it for a few seconds, he said it was the coolest thing he had ever seen.

All that kind of talk had of course gotten me very aroused, and I was completely hard (and not a bit tired). There was a lull in our conversation when Timmy suggested we do something outside the tent because he wasn't tired, and I agreed. All of a sudden, he blurted out that he dared me to run to the street in front of our house and back naked. I told him no way, and he kept pressing me. I finally told him I would do it if he would do it too, and without hesitation he said ok.

So he started to take off his underwear while inside his sleeping bag, and I did, too. In a few seconds, we were set to go, but still reluctant to show our naked bodies to each other. We kept peeking out through the tent flaps, wondering if we should really do it, and there was a good 15 minutes of debate and hesitation. We finally decided to go for it, and planned our 'route'. We would run across the yard to a series of bushes and wait there to make sure the coast was clear, then bolt along the side of the house and wait at the corner behind another bush, then run to the street, touch the mailbox (under a streetlight!), and then bolt back to the tent.

After I counted down 3-2-1, we both simultaneously threw off our sleeping bags and left the tent (Timmy went first, I remember his bare ass sticking in my face). When we exited the tent, we were laughing quietly, and Timmy pushed me into the lead. We quickly (walking fast, not running, the grass was wet) headed to our first spot and, as I stopped somewhat abruptly by the clump of bushes, Timmy actually bumped directly into me - his cock actually pressed right against my ass for a second!

I was shocked, but it actually felt good. He laughed and said sorry or something lame, and I thought nothing of it, but I knew that 1) he had a hard on too, and 2) it made me that much hornier. It was hard to see in the dark, but as we completed our 'mission,' I got various glimpses of his nude body (he was slim with a small round ass and a rather long skinny cock and was quite hairy all over for his age; I was huskier with a bit of 'baby fat' remaining and much less body hair and an average length but pretty thick cock).

When we got back to the tent, we literally dove in, Timmy first and me second. As I fell down, I was momentarily sprawled across the back of his upper legs, and my cock was in contact with his skin for at least 2-3 seconds as we untangled and quickly got back into our respective sleeping bags (interestingly, neither of us reached for or put on our underpants - I know it was not a conscious choice on my part, it just kinda was what it was...).

We were laughing and trying to catch our breath and, after five minutes or so, we had composed ourselves, talking about how cool it was to be 'streaking'.

Timmy took me aback when he rolled over to face me (we only had a small flashlight in the tent, but I could see him pretty clearly) and said that he could make 'stuff' come out of his 'prick' (that's what he called it). I played dumb and asked him what kind of stuff, and he said he'd show me. He turned away from me and seemed to be working himself for a short time, then rolled back with his thumb and forefinger extended. He told me to shine the light on his hand and he moved it close to me, and it was easy to see clear sticky fluid covering the tips of his two fingers. I asked him how he did that, and what it was, and he said if you rub your prick when it's hard, the stuff starts to leak out, and if you keep doing it a lot it actually shoots out like piss and it feels REALLY good. Then he said he would show me if I wanted.

I didn't want to be queer (I definitely liked girls, I knew that), but I was also very curious and very horny. So I said yeah, that would be cool, and in a flash he had pulled down his sleeping bag and turned on his back.

His cock was like a flagpole, standing straight up. He gripped it with his right hand and began to tug on it, and he said that it would be even more cool if we both did it. I told him I didn't know how (and I was VERY scared at that moment), and he said no problem I should just do what he was doing.

So I very slowly and reluctantly eased out of my sleeping bag and laid on my back. It was a very small tent, so as we laid there our legs touched, just adding to my horniness. I watched Timmy and began to mimic his motions, and the feeling was un-be-lievable! He was groaning a little, saying how good it felt, and he said he wished there was a naked girl there that we could 'screw.'

He looked over at me and said I wasn't 'doing it right' and that he would show me how, and I was completely shocked when he pushed my hand out of the way and took hold of my cock. God it felt Soooo good! He asked how it felt and I told him, and he said he always wanted someone to give him a handjob too and asked me to do it.

Without getting into any more details, we ended up on our backs stroking each other's cocks and talking about hot girls, tits, pussies, etc. Timmy sat up and stroked me faster and faster 'til I got a feeling of pressure (the beginning of my first real orgasm) which caused me to stop jerking him. As I did, he pressed his cock up against my hip and, while he jerked me, humped very fast against me. We were both sweating, and then it happened: I began to come. It was awesome and, as I shot several liquidy streams of come onto my belly and chest, I also felt a wetness on my hip - Timmy was coming all over my upper thigh and leg. We had made quite a wet mess between the two of us.

It was a bit awkward afterwards, and we didn't really have anything to clean up with, but actually we didn't care. We swore to each other we would never tell anyone (we were completely paranoid about being a 'fag' or 'homo'). Once we got over the awkwardness, we did it yet again about two hours later, this time with me humping his naked butt while I reached around and jerked him off. We had about another half dozen jerk off sessions together that summer, and then he and his mom moved to Chicago. I still talk to Timmy often, but have not brought up that special summer.



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