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My Most Memorable Wanks

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I wanted to share the three most memorable wanks I've ever had.


My first cum

At number three I would have to put the first time I ejaculated. I was in year eight and had not long turned 13. I had developed a wanking technique whereby I lay on my front and humped my left hand, although both were down there. I used to do it ALL the time. My willy as I called it then was always soft, as my method became uncomfortable if I had an erection, which at that age didn't happen that regularly fortunately.

From memory I used to do it every day and anywhere I could. I could have quite a few dry orgasms in a session. I did it in my bed obviously, but used to do it on my parents bed, in the loo lying down, once or twice outdoors but my favourite place was in the bathroom when I had a shower/bath. I would start the shower running and then just lie down and hump away for one or two cums before showering and doing it once or twice again as I dried off. Nowadays I would be embarrassed to finish as quickly as I did, but at the time I just loved the feeling I used to get periodically in my willy that I now know is an orgasm. In hindsight it turns me on still to think how wanton I must have looked, naked with my ass gyrating as I was humping the floor.

This time was a Friday night and I was just showering before playing badminton (wrong way around I know but hey!) I assumed my position on the floor and started humping. I came once but figured I would go again. I approached the second come and started making low grunting noises (I love making noise as I come, still do!) as I reached the point of coming I felt the head of my willy start to pulse as usual but this time I felt something wet and slippery squirt onto my hand. I finished coming and lay there with my head spinning. I knew what it was, we'd had sex education by then, but I couldn't believe it had finally happened. I remember looking at my hands covered in, what at the time, was a huge amount of cum. I sniffed it but didn't lick it and got in the shower. I was rubbish at badminton that night because all I could think about was my first come!

At number two

I am most definitely bisexual and have known this since about 13/14. I used to fantasise about girls mainly, but with intense periods in between where I'd think about Matt, or Mark, or Pete and imagine playing with their dicks in the park. I always followed the same pattern-think about girls and then something would happen that would mean that night I'd fantasise about a boy. My feelings were always more intense and after I'd come I'd hate myself and feel dirty for a while before getting over it and wank again thinking about one of the lads. The first boy I had a proper crush on/I fancied was Adam. I used to play with him as a little kid but he moved away and came back. He was blond and tall and gorgeous. He was also my best mate Dave's mate so I went to Dave's 14th birthday sleepover with Adam and another lad.

We stayed up dead late playing on Dave's mega drive. Adam was also one of the few lads at that age that admitted candidly to wanking, which made me like him even more. I guess I idolised that about him. About one am I think Adam got into his sleeping bag whilst we were still playing games. Shortly afterwards we heard a rustling and Adam was openly masturbating. It was under the covers so I couldn't see his dick, but the sleeping bag rose and fell with his hand!

My heart started pounding and I immediately got a hard on. The other two just made disgusted noises and then turned around to watch the screen. I had to fight every urge not to turn round and join in, although I would have never have actually done that with the other two there. I suddenly noticed that if I shifted slightly to my left I could watch Adam in the mirror, while still looking like I was watching the screen. I was fidgeting with my stiffy and wanted above anything else to turn out the lights so I could wank myself. After about ten minutes Adam slowed down, made a loud ahhhh sound and obviously came. He started laughing and looked down into his sleeping bag. Oh how I wish I could have seen what he saw.

Twenty minutes later he started up again. I was about to get up and wank in the loo when mercifully the others decided to go into bed as well. Once I'd got changed, which was hard with a hard-on(!) I stripped once I got in my sleeping bag and the main light went out although the other two kept a lamp on as they were looking at something but I only had eyes for Adam.

The room was an L shape, I slept on the floor next to Adam, and Dave slept next to his other mate down the other end of the room. Adam started wanking again for the third time this time I was next to him and could subtly watch him. He seemed to notice I was watching him and after a few minutes it was pointless me trying to hide it. By this point I was stroking myself, and doing it much less obviously, but he had to have noticed. I couldn't believe I was watching the boy I fancied wanking openly in front of me as well as with me.

