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Dream on my little soldier boy!

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Dream on my little soldier boy!

Dream on Soldierboy A dream my new fella, sent to me.  It got me wet, so I thought I’d share.         


             I just had a dream that we were standing in this place facing one another. It was completely dark around us you couldn't see anything, but I knew that we were safe. It was a perfect temperature, not too hot, not too cold, just nice and warm. As you got closer I noticed that you are wearing a silk robe that billowed slightly, as you strode toward me. As you got closer, the robe slid from your shoulders and fell away revealing a white see-through set of lingerie beneath it. My breath catches in my chest, as you stopped right in front of me. You look at me and smile, as you bite your lip and give me your kryptonite look. I reach out and embrace you.  You place both hands on each side of my face, planting a kiss firmly but gently on my lips. My mind explodes when your lips touch mine. A bolt of lightning shoots through my entire body and my fingers tingle when I touch your bare skin. I feel your tongue gently press back in my mouth and I shudder. You gently bite my lip as you pull away from my kiss, and I inhale sharply.

            My hands wander from your waist down to your hips, coming to rest on your ass. Your hands travel down my chest, past my hips, and come to rest gingerly on my member. I grow quickly in your hands and you giggle deviously, as I squeeze your ass and we begin moaning in turn. You lean in and kiss my neck as you begin to softly stroke me.  Biting firmly on my neck, you lay me down. I shiver again and stifle another moan, you kiss and bite my collarbone, then my nipples, then my stomach, then the crown of my hips, then the pocket of my hips, all while you continue to stroke and fondle me. You grin at me and lean down kissing my head and my legs shake.  You circle it with your tongue and then blow on it. I arch my back and close my eyes, moaning loudly and breathing heavily. I beg you not to stop and you giggle deviously again. I feel your hot breath as I enter your mouth. My breath catches yet again, as I feel your teeth against me as you drag them gently over my shaft and head. My whole body shudders violently as you lick and blow on my head and I grip the sheets tightly, my moan getting caught in my throat. Driving me further into madness, this time I felt your lips close over my shaft and your tongue runs the length of me. I was thrown into a uncontrollable whole body spasm as you move me in and out of your mouth. My hands locked in a fist full of sheets, my back was arched as far as it could, my eyes are rolled back in my head, and I was moan, almost screaming, as you continue to pull me in and out of your mouth. Your movements, slow and deliberate, with each draw sucking me closer and closer to climax. You pulled me out of your mouth and begin to stroke me, instructing me you want me to cum for you, NOW! I am losing it and bite my lip so hard it bleeds, as my entire body shudders.  With your tongue sliding the length of my shaft one more time, over the edge I go. My body bucks uncontrollably, my hips shuttered and switched erratically, my mind explodes in white. I feel myself being drained of every drop, as you continue to stroke, suck and fondle me as I cum for what feels like an hour. After several minutes my body begins to settle the bucking and twitching with the occasional aftershock. I breathe heavily and very labored, you giggle again and it sends shivers down my spine. I lay there and feel your hands run up my chest. I look up and see your chest and stomach or glistening with my cum. I smile and laugh, laying there relaxed.

I feel you move again, and the next thing I know you straddle my head your glistening snatch already dripping wet. You slowly lower yourself onto me and command “Eat!”  I begin to lap up your juices, you moan and grind my face with your lips.  I feel your body quiver.  I circle your clit and gently suck on it. You moan loudly and I feel your snatch twitch and shiver. I slipped my tongue into you as far as I can and begin to move it in and out of you. Your moans amplify and quicken, as your fingers weave themselves into my hair. You begin to grin, sitting down harder forcing me get even deeper inside you. You scream. I slide two fingers inside you, rubbing your G-spot and sucking harder on your clit. Your body begins to quiver and shake violently. I start to finger you as fast as I can and flicking my tongue against your clit now, as you screamed my name. I slip a finger into your anus. I feel the walls of your pussy grasping my fingers and letting them go only to grasp them again. I pull my fingers out all at once and suck hard on your clit, and you lose it, your legs clamping around my head and you gush your juices all over my face and into my mouth. You quiver and shake for several minutes continuing to gush and squeeze my head. You roll off me and grab my dick, and ask, “Round two?”…



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