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Dirty Talk During Masturbation

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More about the aural dimensions of my masturbation


In my previous story, I described what it sounded like when I masturbate.  I said that usually, I'm completely silent all the way up until the point of orgasm, and then I grunt while orgasming.  That is true at least 90% of the time, but on special occasions, I will talk dirty to myself in the middle of the masturbatory act.

I'm not usually a big talker during sex either when I was with a partner back in the day when I was still having sex with other people or with myself.  When I do unleash the dirty talk, I don't plan to do it ahead of time.  It must be something that feels natural coming out of my mouth at the spur of the moment.

For instance, there was a time recently when I was in the middle of a long edge session.  At times like this, I tend to vary the circular stroke I use on my clitoris in small ways from time to time to give myself some variety in the sensation.  I might adjust a milimeter or two to the left or right or up or down from my usual sweet spot on the right side of my clitoral shaft.  I might keep my two stroking fingers, the index and the middle, together or I might space them apart just a tiny bit for a different sensation.  My clitoris is so sensitive that these small adjustments are perceived as big changes.  Then there are the very major changes in sensation when I go from dry stroking to wet stroking.  In these cases, I might circle the clitoral glans directly or use a long oval-shaped stroke all along the right side of that combined clitoral shaft and outside surface of the labia minora.

While doing myself that last time when dirty talk happened, I made a small shift in my fingering style, and the world of difference in the sensation took me completely by surprise.  All of a sudden, I heard the words, "Oh yeah.  This is a good stroke," come out of my mouth.  It was the arousal that caused me to speak those words, and hearing myself say those words out loud increased my arousal even more.  The idea of giving myself that much pleasure that I spoke it out loud turned me on.

Whenever I dirty talk during masturbation, it never sounds like it does in a porn video.  My voice tends to be very soft and calm.  Sometimes, I like to repeat one phrase over and over in that soft, calm voice while I circle rub my clitoris.  A favorite one is the simple, "I'm masturbating."  I repeat it over and over like a mantra while I make love to myself.  I variation on that is, "I'm a masturbator."

If I'm in the latter stages of an edge and want to add another degree of difficulty to the challenge, I will repeat over and over in that same soft, calm voice, "I'm holding my orgasm."  Hearing me speak it out loud drives me wild and makes holding my orgasm even harder.

If I want to make it even harder to hold back, I will speak to myself with these words, "Good girl.  You are holding your orgasm.  Good girls can hold their orgasm.  Good girl.  Hold your orgasm."  This one is almost impossibly difficult.  When I first started out with the "good girl" dirty talk, I would lose it in under a minute.  I can go for longer than that nowadays because I've practiced, but not for much longer.

A dirty talk masturbation session might end with me announcing my orgasm.  Sometimes, I like to give myself verbal persmission to orgasm after a long edge session.  I will say, "Good girl.  Go ahead and cum." During orgasm, I might say something like, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming," for the duration.  Not very original, but that's what I do.



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