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Chapter 3, The Pleasure We Want

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The weekend romantic interlude continues  ...


After retrieving your bag from your car and having brunch we wandered off into the maze of gardens and paths the resort offered.  It was then I really noticed the very short,  low cut sun dress you had chosen.  We walked slowly thru the gardens enjoying the plants and flowers but,  more importantly enjoying each other.  Time after time we paused to embrace and kiss.  When our arms were not around each other we were holding hands,  laughing and giggling like a couple high school kids.
Many times we had seen little picnic benches surrounded by bushes.  One was quite secluded yet visible we stopped.
You sat on the table legs dangling in front of you.  Approaching you we kissed as I felt your hands unzipping me.  I reached for you when you reminded me our walk would be on your terms.
Taking a step back I felt you take me from my shorts.  Licking your fingers you began to caress me then took my hand and wrapped it around my shaft.  Pulling your dress up your hand found your mound and began to play.  Your comment,  just like on the phone but this time we can watch each other.
Vigorously you tormented your clit with one hand with the finger of the other hand deep inside you.  The more you whimpered and moaned the closer I got.  My hand felt so good on me and your noises made it clear you to were close.  Our noises made the birds flee from the garden at the moment we came together.
Sliding forward you let me clean you of your nectar then you did the same for me.   When we kissed our tongues swirled the best of our nectar from each others mouth.
We walked some more before returning to the resort where we each hit the lobby bathrooms.
The lobby had an interesting set up.  Each little area had a couch and coffee table.  5 foot decorative walls surround each small area.  Each area had a view of the fireplace.  We noticed the place seemed empty so I asked the desk clerk why.   His answer was virtually everyone comes here for the wildlife tours and most had boarded the bus while we were gone.  He then winked saying he hoped I had a nice walk.  Looking confused he whispered there are cameras in the garden.
Returning to our couch you rested your head on my shoulder as your hand lay on my leg.  At the same time I slid my hand into the top of your dress caressing you and twirling your nipples.  Our kissing and petting continued getting us both extremely aroused.  
Hearing a sound behind us I caught the embarrassed desk clerk stroking his engorged cock.  He was startled then looked bewildered when I asked him to join us.  With you in the middle my hands moved on your breasts and I kissed you as he rubbed your thighs.  Pausing I took his hand and put it on your very wet pussy.
With one hand he held himself and with the other he teased you not quite knowing what to do.  I took his hand and you moaned as his finger entered you.  With his hand pumping you I sucked your nipples.
You moaned loudly enough to startle our new friend when you came hard and violently your body shuddering with want.
Looking at the clerk you told him to go into you.  Wiggling you got into the perfect position and as he pounded your pussy you were busily licking my cock.  Our young man came almost instantly,  pulled out,  and I entered you.  My strokes were shorter at first giving you a massive orgasm before pounding you furiously causing your face and chest to turn beet red.  Our orgasms shook us both as our friend stood cock in hand and watched.
Completely sated with two cocks before you you licked and sucked us both clean.  When we had the strength we stood and headed to the shower.  Calling down to the desk our now able to breath clerk assured us he would make us a 6 o'cock dinner reservation and that he would call a half hour before to be sure we were awake.



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