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Christmas Party....Becky Gets Laid.

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No doubt about it, I’ve missed cock. I miss that feeling of a guy deep inside me and thrusting. An attentive lover is nice, but so is that feeling that a guy is just rutting you, fucking you for his own gratification. 


The party was great! Fabulous atmosphere and a great DJ. This guy hit on me nearly on. Very softly spoken and well educated. Simon, (yeah....could be better huh?) is a PhD student, and I must admit, that upper-class voice got me going. I don’t remember at what point I decided to shag him, but I do remember us wandering around the club looking for a private place. 

Eventually, we had to resort to the toilets. Then again there’s something in that too, raunchy, dirty, mmmm. 

Simon was not only a PhD brain, he was a PhD kisser too! Easily the best kisser I’ve ever known. He had me melting in seconds.

When my hand got inside his trousers I also found out he was a PhD cock! Fuck me, but it was massive....alarmingly massive. As we snogged and I masturbated him he said “look, it’s been such an awfully long time....one doesn’t get much time for this sort of thing......I wonder, would you make me cum before....er...anything else happens....Assuming there is to be something more?” Of fucking course there is. You seriously think I’m letting this monster go without it being inside me? 

Once totally release from his underwear, it sprang fully to attention and was every inch the monster I thought. I wanked him and took his hand and placed it in my panties. It quickly became apparent that he loves dirty talking, but this needed some thought. I got my panties down to just below me, and aimed his cock both at my cunt and into the crotch. 

Then I talked him off. “I want your spunk all over my underwear. Then, you’re going to fuck me bloody with your enormous cock. I want your spunk.” I got as far as using the “cunt” word before I felt him spasm and splash into my panties. 

He then turned me around and bent me forward....one of my favourite positions. Then he slowly but firmly pushed it inside me! I came before it was fully in, but once it was and he began fucking me properly it was a whole different world of pleasure. I could tell it had been a long time for him, it felt, I don’t know, uncontrolled, almost amateurish. There was no finesse....yes...that’s the word. 

He leaned in and nibbled my ear, something I love, and then asked me “I would love to......er.....to call you some dirty names. Would you mind?” As if! I told him to say whatever he wanted as long as he didn’t stop fucking me. I also told him that it was ok to cum inside me. 

He sped up and said “ohh, you fucking bitch.....your cunt is to fucking tight.......fuck me, you dirty fucking whore...,,you cunt.....” Every dirty word got me closer, as well as the delicious being split apart feeling between my legs. “You’re so tight......it’s almost like......almost like fucking.....my sister!” (Interesting!) since I have my own incest fantasies I asked her name. Simon told me it was Alison, but hastened to assure me he had never, EVER done anything, just that it felt nice to think about it sometimes. Well, what’s a girl to do? I asked him to call me Alison. 

This put him into top gear and he fucked me almost though the wall. The dirty words became a long drawn out “Ohhh Alison” as he shot his load in me, 

I won’t lie, the clear up was.....well....it wasn’t really. I had his load inside me and sitting on the toilet for a few minutes helped, but it didn’t clear it all, and anyway, I already had an ample load in the crotch of my panties. 

I pulled them up and went back to the party. I felt a real whore.....and I loved it. Spunk everywhere between my legs, feeling soaking wet, and I’m sure, smelling of sex. 

I saw Simon sitting alone later and smiled at him on my way out. 

Driving home, I still felt as if he was inside me. I felt well and truly stretched. That’s a feeling I think only girls get. I don’t think boys feel it afterwards, but we do. 

Back in my room I looked at my totally trashed panties and I wish I’d discarded them in the club. Then again, I’d have had simon running out of me and down my legs all evening. 

In bed? Well, one final cum still feeling that enormous cock in me. The fantasy? Ah, well, that was Simon pushing that monster up my arse! 



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