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Cold Hands

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I extended a jerkoff session by cooling my hands on the window by my desk. I would list this under techniques, but I wanted to reflect on the entire experience


My first time moving out, was when I was 21, and I moved in with a buddy of mine. I have other stories to share with that experience, but I'm focusing on a single experience I had. My friend and I shared a duplex. Our rooms were across from each other at the end of the upstairs hall, and we worked opposite shifts, but were always home at night. Sometimes I would hear him jerking off, and I'm sure he heard me jerking off once in awhile, as I like to control my breathing, and use a lot of lube. Just being guys, we didn't care much about it. I'd heard him jerking off that morning when I got up to get ready for work, and I didn't have time to thoroughly enjoy a jerk session, without being able to shower and eat before I left. We lived outside of the city, so it was always quiet early morning, and if you didn't have your windows open, you could hear almost everything going on in the other parts of the duplex.

Anyway, so I came home from work, and it was dead quiet. I double checked to see if he was home or not. I thought I'd remembered him saying he worked until eight that night. I left my bedroom door open, and stripped naked. I'd gotten a little sweaty at work, helping a customer with loading their truck. I got a little whiff of musk from under my arms, which turned me on almost immediately. I wasn't that in shape at the time, but had a swimmer's build, with a flat stomach, little bit of happy trail, and kept my bush thick and curly, which is always fun to play with during masturbation. I sat on the edge of my bed, and half massaged my shoulders. I got up and walked to the kitchen, getting a bottle from the refrigerator, and headed back upstairs. I started the shower, and took my time lathering up, and shampooing. I enjoyed the sensation of the water beating against my scalp, and down my back. I'd turn around, feeling it massage my chest, and upper arms, occasionally leaning back, to work the methodical pulsing down my stomach to just above my groin. I'd turn and let the water beat down my back, to my gluts, and spread my cheeks to feel the water pulse between them. I was throbbing hard by the time the shower was over, and aside from lathering up, didn't jerk off at all during my shower.

I air dried, from the bathroom back to my bedroom, and walked around my room, picking up laundry, and organizing my homework. My dick slowly drooped to semi hard, but still thick and sensitive. I would occasionally touch it, or pull at my sack, or tug at the head, just to wake it up a little. I walked back down to the kitchen, and got another bottle from the fridge, and headed back up stairs. I went back in my room, and started up my computer. I looked up solo touch (at the time, I wasn't a contributor, but a spectator). I read a few stories, feeling myself get hard again. I checked out the techniques section, and decided to jerk off, but switch hands, and directions, so I ended up pulling outward, toward the head, instead of starting at the head. This was really enjoyable. I watched a few jerk off clips on another streaming site, and continued the endless vagina method, but used the opposite direction. I started to get warm fast, and would take brief pauses throughout my experience, to cool my hands on the window glass. The cold sensation added to my arousal, and I was able to edge for almost an hour. I felt a surge of orgasm, so I leaned back and let go of my dick. It jumped a couple of times, but dribbled a couple drops of cum out. I relaxed a little, and continued my reverse endless vagina method. I was fully self lubricated by this time, and the motions were more slick, and highly sensitive.

I would occasionally stop, and cool my hands on the window. I had multiple moments of orgasm, without fully ejaculating. I would say 6 altogether. I had been doing this for a couple of hours, and I just couldn't take it any more. I was covered in pre cum, completely sweaty, and my whole body was trembling. My eyes were fluttering, and I could barely keep them open. It was the most intense experience I had had to that point. I got up, shakily, and went to my bed, laying down on top of the clothes I had picked up previously, and grabbing my balls with my left hand, I started to jerk off (classic method). Within seconds, I felt the rush of orgasm, and came so hard, I picked my feet up off the floor, and pulled my knees up toward me, shooting cum all over my stomach and chest. I was gasping, moaning, and even let out a couple of low growling noises. It was so exciting, and so intense. I held my dick at the base, and looked down, watching the last bits of cum drool out of the purple head. My dick was so sensitive, I had to let go almost immediately after finishing. It lay there, in a pool of cum, while I caught my breath, and laughed, almost uncontrollably. My whole body was tingling, and I had a rush of endorphins and adrenaline. I rolled over, forgetting I was completely covered in cum, and lay there for a few minutes. I got up, and realized I had smeared cum all over my clothes and part of my duvet. I grabbed a towel, and went to shower again.

I had finished drying the last of my clothes, and came upstairs, shortly before my roommate came home from work. I had aired my room out, and made my bed, while he stood in my doorway telling me about how long of a day he had. He would end up jerking off after going to bed, and I'd hear him, and (unknowingly to him) join him from my room. But that's a different story.



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