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Back Yard Fun

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Wife turned me into an exhibitionist


"Take off your clothes," Mabel said. 

It was my day off, the kids were at school, and Mabel was done with her chores for the day.

"What's up?" I asked.  "We gonna have sex?"

"Nope.  Just do as I say."

Once my shirt is off, Mabel grabs a handkerchief and ties it around my eyes, blindfolding me.  I finish undressing and I'm standing naked in the living room wondering what's going to happen next.

Then I feel the dog collar being snapped around my neck, hear the leash clicking to the ring just below my chin. A sudden kiss on the lips. I feel a tug.

"Come," she demands.  "Follow me."

I hear the sliding door, birds chirping.  The back yard?

Mabel guides me forward. I feel the breeze on my naked body, the warm sun. We're definately outside.

"What about the neighbors?" I ask. "What about them?" she replies. "We're just going for a little walk."

I feel the deck give way to grass under my feet. Maybe the neighbors aren't home, I think hopefully. I know the husband works, but the wife is usually around. 

"Almost there," Mabel says ahead of me. A few more steps. We've got to be in full view by now. "OK, stop.  Lie down."

She helps ease me down onto my back, the grass warm and fragrant beneath me. "Now, start stroking that cock," Mabel says.  I do as instructed, and I feel Mabel's warm breath on my chest.  She begins to lick my nipples, which drives me crazy. After a few minutes of this heaven, she stops. "It's warm today. I think I'll join you."  I hear the rustle of fabric.  "There, now I'm naked, too," she says. "The sun feels so good!" 

"What about Joan?" I ask. "Is she home?"  "I don't know, and I don't care."

Mabel moves around behind my head. I feel her tongue start working my nipple again. Something brushes my lips. She's above me on all fours, in a nipple 69! I love this!!  Stroking faster now, I take her nipple into my mouth and suck her breast until most of it is in, the nipple grazing the back of my throat. Mabel moans. "Don't stop," she whispers.

We alternate nipples for a few more minutes, but it's too much. The stroking, the warm sun, the nipples.  The neighbor?

"I'm gonna cum!" I stammer once I can get her boob out of my mouth. She pulls away and I let fly. Several hot ropes arc up my body, coating my neck, chest and stomach. Mabel gasps with delight. 

Once I finish, I remove the blindfold, glancing down at my cum soaked torso. I look at Mabel. She is indeed fully naked and smiling down at me. Movement in the corner of my eye - the neighbor's curtains?  I may never know ...



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