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Yesterday I had the kids but we didn't have much planned at all. With the bad weather I agreed to rent them a dvd and call it a day. Just as we sat down to watch, the phone rang and it was my friend calling me from one of her business trips, this time she was calling me from Florida. She said she was sitting in her hotel room alone and she was watching some porn and she was very lonely. I was sitting in my kitchen with the kids in the next room and told her I had the kids here, maybe we could talk later. She went on to tell me how she'd been fingering herself and now currently had her vibe on her clit. She was getting me excited listening to this. She then told me that there was something she wanted me to know. She went into great detail about how she's been seeing the guy that she brought to my house one day. She said, they got together two more times just the two of them. She said she was no longer interested in sharing him with me, but the two of them discussed the fact that she may come to my house to masturbate with me and he was fine with that. She said she didn't want to touch anymore, only masturbate ourselves together. I told her that was fine, since that is how we started out anyway and completely unexpectedly at that. I asked her does it bother her that she saw me and him together and she said no, as long as it doesn't happen again. I said fine. She asked me if I could play over the phone and I said I really couldn't. I wanted to hang up and talk later as the kids were around. She held the phone down and I could hear her vibe going which she said was on her clit. Then she moaned into the phone and told me she was so hot and horny. She then said she was getting ready to insert it and told me she was laying on the hotel bed completely naked. She said - I'm spreading my legs now, real wide. She told me she was gliding the vibe down her slippery slit and that she circled her hole a bit then dipped the head in just a little. My clit was throbbing and my panties were soaking wet. She moaned, a long breathless moan, and I knew she had plunged it in and I was right, she told me - I just shoved it all the way into myself and oh, it feels so good. She then told me she was holding the phone w/ a pillow and she was fingering her clit with two fingers and thrusting her vibe with the other hand. She was very excited and I knew she would cum real soon, I could hear it as I was used to her sounds by now. I was waiting for the first grunt, the sign it was getting very close. It was pointless to ask her to let me grab my cordless and go up to my room, she was too far gone. She'd been playing for a while before she called me. I knew she couldn't hold back much longer. I started to rub between my legs over my pants and oh did it feel good. The kids were still engrossed in the movie and if they came my way I could move my hand quickly. Finally I heard the grunting begin and I knew she was there. This was a good one, she was pounding herself good I could tell. She started to gasp and moan and grunt very loudly and then screamed - Oh god, I'm cumming. I listened to her calm down and pant for a few seconds and now I was extremely excited. I was rubbing myself a little faster but I knew I needed more than that. But I really didn't want to be bothered having to deal with anyone else, I didn't want to have her on the phone this time, I just wanted to get myself off real good and enjoy it alone. So we said our goodbyes and then I told the kids I was going to take a nap and to please not bother mommy. They agreed and I headed to my room. I couldn't wait to get at my clit with my finger. I pulled off my pants and panties but left everything else on. I laid on top of the comforter and immediately stuck my right pointer finger inside the lips and I was already wet with excitement. I started to wiggle my finger and enjoy the sensations and was getting into my rhythm when I heard a knock on the door. Damn, those kids. I asked who was there and my daughter asked if she could invite a fried over, she said she wanted to ask me before I fell asleep. I told her we would discuss it later and thankfully she agreed without a word. Getting in a good session with the kids around is very difficult which is why I go to town on myself when they are with their dad. I either get interrupted, don't have the time at all, or if I wait for them to fall asleep, then I'm so tired I fall asleep in the middle of it myself. I start off gently massaging my clit and doze off and wake up two hours later to find my finger still inside the lips and my arm numb. Sometimes I'll start up again to a slow, gentle orgasm, other times I'll just pull my hand out and roll over and go back to sleep. With my daughter away from behind my door, I started up again. Damn, I'd lost the sensation and had to start all over to build up to it again to get the feeling and rhythm. I hate when I'm so horny but can't relax and have a good time. The tension of sneaking and maybe getting interrupted again is tough, but I had to cum so I was in a vicious circle. I took a few deep breaths and slowly started wiggling my finger again over my clit. At first nothing, then finally, the good sensations returned. I closed my eyes to enjoy it and this relaxed me. I started to get more into it and started to go faster and finally I was back to that real good feeling, the one you want to last for hours on end. I know I can't moan and have to be quiet. I got myself to the point where I was ready to cum and sometimes I'll just brink over and over and then allow myself to cum just using my finger. Other times my vagina contracts almost begging for penetration. It's like it has a mind of it's own. This time it wanted penetration and I wanted to use my vibe. I was afraid the kids would hear so I didn't turn it on. I just shoved it into myself so I would have something to grip as the orgasm hit. I forced myself to remove my finger and just stayed still not moving with the vibe inside me. I didn't even flinch, because I knew just one little movement would send me over the edge. I let myself calm down and even that, just laying there, still, feeling full with the vibe and enjoying the tingling in my pussy, is just awesome. I just stayed still until the excitement went down a bit. I would have loved to roll onto a pillow and hump it with my vibe on high inside me and another one on high on my clit, but the vibes and the squeaking bed from me humping would make too much noise. So, I started up again with my finger, slowly circling the clit, teasing myself mercilessly. Not moaning was a challenge. Soon it hit, the point of no return. I was wiggling my finger really fast and pumping the vibe deeply in and out of myself. I pulled it out almost all the way, just the head left it, it is shaped like the real thing. I wiggled that around inside me a bit and then as I felt the first spasm hit I plunged it in deep as far as it would go and I felt the myself grip tight around it as the orgasm intensified. I couldn't help it, I moaned and sighed and tried to muffle my pleasure. I don't think the kids heard me. As it subsided I slowed my finger down then just stayed still for a bit as a calm came over me. I wound up falling asleep on my back with the vibe still in me. I woke up about a half hour later relaxed and relieved.



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