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Could Have Been My Step-Daughter

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I had been dating Sara's mom, off and on, for about 4 years. I had seen Sara grow from a cute bubbly 15-year-old to a full-figured (chubby, not fat) 19-year-old who, for about a year, had been teasing me sexually and causing me to lose interest in her mom as I thought more about Sara and jerked off at least once a day, thinking about daughter, not her mother.

So, since Sara was on my mind all the time anyway, and since I sensed that her mom and I were about ready for our final break-up, I decided to relax and enjoy myself. Just flirt back with Sara and see what happened.

So the next Saturday afternoon, when I knew Sara would be home alone, I casually stopped by. I rang the bell for at least five minutes before Sara came to the door. I found out later that she had seen me drive up, and had changed clothes before she came to the door. She was wearing a pair of shorts that belonged to her mom; about two sizes too small and hugging every curve like a second skin. Her top was a sports bra that was so thin and clingy, I could see the little ridges running across her nipples. Her tits were 36C (I had checked one of her bras a while back as I masturbated into a pair of her panties which she had taken off only minutes earlier; but that's another story!) and her long hard nipples were bigger than I had ever seen them. About a month earlier, she had "accidentally" let me see her topless; now her nips were at least 3/4" long and seemed to be begging to be sucked on. She let me in and hugged me for at least 30 seconds. I was sure that she could feel my cock getting hard as we hugged, but this time I didn't care. I was going to see where this would lead. She told me was really glad to see me, especially since her mom wasn't home and wouldn't be back for hours.

"I have been dying to model my new clothes for you!", she gushed. She seemed really excited, and I was excited to see if any of her new things were sexy or revealing. Then Sara sat on my lap, wiggled around on hard cock, and said, very seriously, " Umm, that stiff dick feels really good against my ass." I had never heard Sara talk that way and I was dumbfounded! All I could manage was " Yeah, it feels good to me too " She leaned into me and kissed me on the lips. I returned her kiss, and decided to go for it. My tongue went deep into her sweet mouth and she tongued me back like a wild animal in heat.


I moved my hands from her back to her gorgeous breasts. She gasped as I began to squeeze her huge nipples. Sara pulled the sports bra over her head and whispered in my ear like somebody might hear "Suck that big tit, baby. I've dreamed about this for so long!" While I was sucking hard on one nipple then the other, she changed positions and was now straddling me. I could feel the heat radiating from her crotch to my rock-hard dick. In one smooth movement, she leaned back, unzipped me, and pulled my hard seven inches out of my pants. She stroked it so fast and so hard, I was afraid I was going to cum way too soon, so I said "I have heard you masturbating in your room, and wanted so bad to watch you. Will you show me how you jerk off?" She didn't answer. She just got up, took off those tight shorts, (no panties), and stood there, less than a foot from my face. Her pussy smelled intoxicating: like musk and cum and piss and creamy girl juice. She had a full bush that obscured her lips, but her clit had swollen and popped out from beneath its sheath. I was face-to-cunt with a full grown vagina. "Lick my pussy like I've seen you lick Mom's! Make me cum with your tongue!"


My hands grabbed her bare ass as my tongue and lips went for her big swollen clit. Her first orgasm came in just seconds. I could feel her whole body begin to shake as she started to cum. She screamed at me not to stop, and I started to part her pussy lips with both hands as I licked and sucked on her clit. She suddenly stepped back, reached down, and spread her own pussy as wide as I've ever seen any pussy spread open. "Put your finger in me!" She was so wet by now, that a heavy stream thick clear girl-goo dripped on my leg as I inserted my middle into her. Her pussy was like a hot oven with the heat pouring out. She was super tight, and she gripped my one finger so hard I could barely move it in and out. I was sure she was still a virgin, but my finger went all the way in up to my knuckle. She was moaning and writhing and squatting, and I could barely make out what she said when she hoarsely begged me to put in two fingers. I brought my middle finger out, smelled the amazing aroma on it, then put it in my mouth and sucked off all her delicious juices. I tried to get two fingers in her, but she was just too tight. I don't think she knew the difference as I fucked her as hard and as deep as I could with my one middle finger.

Then her legs collapsed and she fell to the floor. She looked exhausted, but the her body started to convulse again, and I saw a small stream of thick (like corn syrup) juice shoot from her pussy and land mostly on her thigh. She caught her breath, turned her head towards me and I could tell by the half-grin on her face that she wasn't finished just yet. "Come sit on me and fuck my tits" I went down to her, scooping up some of the thick, strong-smelling pussy goo from her thigh and rubbing it all over my dick. I noticed then that my cock looked longer, harder, and especially thicker than I had EVER seen it.


I sat on her chest as she squeezed her firm C-cups together. I slid my meat between them and started to move back and forth. After about a few strokes she scooted forward so that her mouth was very close to my dick-head as I thrust forward. She then stuck her tongue out and licked me with each forward movement. I thought I heard her say "Cum in my mouth", so I gladly started moving faster and within seconds I shot the biggest load of cum ever in her mouth, in her hair, on her face, on her heaving titties, and on the carpet she was lying on. She immediately wrapped her hand around my cock (for the first time ever) and started stroking. I was rock hard again within a minute. I was getting too dry, and without a word being spoken, Sara reached between her legs and came back with a GOB of semi-liquid from her hot pussy, and spread it ALL over my dick and balls and asshole. She rubbed it into my balls until the liquid began to thicken up. She then licked and sucked my swollen nuts 'til the goo was soft again! Incredible!!


With one of her soft small hands wrapped loosely around my throbbing meat, the middle finger finger of Sara's other hand started to tickle my gooey anus. She slowly slid that finger into my ass. I literally squirmed with pleasure. Her finger then started moving deeper and faster. Little Sara was finger-fucking my ass! The faster that finger moved, the tighter she gripped my cock with her other hand. I felt my load building up again, and I almost screamed "Where do you want my cum this time!?" She did not say one word. She simply rolled over onto to her belly, raised her ass up, reached around with both hands and spread her ample ass WIDE OPEN! I took some deep breathes trying to delay this orgasm and to start thinking straight. I was playing with her beautiful ass with one hand and keeping my dick hard with the other. Then she moved away from me slightly' turned around and took my dick in her hand. She moved it to her mouth. But she just smelled my cock, closed her eyes, said "ummmm" and started jerking me off again. I somehow knew this was going to be the last time (at least for today), so I too closed my eyes and waited to shoot another load. Soon my balls were rumbling; I knew I was getting close. I opened my eyes and saw Sara lovingly stroking and staring at my cock. She looked up and said, with a smile, "Shoot that fucking cum all over my face, baby" And I did!!

Thank you, sweet Sara for the hottest afternoon of my life! And thanks too, for helping me write this. Your memory of details is almost as amazing as your Sex Drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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