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Desperate To Pee

Posted by: Age: 23 Posted on: 3 comments
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I was caught in traffic I had to pee. What was a girl supposed to do? Enjoy my fun interstate story. Its true.
Last night I was driving back home from a trip. I had been drinking constantly the whole way home. I had like 62 ounces of water. I was getting ready to go off an exit to use the bathroom when suddenly I was stuck in a major traffic jam. It was bumper to bumper due to a wreck. I really had to pee. I thought it was just going to squirt out right there in my jeans. Having to pee like this really makes me horny because its my favorite way to masturbate I always hold my pee all day long at work while drinking lots of water. When I can't take it any longer I go to the bathroom with my purse (I always carry my love bullet in it) and go to the bathroom. I release just a small amount of pee then use my vibrator. Once I have orgasmed I finish peeing. Many times I squirt during the orgasm because it is so strong. Well back to the car ride. I knew I had to do something fast because the pee was getting ready to come out. I reached for my gym bag which happened to have two beach towels in it. I raised up slightly and put one towel under my butt to catch the pee when it came out. I then sat back down and put the other towel over my stomach and legs. A little pee had already escaped by now and I was as horny as hell. All I wanted to do was jill right there. I then held my pee in really tight because I did not want my jeans to get wet. I unbuttoned my pants and gently slid them down to my ankles. I think the towel prevented others from knowing what I was doing. Immediately the pee began running out like a fountain. It felt so good I moaned in pleasure. I then reached in my purse and pulled out my vibrator. I looked to make sure that no one was watching. After all we were stuck in traffic that had not moved in an hour.(the interstate was closed due to a wreck) I turned it on underneath the towel. Fortunately I had time to orgasm before traffic began to move. It was amazing. The thought that someone could have been watching made it even stronger. When I was through with the orgasm I realized the truck in front of me did have someone turned around watching. I don't know if he knew what had happened in my car but it excited me enough to keep the vibrator going and moaning in groaning with pleasure. After an hour and a half traffic finally started moving again. I never did pull my pants back up. I road the rest of the two hour trip home with my pants down sitting on my pee and cum soaked towel with my vibrator going (until the batteries died) thinking of the man that probably knew exactly what I was doing in traffic. Who would have ever thought a wreck traffic jam could be so much fun for me. I now have to pee really bad. What do you think I am going to do? Your Right Happy Jilling to all



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