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Checking My Development

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I had just turned thirteen at the time and was what some refer to as a late bloomer. My friends were sexually developing and I was totally flat-chested and showing zero signs of development. This really upset my mom who at the time was very in tune to my physical development and was quite concerned that nothing seemed to be happening. Grandmom told her that I was going to be a late bloomer and to just relax. That didn't satisfy mom.

One Friday when I came home from school she took me into my bedroom and told me she needed to see what was going on with me. She had me remove all my clothes except for my shoes and socks. I stood in front of her and she checked me out. At that time I didn't really know exactly what she was looking for so I asked her. She said she wanted to see if my breasts and nipples were developing and whether I was beginning to grow hair. I wasn't! This procedure then took place every Friday after school. Finally, when I was nearly fourteen things started to happen and happen fast. I started developing breasts and my nipples and areola were getting more and more puffy. Wisps of hair were sprouting around my genital area. Mom was just so excited by this. The "inspections" of my development still continued except that now when I would remove my clothes I would feel strong physical sensations between my legs. The desire to touch myself was great. Mom would gently squeeze my tits and nipples and tell me I was developing beautifully.

One Friday she told me to spread my legs and when I did she parted my lips. All of a sudden I felt this amazing feeling between my legs. I later learned that mom had uncovered and touched my clit. She even asked me if I felt anything. I told her I sure did. That evening was the first time that I masturbated. I wanted to again experience the sensations I felt when mom touched it. It didn't take me very long to find it on my own. A few weeks later the inspections stopped and mom said that she was satisfied that I had developed successfully. I was so disappointed. I asked mom if she would continue to check me. I certainly didn't tell her that it excited me. Mom said no and that they weren't necessary any longer and that I was past puberty.

I frequently masturbate now while reliving that time when mom would inspect me. Recently I told mom how I felt back then when I removed my clothes to allow her to check my development. Mom said, "are you dropping hints that I check you out now?" I told her I was. Mom then told me to go to my room and remove my clothes. I got to my room and as I started to remove my blouse something told me this was not a good idea. I came back out of my room and told mom I had changed my mind. She simply said, "OK."



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