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Co-Worker Panty Whack Update

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This story is an update to my 1st submission posted on the May 2005 story forum archive


As I mentioned before in my first submission to this story forum, I had met a nice older Latin gentleman at my former place of employment who I soon found out had a liking for jacking off into my underwear that I had left one day in the back office to change into. I had also mentioned that I caught him stroking his thick, veiny cock into a second set of panties I had left in the same area. Now, after some time and courage, I had decided to actually masturbate for him since he put on such a nice performance for me. The place where we were both employed had security cameras at different locations in the store with the monitor in the back office. I got the idea of positioning one of the cameras to a location behind the register where there is enough privacy behind the counter on slow days to allow for me to sit comfortably in the chair and part my legs, pull the crotch of my underwear aside and jerk my pussy for him while he would hopefully be watching all this on the monitor in the back office!

I knew he would take his break in the back office at a specific time of the day, so I would need to be ready ahead of time with everything set to go! On this particular day I wore his favorite purple panties under a pair of tan shorts. Well, the hour finally arrived for his break and there was the usual lull in the store so I took my position at the back of the counter and made myself comfortable. I immediately spread my legs apart, pulled aside the leg opening of my shorts and panties and proceeded to finger bang myself! There was no way for me to know for sure at that moment if he indeed was watching me in the monitor or not, but regardless, I kept up my finger banging. All the while I could only imagine him stroking his big, thick, veiny, clean-shaven cock while watching my finger banging on the monitor.

I kept on with my pleasure, making sure to keep my actions aimed toward the camera and after about 10 minutes of constant fingering I decided it was time for my orgasm. As I was approaching the final throes of my self-induced pleasure, I noticed a faint slapping noise almost directly behind me. I thought to myself, "Yes, he is finally jacking off to me!" I joyfully finished with my pleasure and turned around in the chair I was sitting in and to my amazement, he was standing there with his pants down to his ankles and his cock sticking out of the right leg hole of this briefs and jacking off! I was shocked and turned on at the same time and trying to gain my composure when all of the sudden he straddled the chair I was sitting in and continued to jack off directly at my face!

I felt the knuckles of his fist rub against my face as he stroked his cock with one hand and held my face against his crotch with the other. I could only sit there stunned by what was happening to me, when I got the sudden urge to open my mouth! His balls slipped in and I tongued them. Next thing I remember was my mouth being fucked furiously by a dick that I couldn't even open my mouth wide enough to allow in. The head on his cock was HUGE! As I was looking at the head of his cock in amazement, he reached down and gave his shaft a few stokes and blew his load all over my face! He lurched back, looked at me and said, "I really enjoyed the show you were putting on for me, but I just had to get a closer look! I sat up in the chair, reached over to the tissue box at the desk and said, "All this fun over a fascination with my underwear, you jacking off for me and me fingering for you. Next time we should include Amanda!"

Amanda is 20 years old and doesn't even know how to masturbate! But that's another story for another time! She has nice BIG tits too! Wonder if I can get Victor to jack off on them, hmmm, that would be really nice watching his cock sliding in between those huge knockers while I finger myself!



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