He lay his head back down and started making really sexy faces of pleasure. He then did something I'll never forget, he lifted his head to see if the others could see him, they couldn't as they has their heads at the other end of the L, and then quietly drew back the sleeping bag to reveal his willy. With the light from the lamp I could see his rock hard prick that must have been about 4/5 inches. He looked at me and then shut his eyes. Seconds later he came again, although because it was his third time in not very long hardly anything came out, but it was still the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. I had a look and then lay my head back down as I was about to come.

I heard Adam move and felt him lean next to my head. For a split second I thought he was going to kiss me, but alas he didn't. He whispered in my ear

'The best bit is when you relax and all the come spills out the tip!' and I erupted. I just kept my breathing quiet but I jerked around a bit and you soon heard the squelch as I was wanking with my own come. I finished coming, and opened my eyes. Adam winked at me and then rolled over back in his sleeping bag.

Nothing was said about it in the morning or ever again! That was my first homosexual experience of any kind and last until sixth form.

My most memorable wank to date came during my final year at uni. My mates family went camping in north Wales for the may bank holiday weekend every year and this time he invited a few of us to go with him. Living in the north west I knew the area well but went along anyway. The main reason I went was because of his younger brother Matthew who I thought was gorgeous.

One thing that I have enjoyed in more recent times is I love sniffing the worn knickers of fit girls and women I know. But this was, and is to date, the only time I'd gotten off sniffing a male's pair of underpants. 

To cut a long story basically my uni mates had to leave late on Sunday night to get back to uni, but I was going to have lunch with my folks on the bank holiday. Now I guess I could have gone to mums that night but the offer was made to stay with only one condition. I'd have to share the awning with Matthew. I pretended to um and ah when really I was ridiculously excited about the possibility! 

I moved my stuff over into the awning and laid it out next to Matthew's stuff. I checked I was alone and had a quick look at Matthew's bag. I leant down to smell it to see if it smelt of him. I pulled the top back and there was a t-shirt and pair of cute stripy trunks he must sleep in. My cock sprang to attention as I held it up to my nose and it smelt of musk and boy. I quickly weighed up the odds and decided this was a once in a lifetime opportunity so I put them in my pocket and ran off to the toilets! 

I am a big edger, and will often go for days wanking to the point of coming, holding myself on the edge for a while then stop and do it again a few hours later. This means that after 10 days or so of this my comes are incredible and I produce gallons of spunk. I was doing this as my plan was to be as horny as possible around Matthew and then shoot a massive load watching porn back in my room at uni.

I had my trousers around my ankles and was stroking my cock slowly and deliberately for a while, whilst sniffing the crotch of his undies. They smelt slightly sweaty but heavenly. I held myself on the edge of coming sniffing his scent until I figured people would start to wonder where I was. I snuck his pants back in and went for a drink with everyone else

That night as I lay next to him I was soooo horny. It was everything I could do not to lean over and kiss him. Something about the situation with the lights from the caravan and stuff made it almost romantic and as I lay there stroking myself when he was asleep my mind was racing with all the things I'd like to do to him and let him do to me. Somehow I managed to avoid finishing off next to him as I wanted to spend the morning in this permanently horny state. 

The next morning as I lay there I had an idea. I knew they were all going off early for a walk and I was going to go home. I thought if I accidentally 'forgot' to get my sleeping bag I would have to go back in the tent when they'd all gone and if I accidentally had a wank with his underpants again what a shame. 

They left, and I waited 10/15 minutes to check they were definitely gone before going back into the awning. This time I got onto his sleeping bag and grabbed his underpants. The smell of his crotch and musk was incredible. I was so hard and figured I was going to come here and now. I was talking dirty and licking them and rolling around. I felt on fire with sex and there literally wasn't anything I wouldn't have done at that point to have sex with him. When I could hold it off no more I came the hardest I've ever come in my life. I moaned and shot squirt after squirt of come onto my hand and belly. 

It might not sound much but it was the most incredible wank I've ever had and certainly the most memorable, I think in hindsight because of the lust I felt for Matthew that weekend. 



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