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Colin and I - a Teenage Experience

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People go through phases in their lives. They like certain kinds of music, movies, etc. Especially during the early/mid teen years, these interests change a lot. And of course changing bodies, hair in new places makes you want to experience your body. The word sex used to be scary, but now its exciting. Masturbation solves a lot of that turmoil, by releasing tension, and making one feel happy.

So, the following story happened when I was 15. I learned to masturbate when I was younger, and once I got the hang of it, the feeling was so great that I did it every night (I still do). My 'name' is Logan, and at the time I was about 5'8' and a skinny/athletic physique. I have medium brown, curly hair (I've been told surfer style). At the time I was well along in puberty. I had a little bit of black hair under my arms, some light brown leg hair, and had been able to ejaculate for a while. I had a medium amount of pubic hair.

Now this story takes place in my classmate Colin's house. We were working on a science project in the bathroom off his bedroom (we had goofed off during science class). We weren't really friends, but there was a mutual respect, and when we were in PE, we had a notorious rivalry, as we were both the best at every sport.

Anyway, we were working with some chemicals, when something happened and they sprayed onto both of us. Doing the correct thing, we stripped off our shirts and shorts, and climbed into the shower in our boxers, mine black/gray checkered, his red and blue. The point of the shower was to remove the chemicals from our skin, but I found the whole situation quite odd, as I had never been in a shower with anyone before, let alone another guy (and we are both very straight).

He turned on the water and we soaped up, having a conversation about our girlfriends (both the hottest in the eighth grade), and discussed their personalites, and eventual boob sizes (which was quite funny with us half naked).

We got out of the shower and he grabbed himself and me a towel. I noticed he has only a bit of airpit hair, and his leg hair was blonde, so I assumed he was behind in puberty or something.

Still in the bathroom, I opened the drawer to look for a babdage, as I had injured myself earlier that day. This was not what I found. When I opened the drawer, I found a large stack of magazines. He wasn't paying attention, messing with something on the other side of the bathroom. I picked up one.... It was hot, to say the least. It had a surfer girl on the front, totally naked, perfect sized boobs, and draped over the beach. I laughed and called him over.

'What are these for?' I asked jokingly.

'Uh....' He was a bit surprised, but then sarcastically made a jerking off motion.

Then, on the next one there was a stain in the corner. 'Ohhh... And whats this stain?' I asked.

'Ummm.... Okay I'll admit it. I jack off to those and that stain is probably my jizz.' He said nervously.

'Hahaha! Gutsy!'

'Except that my cousin has been here sleeping in my room for the last two days, and I haven't jacked off since then. Right now he's visiting my grandma (in the town over).' he said.

'Oh my god I totally understand, I haven't in two days either cause I keep falling asleep before I get a chance and I don't have time in the morning (school days).'

'Well........Do you.......ummmm..... You know?' he said.

'Ummm.... Okay, but lets keep this between us?' I said.

'Of course. Well, umm.. Take your pick.' he said holding out the porno magazines. I selected one with bunch a naked teen girls on the front.

He grabbed one and sat down quickly, probably embarrassed about the boner he was getting standing there (and it was obvious because we still had our boxers on.)

I sat down and opened up the magazine, slowly rubbing the front of my crotch while it quickly got hard. I looked over and he had a full on boner and his hands in his boxers. I quicly followed suit and exhaled deeply as I began stroking my cock. Colin began to moan a bit, and commented that unlike somethings, jacking off NEVER got old (wise words). I had never had a sexual situation with someone before so the thrill made every stroke feel just fucking awesome.

I then took it to the final step, and slowly peeled off my boxers, sitting in the nude. It felt sooooo good and I felt very exposed. My dick was about six inches at the time, and darker than the rest of my skin. Im circumsized, and my balls bounced a bit with each stroke. I looked over as Colin pulled off his boxers, and his dick bounced out. He was about six inches, but his dick was much whiter (he has darker skin), and other than that our dicks were almost identical. 'oooohhhh..... Fuck.....that feels incredible......' Colin moaned. Sounds of slapping balls and moaning filled the air. 'Ahhhhh..... Mmmmmm.......' I groaned. It went on until Colin began to moan loader: 'Ohhhh.....ohhhh....fuck.......fuck......fuuuuuuccckkkk.....FUCK!' He arched his back and his dick swelled to its full size. The first drop of cum was small, the second bigger, and the third rope went in the air about four inches. 'Fuck yeah......fuck me Allie! (his girlfriend). A fourth rope launched onto his stomach and he slowly milked the rest of his cum out. 'Oh my fucking god that was too long without that.' he said.

Still naked he walked over to me, his penis and balls half hard and dangling. He sat next to me as I continued to stroke. 'Ummm.... May I?' he asked.

'Hell Yeah!' I said. I let go and he grabbed hold, sending ice electricty through my body; his warm right hand, covered in his cum, stroking my cock. 'Oooooohhhhh......! Fuuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk.....!!! Shit, that feels so good! Oooooo..... Oh, I'm gonna jizz!! Two more strokes and I came. My cum erupted onto my abs, drenching his hand, and causing him to laugh.

We cleaned up all our cum, and put the porno magazines back, still wandering around naked, which I still can't believe I did that. No one was in his house, so we wandered downstairs naked, to wash our chemical clothes. For about an hour we talked about jacking off experiences, leading to internet porn about an hour later, and another fantastic jack off session.



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