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Chillin with My Cousin

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A really great night.


One night I was staying over at my cousin's house when we were both about 14. His house is cool in the fact that he has a playroom kind of thing over his garage and the only door into and out of the playroom is in the garage. Pretty much separate from the rest of the house, which was cool.

We had been playing Goldeneye on Nintendo64, watching TV, maybe even a movie. I can't really remember what happened before. But we eventually started getting tired and made an effort to get to sleep, but to no avail, really. We got to talking about some stuff and started messing around. My cousin would do this thing where he would put both of his hands under the covers and would point one finger up and I had to grab it before he moved it. So it was all about timing. A stupid game, but it led to funner things because one time, the thing that I grabbed wasn't his finger. He took both of his hands out from under the covers, yet I was still holding onto something! I just laughed. And that was all it took. We both pretty much said 'Do you play with it?' ... 'Yes.' ... 'Can I play with yours?' ... 'Heck yes.' So I started playing with his dick through the covers and he did the same to me. By this time I was fully hard and had poked my cock through the hole in my underwear.

I probably came 2 or 3 times that night. And I honestly don't even know how many times my cousin came, because I just kept on playing with his cock. I didn't want to stop and he didn't want me to stop so I just kept on. My cousin jacked me off for a little bit right at first, then I guess he just resigned to the pleasure I was giving him and stopped jacking me. I was totally fine with that though. I must've played with his dick for several hours, no joke. He wasn't rock hard all of the time but he was still enjoying it. I would just lay there and listen to his deep, satisfied breaths while I played around with his cock. We did it for so long that his brother (also my cousin) came up to the playroom just to see what we were up to and to just kind of hang out. We put our dicks back in our underwear when we heard the door open just to make sure, but when we knew it was just his brother, we couldn't help ourselves and I got back to jerking him under the covers. I don't think his brother ever knew what we were doing because the TV was the only thing that was on so there wasn't much light.

We finally did fall asleep after many hours of totally laidback wanking. And I gave him one last orgasm before my mom came and picked me up that next morning. I'll never forget how awesome that night was. It was my first time to mess around with a guy and it was just really laidback. He let me do whatever I wanted for however long I wanted. Really cool. My cousin's horny as hell so I'm sure he didn't mind one bit.



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