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Dad's Older Friend

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My Dad is about 50 years old, and has a friend, named 'Bill'. He is around 62 years old, but in VERY good shape for his age. So one weekend, my dad found out that him and my mom had to go away on a business trip, and didn't want me to stay home alone. I suggested he invite over Bill, who I thought was a pretty cool guy. He agreed, and Bill arrived shortly after.

After my parents left, Bill and I started to talk, and we joked around a bit about masturbation, but nothing to serious. He asked me what I was doing that night, and I told I just wanted to lay low, maybe watch a movie, eat some dinner, do whatever. Bill told me that he had a movie he thought I might be interested in. I thought it would be some porn or something, so I asked if I could watch it that night or something. He said yeah, and he went to go get it.

When he came back, I got a look at the DVD, and it was a gay porn of four guys together! I asked him what I would use it for. He asked me to just give it a try. So later that night, I popped in the DVD to see what this was all about. Bill sat down next to me, and we began watching it. Seeing these guys' penis' and watching them do things together like that gave me such a hard-on, that I didn't think I could hold it much longer.

Bill noticed my penis trying to get out, so he came over to me without a word and began rubbing me through my boxers. I took off my shirt, and pulled down my boxer, so I was sitting there naked. When I did this, Bill also stripped down exposing his nice, seven and a half inch cock, and he had a lot of hair covering his penis and sac. I had a fair amount for my age, but I could still see more hair growing in. So Bill began to rub me again, stroking my rock hard cock up and down slowly. He got in front of me to get a better angle. I heard the guys in the porn beginning to moan, so that just took me over the edge. I told Bill I was ready, and he began stroking faster. I blew my load all over his face and chest, at least six ropes of cum came out of me.

He got up, and I went over to him on the couch this time. Spreading his legs open, I took my cum off his chest and used it as lube on his cock. The whole time I was jerking him off, he was moaning quietly, and fidgeting, waiting to explode. I went very slowly while stroking him, until he started whispering that he was going to cum. I stopped stroking him, let him calm down, then continued masturbating him. He said he was about to cum again, so then I stopped again. This went on for about 10 minutes, until he finally blew his entire load all over me. I was covered in his cum.

After that, we got up, cleaned off, then went to bed in my parents bed naked together. In the middle of the night, we were both laying awake, but quiet. All of a sudden I felt his hand feel my cock up, which turned me on almost automatically. He just rubbed me all over under the sheets until I started moaning. He then took the sheets and started rubbing the tip of my cock on the sheets, pulled tight. The pleasure was so intense that I started screaming in pleasure. After I came, we went to bed with cum all over us and the covers.

More happened that weekend, which I will post later.



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