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I have a friend, Amanda. She and I are both 15 years old. On Friday she road home with me from school and when we got to my house, we decided to go to a movie with a few friends of ours and we got home at 11PM. My parents went to bed shortly after we had got home. Me and her are really good friends and we share everything together.

We started talking about this guy Chase at school and how hot he was. Eventually I was getting pretty horny and a little wet, I think she was too. We ended up on the story of masturbation and it was a little awkward, but we were horny. We talked about how we did it and stuff. I was going crazy, I was getting really horny at this point.

We ended up on this very site! It was awesome, because we were just looking to see if other people did it, because we didn't talk with our group of friends about masterbation. So we searched around and found some stories about girls helping girls.

She asked me if I wanted to try some of these ideas. I agreed, but I really didn't want to do it. I was fine being alone doing it, but she said it would be so much better. I was a little worried because her boobs were probably B-38 and mine were only A-32, so I was worried, but that went away.

We turned the lights off, except for the computer screen. We took our shirts off and left our bra's on. I had never seen her in a bra before. Then she took off her pants. We were both wearing thongs. It wasn't awkward because of gym class, but what we were going to do was a little bit weird.

We both had wet spots on the front of our thongs and we laughed it off. We laid down under the covers, and then she told me to lie down next to her. She asked if she could put her hand in my panties and do what she does to herself. My vagina was going crazy. I had felt my own hand, but you didn't know what to expect. I was straight, but that felt so much better. I don't think she liked me like that, so I got used to it after she was already doing it.

She started rubbing it and then she put a finger in me, and she started going fast, but she said the underwear was holding her back. I was emberassed to take it off, but I did. She told me to lay at the end of the bed, and spread my legs. So then she started toying with my pussy and she went really fast and it built up and up and then I orgasmed for the first time.

She took off her underwear and asked me to do the same to her. It was weirder to do it to her, but she liked it and she started bucking as I went faster and faster. Then she orgasmed, she screamed into a pillow, and we thought my parents would come down so we laid under the covers.

She told me to lean against her and lay on my side. She put her arm over me, and rubbed my pussy. Then she started moving her leg down mine. She eventually couldn't take it. She asked if she could put her leg in between mine and let our vaginas touch. I felt amazing and horny as ever, so I said yes.

We humped at each other pressing against each other. I closed my eyes and was thinking about Chase, and it felt so real. We played around like this for a long time, before we took off our bra's and kissed each other's nipples and played with each other.

We saw this as helping each other out, and were still straight. But now its so much easier. I just come over and we strip down to nothing and start humping each other and fingering each other.



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