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Jessica's Fun

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Just a girl having some fun.

Jessica starts her day by taking a long hot shower. She shaves her legs and her pink pussy lips. She then washes her long dark brown hair and pins it up before she moves to washing the rest of her body. She slowly lathers up her body from her head to painted red toes making sure to wash every inch of her body along the way. Slowly she brushes against her soft pink nipples with the sponge and rubs them softly.

Once Jessica finishes in the shower she leans over and grabs a towel off the rack to wrap around her wet body. She then moves to wipe off the mirror and looks at her reflection. She brushes her long hair and lets it down while it dries.

Jessica then washes her face, puts in her contacts and does her makeup for the day. She starts with a nice smoky eye that makes her green eyes pop, and finishes with a bright red lip stain for her full lips.

Now she moves to her bedroom, looking through her drawers to find something to wear. Jessica drops her towel and slips into a black lace thong and matching push up bra. The thong hugs her ass nicely and gives it great shape. The bra pushes up her c cup breasts and makes them look extra perky. Jessica watches and admires the way her pale skin pops from the black color.

She then finds her dark blue skinny jeans and slides them over her firm ass. Then she pulls on a low cut top and finishes the outfit with a sweater that ties under her breasts. She slips on her boots and heads out to do some shopping.


After a long day of shopping and visiting with some friends for a causal dinner, Jessica finally arrives home and gets all the groceries put away.

She thinks to herself, 'I think I want to head to the club tonight and see if I can bring home anything new to play with.' She smiles to herself in her full length mirror.

So, Jessica strips down to her bra and panties and admires her curvy body in the mirror. She massages her breasts through her bra, gliding her fingertips across her pale milky flesh.

She reaches behind her and unclasps her bra and lets it fall to the floor. Her full tits jiggle and bounce as they are set free. She slides both hands across her breasts and kneads them in her hands. Then she takes her right nipple between her fingers and tugs and twists it. A moan escapes Jessica's lips as she watches herself in the mirror.

Jessica then takes her left breast and lifts it to her lips. She wraps her red lips around her hardening nipple and gently sucks on it while she continues to play with the right nipple with her fingers.

She moves over to the bed and before she sits down, Jessica pulls down her thong so she is now standing naked in front of her mirror. She pauses to admire her naked reflection staring back at her. Then she slowly slides herself onto her king size bed and lays back.

Jessica moves her right hand back to her hard pink nipples and her left hand glides along her tummy to her belly button. She makes circles around her belly button that causes her to shiver in delight.

In her mind, all Jessica can think about is having a man sitting there in front of her as she pleasures herself. His hard cock in his hand slowly stroking.

Jessica's left hand continues its path to her pussy lips. She spreads her legs and looks in the mirror. Her pussy lips are glistening with her juices. She takes a finger and presses it between her pussy lips and brings it up to her other lips to get a taste. A moan escapes her lips again as she tastes herself on her finger.

Jessica moves both of her hands back down to her wet pussy. Both her feet are up on the bed on either side of her, keeping her legs spread open. Her left hand opens her wet lips and her right hand slowly teases her clit.

Jessica's moans fill the room as she teases and plays with her clit, bringing much needed pleasure to her body. One finger dips into her pussy as her other hand continues to press her clit.

She teases her clit with her fingertip as she finds her G spot inside her dripping pussy. She presses against it and it sends her through waves of want.

Jessica continues to tease herself and tries to hold back as long as possible, but she can't wait any longer and gives in to her lust. Her hips buck as the waves of her first orgasm come crashing down on her.

She doesn't let up as her first orgasm hits. She slides another finger into her pussy and finger fucks herself faster with need. Her chest is heaving as she continues to pleasure her body.

Just as the pressure is building again, Jessica removes her fingers from her pussy and rubs faster on her clit. She screams out as she starts cumming and squirting all over her bed. But she's not done yet, she fucks her pussy again with more force, hitting her G spot every time and pressing that button that sends shock waves through her entire body.

Jessica is squirming all over the bed as orgasm after orgasm continues to pleasure her entire body. She moans out in ecstasy as she squirts again. Her body jerks with every touch to her now very sensitive clit.

Jessica is now just laying on her bed trying to catch her breath. Her chest heaves as she moves her hands back up to play with her sensitive nipples some more.

Once she has calmed down a bit, Jessica gets out of bed and plugs something into the wall. Then she goes to her drawer and pulls out one of her favorite toys. Her magic wand. She then sits back on the bed with her back against her pillows.

Jessica uncrosses her legs and rubs the wand along her slit, getting it wet. Her moans fill the room again as she switches the wand on. She presses it against her hard clit and cums again in an instant.

Her hand moves up and twists and pulls at her nipples while she continues her pleasure on her needy pussy. Jessica's nipples are like pebbles now as she pinches and plays with them.

Jessica keeps her wand on her sensitive clit and she slides her fingers back into her tight pussy. She can barely touch her clit anymore but she needs to cum again, however she can. Her body is begging to be touched and thrown into ecstasy one more time.

She works her fingers inside and her wand on her clit. She is breathing heavy again and moaning out loud.

"Please fuck me," she says to an empty room.

Jessica can't hold back. She knows this is going to be a big climax and she pushes fast and hard for it. Her hand slides out of her pussy and up to her nipples as the wand presses against her clit sends her over the edge.

She screams and yells as her pussy contracts and her clit can no longer take the pressure from the wand. Her pussy squirts across the room, soaking her bed even further.

Jessica lays there panting with her pussy still in contractions. Her breath slows and she decides to skip the club tonight. She's already had her fun.

She strips the sheets off the bed and puts a dry blanket down. Then she grabs another and curls up and falls fast asleep, her nipples still hard as pebbles and her clit and pussy still contracting.



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