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Two Guys, Two Socks, Two Orgasms

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This is just a story of two horny boys doing what comes natural.


The other night, I had a friend who I'll call Jason, over to spend the night who is a couple years younger than me. We've only been friends for a few weeks since I met him at a function.

We were just sitting in my room, chatting about music and such for a while, he eventually said he was getting bored. I told him to go look at some porn if he wanted, which is my standard reply to anyone who says they're bored. He seemed genuinely interested in the idea though, and I told him he could use my computer if he wanted.

He went on and linked straight to a certain porn site that he's quite fond of. I'd never seen it before so he was showing me these videos he happened to like in particular. I was getting horny and so was he. I showed him this site and we read a couple of stories. One of the stories was about a guy who was limber enough to suck himself, and Jason had obviously never even fathomed that such a thing was possible.

We started chatting about masturbation, he was very shy with talking about the subject, blushing and looking away every time he was about to ask or say something about it. He told me he thought the idea of swallowing your own cum was weird, but I told him that's what being a teenager is about, experimenting and seeing if you like these things.

We started talking about masturbating in the shower, which is where he first tried it. Both of us are circumcised, so neither of us really enjoy masturbating in the shower. He finally shyly told me that his normal method of masturbating is to kneel outside the shower and cum onto the drain when he's ready, then he can just hop in the shower and wash it down the drain. He also mentioned that he'd only been masturbating for a short time, discovering the process later than most people.

We had a conversation about girlfriends and sex too, until eventually I could tell that he was getting just as horny as I was. I asked him if he wanted to masturbate with me in my room, he looked away a bit and nodded slightly. So we looked up some porn from that site he showed me earlier. I got us an old pair of pants that I don't wear so we could cum on and just throw in the wash. But as we were looking for a good movie, he said he didn't feel comfortable enough to do it in the same room as me.

I didn't want to force him into something he wasn't ready to do, so I suggested he go and have a shower, and he could just masturbate before he hopped in there like he usually does. He quickly ducked off into the shower, and it was a good 10 minutes before I heard any water running. I used his time in the shower to quickly wank myself to an orgasm while watching some of the porn he showed me. By the time he got out, I'd cleaned up. I asked him if he had fun and he just gave me a small nod. We just spent the next hour watching TV before we went to bed.

We spent the next day down at the nearby outdoor swimming pool. After not long though it started to rain heavily with a storm coming. Safety laws mean you have to get out of the pool when there's lightning around so we just walked home in our swimming shorts in the heavy rain. By the time we got home we were saturated and so were our towels, so we just sat outside on the patio since noone else was home to bring us out some towels to dry. I suggested we just take off our swimming shorts so we could dry quicker and go inside. He didn't seem too keen, but it's what I normally do. So I stripped mine off and hung them on the line and just sat back on the chair naked.

He was being polite and looking away, but eventually he just got up and stripped his off too. It didn't take us long to dry off that way, and he was getting more comfortable being naked around me as we just chatted casually about some video games.

Since I was dry enough, I ran inside and got us both some towels so we could dry completely, then we just went inside with those wrapped around our waists. We sat down our beds in our towels and just watched some crappy afternoon TV, not bothering to put our clothes back in. I'm naturally a pretty horny fellow, and being bisexual it didn't take my mind long to wander and think about having an afternoon wank. I asked Jason if he wanted to go online and look at that porn site again, and he immediately said yes. I guess I wasn't the only one with that idea on my mind!

Sitting there in our towels looking at porn, we both pretty soon had tented our towels. After a while, I just wanted to wank myself off, and I was getting pretty desperate. I started chatting with him about masturbation again. I asked him if he only ever did it by kneeling outside the shower, and he said he sometimes did it in front of his computer, but he always went to the shower to cum because he didn't know what else to do with the mess.

I suggested that he use a sock to clean up his cum if he's that afraid of leaving a mess. He seemed a bit surprised by the idea but said it could work. I asked him if he wanted to masturbate now and give it a try. After being naked around me outside, he seemed more comfortable and casually said 'sure.'

I went to my dresser and pulled out a pair of socks, I tossed one to him and sat back down. he just held it and looked a bit lost on what to do next, so I took my towel off revealing my rather desperate-for-relief erection. He looked away as I did that, but as I sat back down and put the sock over my dick he turned back and laughed, saying how funny it looked. With that, he stripped his towel off and revealed his erection. I really liked the way his penis looked. It wasn't too large, maybe 5', but it was perfectly straight and was very dark-skinned. He was pre-cumming an awful lot more than I normally do, it was almost to the point where it was dripping off him onto the towel. He quickly covered himself up with the sock I gave him, so I started browsing through porn videos on the site.

We eventually settled on a certain video we both thought we'd enjoy, and I pulled out my lubricant. I asked him if he wanted some, and he just said 'what for?' I was a bit shocked that he'd never used a lube, considering he's circumcised, so I just said to him 'man, you've never used lube before? You don't know what you're missing.'

I told him to hold his hand out which he did, using the other to hold the sock on his penis. I squirted a decent amount of the lube on his hand, and did the same for myself. He seemed lost as to what to do, so I reached inside my sock and rubbed it over my penis, giving it a few strokes to demonstrate. He finally understood and did the same to himself. As he gave himself a first stroke he just let out this low groan. I laughed as he said 'man, that was awesome.'

We put the movie on and just sat back, stroking ourselves inside the socks. Every few seconds, he kept letting out short gasps which just turned me on even more. I wasn't even watching the porn, instead watching his reaction to the lubricant. My lube was starting to run dry, so I squirted some more on myself before offering him some. As he pulled his hand out of the sock to get some more though, the sock fell off revealing his red, glistening penis. I almost lost it right there, but gave him some more lube. He picked the sock back up and kept going.

After a couple more minutes, I told him I was going to cum and he just nodded slightly, enraptured in his own pleasure. I gave myself a few more strokes and started cumming into the sock. He was watching me at this stage instead of the porn as I came. Most of it ended up in the sock, but a little bit dribbled out onto my towel. I wiped my dick with the dry parts of the sock and threw it in the corner to be put in the wash later.

Jason was still going, and went back to watching the porn, so I just leaned back and watched his handy work. After about 5 minutes, he was starting to buck his hips into the sock and his hand and said 'Oh man, I'm going.. to...' and just let out a long groan as he came into the sock. He ejaculated that much that it started oozing out of the end of the sock and onto the towel.

As he came down from his orgasm, he peeled the sock off himself and used it to wipe himself dry as I had done. I told him to throw it in the corner, which he did. But he was covering himself up at this point, so I knew he wasn't too comfortable. He just mumbled something about needing to go to the toilet, and grabbed his clothes on the way out of the room.

By the time he got back, I was dressed and just sitting at the computer. I knew he was embarrassed by what he'd done, since he was new to masturbation and that was surely his first time sharing it with someone. So I just asked him if he wanted to play a video game, he said 'sure' and we went on like nothing happened.

It's been a few days since then. I ended up chatting to him about masturbation and sex when he goes on the internet, and we just told each other when we were going to go masturbate, sharing porn movies from that website. He uses lube and a sock now so he can cum at the computer while watching porn. He seems to have gotten over his discomfort with the idea, but time will tell. I'm not romantically interested in him. But I do enjoy sharing these experiences with people, and I hope that they can also enjoy it in return. Only time will tell.

Oh, and those socks we used are still sitting in the corner of the room. I suppose I should put them in the wash, but first maybe I'll relive the moment.



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