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Confession Time

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A new friend in the school pick up line becomes something more. 

This school year I met a new friend in the school pick-up line at my youngest child's school.  We normally got to school around the same time and her oldest child is in class with my youngest, and they play on the same soccer team.  We would usually get there about 45 minutes early to be at the front of the line, or close to it anyways.  So, to pass the time we would sit in each other's car and chat about kids, our spouses, what new gossip we had heard.  We became very close, and I will admit I was attracted to her and would she was often the fantasy of a few jack-off sessions.  She is about 14 weeks pregnant and starting to show nicely.  Her looks are amazing, and she smells great.  It must be her shampoo, or body wash, but she always smells like peaches and reminds me of spring.  She hardly wears any make-up and has curly auburn hair. She has a few freckles on her cheeks and across her shoulders.  


One of the first times I thought about her while stroking myself is after she had gotten in my car and kicked off her sandals and put her feet on the dash towards the middle and asked me if I liked her new pedicure. I have a weakness for women's legs and feet.  She moved them around showing me all the angles and views.  I don't know if she had caught me looking in the past, or she was just oblivious to me stealing glances.   I'm not sure what we talked about because I was too busy trying not to be obvious to me being extremely turned on.  By the time school let out all I could think about was getting home and rubbing one out.  I went straight into the bathroom and my precum was everywhere.  My underwear was a mess, and I came like I haven't in a long time.  Almost a record for me in how few strokes I needed.  To be honest, just walking from the car to the house the way my cock was rubbing on my pants I almost came.  It wasn't enough though, I jerked myself off 2 more times, and when my wife got home, I fucked her like a man possessed.  



That was back in October.  We continued to hang out at the pick-up line and we would hang out at soccer games and practices.  I met her husband, and we got along pretty good, and our families became good friends.  I never cheated on my wife, but I play with myself almost every day and my friend in the pick-up line was often my spank bank material. I really had no expectations of anything other than being friends and enjoying her company.  



Last week, she hoped in my car like just about every day and for the first time in a long time popped her feet up on the dash and showed off her new pedicure and I instantly felt my pants tighten a bit. She asked my opinion about the color, then did something I only dreamed about, she but her left foot out and asked me to feel how soft her heel was.  I was transfixed by how her foot felt in my hand.  My mouth was dry, and my cock was hard.  I was in heaven and hell at the same time.  I don't know how long I held her foot and stared at her, but I was kind of woken up from my trance when I heard her say, "That feels nice."  I uttered something confusing, and she said, "The foot rub you're giving me. Josh never rubs my feet."   I don't remember what I said, but luckily, I was saved by the bell, as school let out.  She hopped in her car, and I rushed home to relieve my tension.  



That leads me to yesterday.  As normal, she hoped in the car, and we started to chat.  Just the normal things, this and that.  Then she asked if I was going to the game tonight.  I told her that I was not because I needed to go to confession.  She poked me in the ribs and laughed asking if it was because of my rubbing her feet last week.  I laughed and said that's between me and the priest.   As much as I jerk myself off, I am a Catholic and go to mass and confession on a pretty regular basis.  So, last night my wife got our kid ready for their soccer game and I headed to church.  



Imagine my surprise when I say Lucy at the end of the line.  I got in line behind her and she whispered that she hadn't been to confession in a long time and after me telling her I was going decided she needed to get in a good confession.  There were only a two people in line in front of us, but it was taking a while.  So, I can smell the peach scent that has become her signature scent in my mind. She has on a sun dress with spaghetti straps over her shoulders and is wearing Berkenstocks. She had her purse over her shoulder and had her phone in her hand and kept looking at it from time to time.   She also looked very flushed.  Her chest, neck and face all looked kinda off.  She is 14 weeks along, so I asked if she was okay.  She smirked awkwardly and said, "Yeah, I'm good."  then the door to the confessional opened and it was her turn.  She turned to me and asked if I could hold her bag and her phone. I was surprised that she didn't take them in with her.  Then she said, I'm expecting a text, could you check and let them know I'll be right back.  I of course told her yes.  



This is where it gets interesting.  I looked at her phone and there was an app open for the lush vibrator.  I quickly looked around and I was the only person in line and was the only one in church besides a couple of people in the front, praying the penance.  I was hard in an instant thinking she was in the confessional with a sex toy that I had control of in my hand.  I put her bag over my shoulder and started changing the settings.  I have never controlled one of these things, but I have jerked off to some porn where this app was used.  I was just doing what I thought would feel good.  Moving my finger up and down.  I had no idea if it worked or not, I was trying to listen, but there was a white noise machine just inside the confessional.   Then the door opened and she walked out.  She grabbed her phone and her bag and grunted a, "Thanks."  Now it's my turn.  



I can say that last night was my worst confession ever.  As I knelt, I could smell Lucy, and I mean I could smell her scent and it was more than peaches. I tried to concentrate on making a good concession, but I couldn't just tell the priest what I was just a part of.  I don't even want to tell him how I masturbate thinking of my friend or fuck my wife while thinking of Lucy.  All I could think about was her, kneeling where I was now and how horny and hard I was.  Needless to say, I did not make a good confession.  I was still given my penance and walked out into the church.  I didn't see anyone, so I went to the chapel and began to pray.  I few moments later Father came up and asked if I could leave by the side door and make sure it was locked, he had an appointment.  I assured him I would take care of it.  



I heard the door shut and I tried to pray, then I smelled her.  Lucy came up and knelt beside me.  Nothing was said, we were just there.  Then she moved her hand to the front of my pants and felt my hardness.  I jumped back a little, and she said, "I knew you would be hard."  She leaned against me and kept squeezing me through my pants.  It's then I knew I was weak.  I love my wife and would never actually cheat on her.  But if Lucy had asked me to take her on the alter, I probably would have and felt terrible afterwards.  But as we knelt, she whispered in my ear and told me how she came while she was confused about masturbating while thinking about another man.  She unzipped my pants and said, "You know we are the only ones here? I heard Father tell you to make sure the doors were locked when you left."  She wrapped her hand around my hard shaft and slowly felt my precum leak from my tip.  


"You know how wet I am?" she asked me as she started to stroke me up and down ever so slowly. "I came twice during my confession, and it was such a turn-on."  I couldn't talk, but her voice was husky.  She took her other hand and brought it to my lips and said, "Suck my fingers clean."  I could not have told her if I wanted to.  I looked over at her and her nipples were dark and very hard through her dress.  She picked up the pace on jacking my cock and I came.  Lucy kept rubbing me slowing down and told me how long she'd wanted to do that. She grabbed some wet wipes out of her bag and began to wipe me up, and the mess I made on the floor.   We kind of just sat there for a bit.  I'm not sure what's going to happen today.  I love my wife.  My next confession will be interesting.  I proabably need to go to a different church.  





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