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Couldn't sleep...so I might as well enjoy being awake!

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I've met a new gal only briefly recently, but we're getting much closer via email. She knows I'm a horny fellow, as I've told her I enjoy everything about sex & masturbating...but no real details until now! This is an email note I sent her this morning for the first time explaining my nocturnal solo exploits! BTW - I've yet to receive a reply as she has a busy day planned with friends...I wonder what her reaction will be???


I woke-up and tossed & turned thinking about various things in my life & finally looked at the clock. It’s 4:00 am and I’ve only slept a little over four hours. It’s going to be a bitch tomorrow if I don’t fall back to sleep…

I turn on the bed light & pick up a book I’m reading detailing the infrastructure that supports our society – that’ll surely bore me back to sleep. As I read I reach down and fondle myself. Nothing new here! I always sleep nude and have one hand on my cock & balls about half the time anyway! [I assume it’s what most men do!!!] I realize before I finish two pages I’m about half hard & gently rubbing my finger over the sensitive head of my cock & I KNOW that the only way to get back to sleep now is to jerk-off an orgasm…which is fine with me, as it’s my favorite thing to do lying in bed!

I set the book aside and pick up a handful of printed-out Solo Touch ‘masturbation stories’ laying on my night stand for inspiration [something about women enjoying themselves is a HUGE turn-on for me!]. After thumbing through a couple I’m rock-solid & good-to-go! [BTW - You still reading – or ready to hit the DELETE key?!?!]

I’m circumcised, but the ol’ family Doc left enough looser skin so I can grasp the middle of my hard cock & hold on tightly as I move my hand [left hand, of course] up & down my hard shaft. It feels nice…& growing nicer! I read & stroke…read & stroke…my fingers slide up & over the most sensitive ridge around the ‘helmet cap’ of the head, and back down almost to the base, & then back up again. Each time over the ridge it feels better & better! [BTW – sometimes I do use lube & let my whole penis simply slide through my hand [more like screwing a pussy] but the feelings that way are simply too intense sometimes, and it builds too rapidly – I like to enjoy the ‘climb!’ so I do it dry most often]

Soon the papers are cast aside & I’m really ‘into it’…stopping often to appreciate the pleasure & letting it subside a bit…then right back at it! It is feeling REALLY good now! I’m stopping less & moaning a bit more as I climb that glorious hill!!!

I look down & see a large drip of pre-cum oozing out over the head of my cock The actual head has expanded some, and the skin is drawn tight & shiny – it looks nice as it gets ready to explode! The visual helps to spur-things-along! I start moving my left hand fast & faster - it is soon a blur!!! I know that my orgasm is maybe 30 seconds away.

I stop again and can see my cock pulsate some with my heart beat – I simply MUST finish now! I jerk it like a madman and feel that glorious just-before-you-cum feeling and…THERE IT IS ! The BEST 10-15 seconds in life!!!

My whole body convulses as I moan and feel each spurt of semen squirt out! Squirt after squirt of moaning tense lovely feelings surge through my body!!!! The release is wonderful as I fall back into the bed relaxed. I look again at the white mess sitting on my belly and smile to myself…maybe now I can get some sleep!

I grab a towel I have handy & wipe-up the gooey mess & give my penis a couple of bottom-to-top milking squeezes to force any semen remaining out, and I gently wipe off the VERY sensitive head of my cock. I now release it from my left hand and lift my hand up to my nose and enjoy the ‘bleachy smell’ of fresh semen that is on my fingers.

[FYI – in my younger day I would orgasm with such force the cum would spray out & land on my face & neck! Sometimes I would hit the headboard! It was no fun cleaning up - but it felt GREAT! By my 30's I was squirting on my chest & stomach…by my 40's & 50's I was filling my belly button with sperm…now I kind of squirt out an inch or two past the end & it lands on my hand & lower abdomen. It STILL FEELS WONDERFUL, but is certainly less dramatic…& messy!]

I wipe everything up & set the rag aside and roll on to my side with a smile on my face…and TRY to go back to sleep.

Trouble is…I’m still half-hard & dripping a bit on my thigh…the tickle of the droplet is a bit of a turn-on. I reach down & rub the fluid into my skin and realize that one orgasm won’t suffice tonight & I roll back onto my back yank down the covers & down it all again!!!! The second cumming takes longer & is less intense [with much less ‘mess’...!] , but still feels nice. I go through the process of ‘milking’ out any remaining semen…smelling my hand a bit…wiping-it-all-up, and try to get back to sleep.

Before dozing-off, I decide that I’m going to remember the details so I can write to you about it in the morning!

I figure It’ll either turn-you-off…or turn-you-on!

I’m hoping it’ll make you ‘tingle!”

Welcome to my world!



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