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Caught My Buddy Jerking Off

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So once I graduated high school I had some issues at home,  and my best friend offered I move in with him and his family.  I could help pay rent since his dad was having issues. I grew up cashing then my other parents for years so it agreed.  We stayed in the same room but it was huge. We slept on different sides of the room.  Now we were close,  we'd watch porn together and jerk. Neither of us gay, nor would I personally do anything with a guy.  I am sexual and can get turned on by a lot.




I typically work during the days and am busy,  let's call him Rick, worked the same schedule mostly.  We both left for work this day at the same time.  We worked different places but and time out. I get to work and about an hour in I'm at 40 and no overtime this week.  I leave and grab breakfast and head home.  To my surprise, Rick's car was in the driveway already.  I wall into the house like normal,  not creeping in and I can hear what sounds like moaning. I walk down the hallway towards our room.  The door was cracked open barley.  I peak in to find Rick, sitting in the computer chair butt naked.  He has my laptop open, I catch a glimpse and it's a video I uploaded of me and my girlfriend.  I couldn't believe this,  I was about to open the door and say something when he turns slighty. His cock is in his hand,  he's jerking off to me and my girl.  I wait,  watching to see what he does. I can see from where I'm at,  he has found my folder with my pictures and videos from my phone that I uploaded a couple of weeks ago because I was getting a new phone.  


He must have just found the first short vid of Marie moaning in a voice text she sent.  He moves on to the first picture, it's Marie on the bed in panties, covering her big breasts. He says in a quiet voice, are you kidding me.  She's so hot, I've always wondered what she looked like.  He stars stoking his already hard cock.  I've seen him nude before,  he's got about a 4.5 inch hard cut cock, pretty big head tho. I'm must admit, seeing him nude and jerking want what turned me on,  seeing and hearing him get so turned on about Marie started making my cock grow. I go back into the kitchen and drop my food off and go back to watch.  



I get back and he's on the next pic of Marie her arms spread revealing her breasts. She was 18, 5'4' maybe 115, 36 C breasts, big areolas and tiny nipples. She always kept her pussy shaved. He she's her breasts and starts pounding his cock hard. He says out loud, omg Marie!!!  I drop my shorts and now have my hard cock in my hand.  He moves to the next pic when is Marie fully nude,  legs wide open. Her bald pussy on display, he says oh shit, I want to eat you out Marie... He's pounding pretty fast at this point and moves to the next picture. It's Marie bent over in doggy style. She's pulling her cheeks open, you can see it all.  He let's out a huge gasp of air. At this point, seeing my girlfriend nude,  making Rick so horny, I'm working up some pre cum. 



The next slide, is a video.  It's Marie going down on me. He's says,  are you kidding.  Damn bro, I didn't know you were that big.  Hard I'm right about 7 inches.  Marie starts with licking around my head and by the middle of the 3ish minutes,  she is mouth full and pounding my cock. It's recorded in POV style. At some point, he says I want you doing that to me so bad.  The video ends and he goes to the next.  



The next video is us in missionary style. Me holding the phone.  I scan her breasts,  and watch as I enter in her wet pussy. Ass we start fixing I get her breasts bouncing. At some point she grabs the camera and does selfie things,  close up of the penetration. All while moaning loudly.  Rick is really pounding now.  The last 40ish seconds is Marie cumming on my cock.  Telling me to pound harder.  He's going crazy at this point. The video of course ends once she does... He gets to the last video.



It Marie on her knees in front of me,  she starts to tittyfuck me.  He says damn,  I'm so close.  Well, so am I. I look for anything to cum on and see a towel on the floor.  I grab it and pit it on the floor underneath me.  In the video she goes from sucking my cock and pounding it with her tits. She has her cute glasses on to.  In the video I tell her in getting close.  She says cum baby,  full my face with your hot load.  Just hearing her voice, I explode. I shoot loads of cum onto the towel and door. I quietly clean up and get my cock away.  Just then Rick stands up,  in the video I tell Marie not to stop.  I start exploding in the video,  first load onto her face and glasses, second load she put in in-between her breasts.  As I'm finishing she sucks the rest out. As my cock With cum goes on her mouth.  Rick explodes, he comes onto the floor,  as the loads shoot out, he moans Marie's name.  I watch him finish and head back to the kitchen.  



After about 5 minutes I shut the door hard and tell out, Rick you home.  He says yeah just getting dressed. I meet him in the hallway.  He said quell called him on his way in and told him they were over staffed and he could take the day off.  He said he literally got home 5 minutes before me and was changing. We laughed and went on with out day.  I never told him what in saw but changed my password that night.  Once was ok, to much could make issues...




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